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Published: Saturday, Jan. 21 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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Williams, AZ

I aam a firm believer that some of you believe that it's ok to break the law, but I am here to say that as long as the the laws that are put into laws state that it's a crime to be in this country illegally than I am for up holding the laws of this land, and people who breaks the law needs to be held accountable. There are long waiting list to get into this country and I a firm believer that those people waiting to enter this country the legal way should get the frist shot at coming to this country and not the ones who are here illegally. They should be deported and if it takes them years to come back so be it. Their children wether they are born in this country should not be illegal citzens, because their parents broke the laws to enter this country and needs to be deported with them, so that they don't create a burden on our systems. I am a firm believer that the churches need to stay out of these issues, or face losing their noprofit status.


It's a sad day in America when anyone who resists the invasion of this homeland is labeled a bigot, a racist, and a non-Christian. If the Japanese had accomplished a west-coast landing during WWII, some of you would be saying, "Well, we're a nation of immigrants, so what's the problem?" When the Spanish were landing in Central and South America and practicing genocide with the native population, I suppose the people should have said, "We're a nation of immigrants, so what's the big deal?" Just because people don't come armed to the teeth doesn't mean they don't do heavy damage to our nation. "Oh, they just want a better life for themselves and their families." The same could be said of the bank robber; he just wants a better deal, and is willing to take from others without permission . . . that's all. I suppose all true Christians should give them the keys, the passwords, and whatever else they want; anything less just wouldn't be charitable.


I keep hearing people use "render unto Caesar that which is Caeser's" as an argument that we should drop compassion. First, he said that to Pharisees who were planning to condemn him for blasphemy or rebellion against the government. Last I checked, this is America where I shouldn't have to worry about being fined for giving someone food or a ride. I'm sure Jesus wants us to respect laws, but he was also pretty vocal when laws were morally wrong (he refused to talk to Herod when he was ordered to, why didn't he render that to Herod?) and he was compassionate to the woman caught in adultery even though she broke the law.

Second, what was Christ's first commandment? Love God! His second? Love thy neighbor as thyself (and even as He loves us). I'm ok with border control, but when we act irritated by their presence it really proves that we love ourselves more than we love them. I understand that we can't help everyone, but can we cut the intolerance?

I feel so grateful to be in America and I'm sad others can't have as much freedom as me> I don't hate them for wanting it.


I've said this several times: How can any person, aside from soldiers who defend our freedom, act like they've earned freedom.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Freedom is a gift from God that EVERY human should have. It's sad that not everyone can be free at this present time, but how awful is it that people on this board feel entitled to it?

If you or a family member served in our armed forces, I thank you for defending our freedom and ask that you disregard my next statement (for you truely have earned freedom). None of us have earned freedom, we are fortunate to have it given to us. My ancestor gave up everything he had to come to America. He earned it. All I did was be born on the right side of the border.

It's very hypocritical for anyone to claim that they earned freedom while an illegal is a criminal for wanting it. Show some compassion and end the hatred.

Salt Lake City, UT

If you are here illegally aren't you breaking more than just one law. If you are working either your are not reporting your income to IRS which would get the rest of us thrown in jail or you are lying about who you are and using either a fake or stolen SSN. As I understand it each of these offenses is a felony. As far as having compassion and not separating families due to breaking the law then we should have compassion and no one should ever be sent to jail for breaking man made laws, because they have families too. But then again I'm sure it's not a big deal when someone steals your identity and ruins your credit and you have to spend tons of money and time fixing it. Nope doesn't hurt a sole. I guess if you are here illegally and just live off legal family members then you aren't breaking more than one law. I sure that is rare though.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT


The law? To these "law" arguers- I have a religious argument for you. I know it's easy to set aside religious ideas as fanatical and superstious. But this argument is reason and logic, and I challenge any one of you to prove otherwise.

"They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act. Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou?" Jesus replied "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."

