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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 18 2012 10:00 a.m. MST

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There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Groundhog Day?

South Jordan, Utah

I would have had more respect for the coach had he stuck to his guns the first time. Now that the season IS lost, he lets him go???

Hyrum, UT

It says something very positive about Utah's coach and his level of personal integrity to follow the team rules, even when it effects his best player in the worst way and no matter how badly it will hurt an already struggling team. Rules are rules and exceptions shouldn't be made for any particular player. In the long run, the team will be better off for having that type of team discipline. My hat is off to the coach and his program, and I wish them well.

West Jordan, UT

@Kiboo - He's not allowed to give his players a 2nd chance? Even BYU lets their players have a 2nd chance (depending on the violation.) Other schools look the other way for all kinds of violations, some that are probably more severe than what Watkins did, especially when it's a top scorer. I think it says a lot about Coach K and his commitment to rebuilding this program. We don't know what the circumstances were, so I don't think it's appropriate for us to speculate on what "should have" happened.

Frisco, TX

I know it's Coach Kry's job to think of the program first. But since I'm not the coach, I hope Watkin's is able to fix whatever needs to be fixed and move on with his life.

Tempe, AZ

And a tough season gets even tougher.......

Salt Lake City, UT

Wait, there are rules? I thought that was the great appeal of the U - "no one tells you how to live your life" or "forces you to live by their rules". How is this possible?

In any case, hope Watkins gets his act together and is successful in his other pursuits.



Boy you come up with some good ones. The y game is in the past, move on with your team and the WCC. We'll move on with ours.

Raleigh, NC

This may be good for the future of the team. Rather than relying on one player's skills, everyone else on the team has to step up now.

Spanish Fork, UT

I admire Coach K. He gave Watkins a chance with a milder suspension, but, apparently that did not get through to Watkins. To let go your lone senior and probably the best player on a struggling team took character.

South Jordan, Utah

Let's see if Coach Kry has what it takes to suspend a player when it really matters. He had a chance to send that message early in the season - but unfortunately didn't. He caved into pressure and reinstated Watkins a day after "indefinitely" suspending him - all so he could play in the BYU game.

This suspension means absolutely nothing, other than allowing Coach Kry to pat himself on the back for making the "tough" decision. Ya right.

Roy, UT

The coach did the right thing, just like BYU did last season. He got his second chance and he blew it! I wish the poor kid well, and hope he gets on with his life in a positive way. It is sad to see such a once great program so down and out. I think they need to make the moves necessary to make Utah a great basketball program once again, getting former assistant coaches are not going to get your program where it needs to be, you need to spend the money to bring in a Great Name to draw the BIG RECRUITS to have a BIG TIME TEAM like you used to have! As a die hard Cougar, I loved Ute Basketball almost as much as Cougar Basketball, except for two sometimes three times a year! I look forward to a couple more years when you make a GOOD HIRE for a coach, let's face it, other than Arizona the Utes could easily be in the running for the Pac-12 Title EVERY YEAR if you had the program you had just a handful of years ago! Get Hungry, GET IT BACK!!!

West Jordan, Utah

I don't know the circumstances, but at first glance, it looks that Coach Kry's making the right choices during tough times. When you are losing games by the margin the Utes are right now, it has got to be extremely hard to let go of your top performer in multiple categories.

Good luck to Coach Kry and the Utes moving forward.

Cache, UT

Good job Coach K. Integrity is more important than wins.

Santa Monica, CA

Although Watkins is history in this program, it's my hope that he stays in school, grows up as a person and succeeds in life. What is happening to him right now might be the biggest and most important thing he learns as a college student. You had some fine moments as a Ute, Jiggy. Now get out there and show all doubters thay you are going to have some fine moments as a man.

Bluffdale, UT

@Kiboo "Now that the season IS lost, he lets him go???"

The season is just heating up or was I should say. Three close games with Watson, even against Stanford. Conference play has been more exciting than pre-season.

This is really going to hurt. Coach, we are counting on you to make this work.


I love the showing of class in these posts by Balan, agb, jarka-rus, etc, don't know what different reaction I expected. This is a serious issue in many aspects for Coach, Jiggy and the entire program. Basketball has been this kid's entire life, without it he may not have had an opportunity to get an education, and without it who would want to keep going to classes and be subject to such criticism in his last semester? As a coach, it would have to kill you to make a decision for the good of the team and see someone possibly not graduate when they were so close. And on a much less-important perspective, for the program this could result in loss of scholarships if he doesn't finish school.

I for one hope Jiggy can see the importance in finishing his degree, and learn a lesson about responsibility and accountability from this. I can also appreciate the sentiments of a few others here who see the value of an individual and not just some inferior rival worthy of kicking while they're down.

Tooele, UT


When a player from the Y is suspended, it's because the rules he has to follow are too restrictive and the university has no right to enforce such rules on young, aspiring student athletes.

When a player from the U is suspended, it's because the university has integrity and character and won't stand for student athletes who would embarrass the university.

The U of U fan base always has and always will follow a double standard. It's as simple as that.

South Jordan, Utah

RE: md

Wins? You're joking right???

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"I would have had more respect for the coach had he stuck to his guns the first time. Now that the season IS lost, he lets him go???"

So tell us Kiboo, what do you know about this that makes you make such a comment?
It's gutsy enough that Coach dismissed him at all ... that's not a decision that's made quickly or without a few chances ... unless you aren't human or don't have a heart.

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