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Published: Friday, Jan. 20 2012 10:41 p.m. MST

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Mission Viejo, CA

Volleyball is a fun sport to watch. We've been going to SoCal games to root for BYU, but now we can see a lot of them on BYUtv. This team really looks good. Amazing athletes, hitting the ball from 3-feet over the net.

Ephraim, UT

Either on Thursday or Friday I was listening to AM 700's local afternoon show when the channel 4 sportcaster (I forget his name)commented that they were going to highlight the highest ranked college team in Utah. He was referencing the #2 Red Rocks, and I thought to myself, "Didn't BYU just get the #1 ranking in men's volleyball." Apparently only certain 'olympic' sports count to some. At the same time I suppose the U needs a bone thrown their way once in a while.

Idaho Falls, ID

That was a fun game to watch. There are several stars on this team, but Sanders may be the best hitter in the country. As just a sophomore, he is a total stud and his vertical is through the roof.

simply me

Yes, worthy of its number 1 ranking.

Magna, UT

The best 2 plays of the match (IMO) were the setters for BYU reaching over, into UCS's side of the net and bringing the ball back to BYU's side and then killing it on the next hit.

Sanders is every bit as amazing in Volleyball as Jimmer is in Basketball.

Kearns, UT

Wait... wait... A WCC team is ranked higher than any of the PAC 12 powerhouse teams? Go Cougars!

Corona, CA

It's Volleyball!

simply me

crowtown1- Yes its volleball kinda like the Red Rocks but not really.


i would much rather watch a volley ball game than a gymnastics match any day of the week watching gymnastics is equivalent t watching syncronized swimming both are very boring,and at least volley ball has some action to it and can be exciting at times.

Corona, CA

what or who are the red rocks guy?

Orem, UT


It's laughable that someone who pretends to be from California wouldn't consider men's volleyball a big time sport. I'd love to see you try to dig an 80-mph hammer.


Dave Fox is a Utah fan reporting on Utah's flagship radion station, so of course he's too obsessed with the Utes to know that #1 BYU Men's Volleyball is ranked higher than #2 Utah Women's Gymnastics.

Oceanside, CA

Re: Really??

Unfortunately this is as close to being in the Pac-12 you'll ever get.

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