There is no universal law of existence that requires us to enforce an eye for an eye. There is no force in existence that requires us to banish, deport, expel, or forcibly remove someone from this land.

Do I support their undocumented and unlawful choice? No. However, until every last American can prove they've never broken a law, I believe that forcing millions of families apart is ungodly, wrong, even disgusting.

Shouting "remove them!" is un-American. If you won't accept the poor, needy, etc- I'd argue immigrants are more American. I'd rather my neighbor need my help than refuse to help others. Is that so insane?

Beaverton, OR

jim l |
West Jordan, UT

The media is at it again, with these tear stained stories about the poor illegals.


Don't blame the media for reporting facts.

The gospel says, 'When I was hungry, you fed me. When I was lonely, you comforted me. When I was in prison, you visited me.' No scripture ever said, 'If I had documentation, then you gave me food.'

If you think it's a crime to be a good samaritan like the weeping woman in the photo, then you need to re-evaluate things.

Maybe tomorrow during Sacrament?

one day...
South Jordan, UT

to...Say No to BO | 3:43 p.m. Jan. 21, 2012
This is an issue of years, while politicians and white people get their pockets full of money, we willlet illegals to do low wage, no benefits jobs, that by the way NOBODY else will do.
Most of these people have family members that are permanent residents or even citizens but the law doesn't work on their side, it takes more than 8 years for them to get their papers under a family member, fair? I don't think so!

Cougar Blue
N. Las Vegas, NV

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people can be so concerned about somebody else breaking the law. But in the same breath, they can completely excuse the times they do it. Don't believe me? Drive to Vegas down I-15 some time and take notes of how many Utah cars are breaking the speed limit, and some of them are shattering it. Breaking the law doesn't seem to bother us unless it's somebody else breaking it. What hypocrites we all are.

Provo, UT

People don't become compassionate by wanting our laws ignored.

People don't become humane by accepting lawbreaking (that goes far beyond speeding).

Do children learn by rewarding their bad behavior, or by punishment?

If the pro-illegal folks really cared, they would of told the people to come here legally. This is nothing more than a push for cheap labor.

Spanish Fork, UT


The key is "all men are created equal". By supporting illegal immigration you are primarily supporting one race and nationality above all others. You are holding them up as a more privileged class of people. You are at the same time spitting in the face of those who would love to come to our country legally and uphold and respect our laws. Immigration Laws, even they have flaws, were passed to create a fair and orderly process of immigration. The true racists are the ones that continue to feign compassion for the illegals when their true motivation is cheap labor. Those that are so quick to call law abiding citizens bigots should be ashamed of themselves. Do we, who are for legal immigration, have compassion for those who are less fortunate? Of course we do. Do we think that supporting them as they commit one felony after another will benefit them? No, of course we don't. And we won't put up with the continued effort to allow the current, illegal practices that damage the U.S. economy and its citizens to continue.



You really have the audacity to claim that I'm favoring latinos by asking for compassion? I'm not even pro amnesty or anti border control! Since you love putting words in my mouth, let me sum up what I think you're trying to say:

"I go by the name of Hunt and I'm from Spanish Fork. I earned my freedom because I was smart enough to pick the womb of a legal citizen. Because I'm an American, I have the right to look down on anyone who wants what I have. I can call them criminals, demand that they receive no compassion when a law limits others from feeding them, and never give it another thought because, hey, it's not my problem. I'm the one with rights,"

News flash: Even though I agree illegal immigration is hurting the economy, I can use my brain and understand why Alabama's law is racist. If it's against the law to give an illegal a ride in my car, which race will I be really hesitant to pick up? And do you really think those landlords and business owners will be equally skeptical of white people?

No? Then it's a racist law.

Spanish Fork, UT


I'm sorry but there is a big difference between speeding on your way to Vegas and committing a felony through document fraud and identity theft.

