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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 17 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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Pleasant Grove, UT

@Swoop @DEW Coug @TJ. Do you really think this was a spots good article? Read my comments again. My "sour grapes" have nothing to do with BYU as a sports program. Todd Mortensen seems like a nice fellow. Simply put: I am unhappy that the headline lead me to waste my time . That's all. We should all grow up and quit sniping at each other.


The Mortenson story was good...very interesting. But Papa Smurf is right, this is Alex's and Jim's week...perhaps the next three weeks.

AZ Dave
Chandler, AZ

Isn't San Diego Torero's "small college" the same college that byu basketball plays

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Papa Smurf UTE

Get over your big brother jealousy. Is your ego really so fragile that you can't stand having any BYU player discussed in a positive light?

Orem, UT

AZ Dave

"Isn't San Diego Torero's "small college" the same college that byu basketball plays"

Nice try.

Ever heard of Georgetown? Pretty good basketball program! "Small college" football program.

Besides, didn't the Utes LOSE to the Toreros last season?

Until the Utes stop losing to DII Adam's State and barely beating NAIA San Diego Christian, by 3 points, U'd be wise to lay of the basketball smack. An already pathetic rundown Utes basketball team just lost their only half decent player.

Bluffdale, UT

Alex Smith is not now,and never will be comparable to Steve Young. We shouldn't even be comparing the two. Steve would be done with his 40 while Alex was still waiting for the clock to start. Please stop comparing the two. Alex is a great qb, and Harbaugh has been smart enough to take advantage of his strengths while giving him the time he needs for his confidence to rebuild after the 6 years of garbage that he went through. Here's to hoping that Jim and Alex get the 49ers a good start on the next 5 rings.

Gilbert, AZ

Alex Smith is a decent QB, but to try to place him at the same level as the myriad BYU QBs who won Sammy Baugh, Davey O'Brien, and Heisman awards for their outstanding achievements on the college gridiron is silly.

Nothing Alex does in the NFL will improve or diminish what he accomplished at the collegiate level.

Highland, UT


What gave you the impression the Dnews wanted to talk about alex smith? It seems to me they wrote an article about Jim Harbaughs success improving qb's and were able to get Mortenson to agree to an interview. My guess is smith is not doing many interviews this week as he is occupied with game prep.

But thank you very much for giving me another LOL as it is always fun to witness utah "fan" insecurity and juvenility.


Salt Lake City, UT

I saw the picture of Harbaugh when I picked up the sports section and expected to see a nice article about Alex Smith, a guy who a lot of local fans really care about and want to read more about in view of his team's great success and his performance last Saturday. Then I see the article is all about a former BYU QB.

Doesn't the Deseret News staff think they write enough about BYU? A daily dose from Dick Harmon, pictures and teasers almost daily on the front page. It just never ends.

I would really like to see an in-depth article about Alex, all he's been through, and his successes this year. Should have known better than to think I'd get it with the DNews. Thanks, Doug.

Guess I'll finally bite the bullet and change to the Trib. Putting up with their liberal garbage is worth at least getting some equal coverage for the Utes in the sports section.

Salt Lake City, UT

As I recall, Mortensen was accepted into Law School at the Y but transferred before the year started.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

ok, just beat this Giants (NY) and get the ticket to superbowl! Enough on comparison on my sill talk stuff.

Go 49ERS!

Salt Lake City, UT

Cougars1, phoenix, et al.

As a Cougar fan I think Steve Young was the 2nd best Cougar QB ever. If McMahon played for Bill Walsh instead of the most overrated coach in history, he'd have a ring for every finger.

That said, we do not yet know what Alex Smith will accomplish in his career. It isn't over. If he ends up in the HOF, so be it and good for him. That doesn't take away from Young, threaten his legacy nor the legacy of BYU QBs.

And for those whining about the article including a BYU QB, I'm sure Alex Smith's ego isn't so fragile that he is threatened that an article about Harbaugh also has a BYU connection. Take his lead. Many of we Cougar fans are rooting for Smith.

Oregon Ute
Hermiston, OR

To: Dixie Kid.
Are you kidding me? You are ripping on a guy who wouldn't have even got a sniff from the NFL if he hadn't gone to San Diego and been coached by a great coach. You say this guy has no arm yet he played for NFL, European, Canadian and Arena football teams. The guy had a great coach and some skills, that's why he did as well as he did. He didn't and wouldn't have received that coaching at the Y. Be realistic Kid not myopic.

Anaheim, CA

Oregon Ute

"The guy had a great coach and some skills, that's why he did as well as he did. He didn't and wouldn't have received that coaching at the Y. Be realistic Kid not myopic."

I suppose all of those Best College Quarterback, Best Passer, Heisman Trophy winning, National College Hall of Fame quarterbacks from BYU were all just naturally talented and didn't require great coaching from BYU coaches. Get over your myopic, crimson-colored view of the world, you only make yourself look ridiculous.

On the other hand, name me one single Utah quarterback who has ever won a national individual college award of any kind.

Provo, UT

An Aesop fable describes a dog lying on the hay in a manger who growled and snapped at the cattle as they attempted to eat from the hay - making impossible for them to eat. Of course, the hay was no potential food to the dog, but he selfishly wanted it only for himself.

Reading the posts in this discussions reminds me a lot of the fable. We have Ute fans that can't live with the fact that an article about Harbaugh's coaching abilities doesn't focus solely on Alex Smith. Meanwhile, Cougar fans can't stand it that anybody doubts Todd Mortenson's greatness as a quarterback or doesn't genuflect in front of a shrine to Steve Young. Heaven forbid that a writer doesn't praise one's team like an in-house PR hack.

What I got out of the article (column, actually, i.e., opinion) is the Jim Harbaugh is a great quarterbacks coach who also happens to be a consummate head coach. As one wise person pointed out previously, for a columnist from Salt Lake to get a personal interview with Alex Smith during the NFL playoffs is highly unlikely. Mortenson was available and therefore got more ink. How is that showing disrespect to Smith?

Maybe we can all take a deep breath, relax, and possibly - in some cases - grow up.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

In a week where the spotlight is on Harbaugh and Smith, the DN finds a way to make it about BYU.

Who says the DN's world doesn't revolve around BYU?

Highland, UT


And yet here you are. Must be a glutten for punishment.


Oh Dnews....tell me more about this fellow, Mortenson. I'm so intrigued by him. What is he doing now....?

What a waste of my time.

The same y fans that called A Smith a bust are now cheering him on? That makes me sick.

To the poster that compared Smith to Ryan Leaf...Are you kidding me? Go brush up on his career and compare it to Alex. Wikipedia's back up so check it out.

West Jordan, UT

@Rational - I don't think Harbaugh made Smith, or vice versa. I think Harbaugh effectively managed the talent he saw on the team already better than anyone else has been able to do. Smith didn't get to be a better passer simply because Harbaugh is the coach now, and the same goes for any player on the team. Smith's always been a good QB, but the Niners haven't always been a good team. A good QB is only as good as his receivers (which were lacking when they picked up Alex) and his offensive line (also non-existent for most of his tenure there so far.) Not too mention the carousel of coaches and offensive coordinators that have cycled through the past 7 years. Much of the Niners talent has been there for a while now, but Harbaugh's been the one to bring it together and point it in the right direction.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hard to believe that there people who still doubt Alex Smith. Unbelievable. Finally, on a decent team, with the whole thing on the line, what does he do?
He orchestrated two of the greatest drives ever seen.

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