Murray, UT

My brother lived in Alabama working construction for 15 years. He has a wife and two children, plus a house (had). But 4 years ago the job market was so flooded, that he was laid off. Illegal workers were the only ones kept on, along with a few supervisors. My brother lost his house, and moved to Utah, long enough to drop off his wife and kids at her parents. The kids were pulled out of school, their possessions lost after they could not pay the storage fee. My brother goes from temp job to temp job, sending money home when he can. This is America? This is compassion? Compassion is extended on a personal basis, not by ignoring laws.

Murray, UT

Jonathan Eddy, it's multiple felonies to work here. And God has said that we are to obey mans laws, unless they conflict with his commandments.

None of his commandments give permission for illegal immigration to increase wealth. They do tell us not to steal, lie and covet.

Spanish Fork, UT


I treat everyone equally. If someone is in need, I will give them aid. If someone is hungry, I will feed them. It's not my job to determine who is illegal and who is not. That's the job of our government. Something they fail to do. Now, will I knowingly hire an illegal? No. Will I encourage an illegal to take advantage of the system? No.

No one is going to arrest you for feeding the hungry or aiding the poor in Alabama. They will arrest you if you are knowingly aiding the illegal behavior of others, there is a big difference.
Laws aren't created to comfort those who choose to break them. People who choose to deceive, steal and lie should not be comforted and aided in their attempts to continue the practice as that very practice does real tangible harm to others.
As a side note, since Alabama's immigration laws were passed, they have seen a dramatic decrease in their unemployment rates. Funny how that works.



That's not what the Alabama law says, and that's what we're talking about. This law makes it a crime to hire, rent, house, or help transport any illegal immigrant. It's meant to make every illegal want to leave but it really just makes other people afraid to help a brown person in any way (since they could be illegal).

If you really believe in treating people equally, picture this: You are going to rent a house in Alabama to a family. 2 families ask to see the place (one white and one hispanic). They both have proper identification. Which one will you rent to? The hispanic family that you suspect forged papers? Or the white family? Remember that if the hispanic family is illegal you could be hit with a heavy fine.

Tell me, would you pick the hispanic family? I'm guessing you'd cover your butt and rent to the white family.

That's why Alabama's law is racist and that's why I'm against it.

I'm out of posts for this topic, but tell me if you would enjoy being a legal hispanic person in Alabama right now when everyone's afraid of hiring you?


"Romans 13, Christians are told they are under "biblical mandate to respect the divinely ordained institution of government and its just laws."

But the Bible also commands believers to "show compassion and justice for the sojourner and alien among us."

These statements are not at odds. Enforcing immigration laws has nothing to do with compassion. It's enforcing a law. The sojourner and alien among us have laws they must follow. A sojourner is a person who resides temporarily in a place. Not someone who takes up permanent residence.

Israels new immigration laws put people in jail for 14 years with no trial.

We are still ignoring Americans and legal immigrants, and calling for them to be treated with compassion.


As far as this article goes, according to Alabama lawmakers, âharboringâ an illegal immigrant is only a crime if it is done with the intent to keep the person shielded or hidden from the authorities. Transporting illegal immigrants would only be considered illegal if the person does so âin furtherance of the unlawful presenceâ of the immigrant in the United States.

From what I have read, giving rides to church or to the store does not constitute a violation of the law.

one day...
South Jordan, UT

So many people with experience and knowledge about this article subject!!!

Both sides are wrong here, but I will say that "our" side is worsed.

Most of the illegal immigrant came here for a better life, have you check the process for someone in latin america to obtain a work or papers here? I'm not justifiying illegal immigration but we need to be fair, it's almost impossible without a co-signer or help from someone here, a US citizen.

Our politicians have done NOTHING to solve this issue, NOTHING, why? because they're (illegals) are cheap and if we don't need them anymore, we deport them. that's why we keep a number to do our "dirty" jobs.

White people: don't talk or act like the nazis, you know that they blamed jews for the economy, jobs and benefits like YOU do. please WE NEED EACH OTHER, I hope our super politicians can solve it and make something to help each one of us AND THEM!

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