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Published: Monday, Jan. 16 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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Lake Elsinore, CA

I was at the game tonight. The Cougars are solid. A fun team to watch.

Las Vegas, NV

"This squad of Dave Rose's is capable of scoring, but struggles to stop the other guys. Rose's recipe to overcome that weakness is to out-score opponents."

Too True. Hopefully the team gets good enough on "D" by the time Tourney arrives, otherwise, it will a short post season I fear.

But, Go Cougars!

Springville, UT

Rose is an outstanding coach. My observation, though, is that the conference is not a good match. And I see no solution on the horizon. BYU will never realize its potential with the way things stand now.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

"Solid Ground"??? Dick Harmon living in fantasy land once again!!

Lake Elsinore, CA

@ Esquire

The West Coast Conference will likely have more teams in the NCAA tourney this year than the Pac 12 or the Mountain West.

Old Scarecrow
Brigham City, UT

These hustling, hard-working, streak-shooting and occasionally very talented Cougars with the deep bench are fun to watch and would give most of the teams in the country all they can handle. Without a super-star they may not rise to last year's tournament heights, but I'm delighted with them, and love watching their games in 48" HD on my free antenna-born airwaves. Life is good, what's to complain about?

Eagle Mountain, UT

16-4 is very solid ground. For a team with a bunch of Freshmen(including the starting point guard and a major post contributor) and some Sophmores with very little game experience before this year getting a lot of playing time, BYU is having a very good year. They have several very good players already committed over the next 2 years.
Not only is this team on very solid ground, the program is on very solid ground. Kind on stings a little for the people who don't like BYU. Doesn't it?

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

Having EVERY game on TV has been sweet this year.

Coach Rose is doing an excellent job and the future looks even brighter.

Amazing how the tides have turned.

Great time to be a Cougar!

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH


I think you are a little optimistic in your predictions...The WCC will have more than the Pac -12...that's a gimme... but the MWC will more than likely have the same as the WCC...at 3.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

BYU is fortunate to have coach Rose. He represents the school very well and even better, is a good coach. It always seems, however, that BYU is one player away from greatness. Here's hoping we get over that hurdle.

Frisco, TX

If you would have told me at the end of last season that the Cougs would have a 16-4 record (likely 18-4 by Saturday) after losing Jimmer, Jax and Magnussen to graduation, C. Collinsworth and Rogers to injury, K. Collinworth to a mission; I would have never believed you.

I could have believed that the Cougs had a shot at a 20 win season, but a 25 win season seemed to much to ask for after losing so many good players. Now we are on the brink of what should be a 25 win season, with the potential for 1 or 2 more wins in the WCC tourney. The Cougs are listed among the "others receiving votes" and have a strong possibility of moving into the Top 25 when next weeks rankings come out.

With that said, there are four games that will define the rest of the season the Cougs - Va Tech, St Marys and Gonzaga (2X).

Cougs win all four games and the WCC tourney = 5 to 7 seed.
Cougs win 2 and lose 2, and place 2nd or 3rd in WCC tourney = 8 to 11 seed (most likely).
Cougs lose all 4 = NIT invite.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

We need to acknowledge that, except for Baylor and St. Mary's, BYU's schedule this year is "cupcakesque" and marshmallow soft. Their record is a mirage of sorts.

I love this team, and particularly appreciate Noah Hartsock. We will know more about the real quality of the Cougars when BYU plays Gonzaga in Spokane. Until that point, BYU should sweep its schedule -- such as it is.

I love the talent and am hopeful that Rogers and Collinsworth will heal in time to help out. Abouo played a solid game against San Diego, as did Zylstra and Cusick. The depth of BYU inspires a smile.

I don't like BYU's defensive preparation, and I think we won't know about BYU's real level of performance until they play another good team on the road.

Cedar Hills, UT

To Honor Code:

Harmon got it right. Look at the stats for Coach Rose's sucess in the past 7 years. #3 Coach in the country in winning percentage. Almost 100 home wins to 6 losses in that time. Second only to Utah State. (Go Aggies!) Look at his line-up for future recruits. Solid in-state and out-of-state ballers until 2015 and beyond. 20 plus wins THAT many years in a row, Sweet 16 appearance. You can hate BYU, but you can't argue with stats. This one isn't an opinion. It's fact. Tough to face isn't it?

Boise, Id

Dave Rose is a great coach and this team is fun to watch because of the up tempo style of play that Coach Rose has implemented.

Do agree with the comments above that, the team needs to play better defense, the games against Va Tech, St Mary's and Gonzaga will all be important. Right now St Mary's is playing the best basketball in the WCC. I would not be surprised to see BYU and Gonzaga both Tie for second place and St Mary's with the regular season win. I wish we were playing Gonzaga first out of the three games. Playing Tech on the Road and then back with St Mary's will be difficult. Going 3-0 would be better than expected; if they can go 2-1 with these three games it will be a success.

If coach Rose could land Jabari Parker it would be a program changing indication that BYU has risen its program from being solid to a top 10 program.

Boise, ID

Carlino is coming along nicely. Fewer mistakes, better decisions, and he is choosing better times to shoot.

I hope Rogers gets back to full strength soon.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Of course, anything can happen, but if I had to guess, I would guess that SMC, Gonzaga and BYU will end up tied for first place with 14-2 records. All three holding home court and losing only to the other two on the road. If anyone "cracks" and loses on the road to anyone else, they are then the 3rd place team.

Marysville, WA

To Honor Code:

As near as I can tell, you don't root for any team, you just hate on BYU. If you chose your name to bag on last year's Davies incident, you may want to re-think it now. He seems to be doing fine, and has publicly appreciated being back playing for BYU.

So, what's your deal, bro?

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

"The only BYU loss a year ago at this mid-January point was on the road at UCLA. That team had an RPI in the Top 10 and was ranked as high as No. 3 in the polls."

I love my Cougs and certainly am glad each time they win, but this article, like so many other BYU articles, seems to be a little incomplete. How about the RPI's of whom they've faced thus far this year? They've lost to a #11 Wisconsin and a #7 Baylor, in addition to an unranked Utah State and St. Mary's. So, I guess the basketball team is on "solid" ground based on their overall record alone, but who have they played?

I don't need such "rah, rah" articles. Let's see a little deeper analysis. With that being said, please keep winning Cougs!

Cedar Hills, UT

To So. Cal Reader:

What's your beef against Harmon, here? At the beginning of the article, Dick wrote

"Apples and oranges? Yes. At this stage of the season, this team would be tough to match last year in terms of strength of schedule, big wins, and overall excellence."

The point of the article is that with Rose at the helm, the program is on solid ground. Do you have statistics that would refute that statement? By just about every measure, the Cougs are exceeding what would be expected of them for this year. Almost every team in the country has down years...times to re-load and re-tool. Considering that Rose has to also deal with players who leave for two years, his job performance at BYU is quite amazing. I guess if you want to find a weakness in the program, you can. Not sure why anybody would want to write...or read about that, though. I don't see any major weaknesses.

Herriman, UT

Solid, yes. Some of my Y friends are dreaming if they think BYU is a Top 10 program in anything outside of volleyball, rugby and some other smaller sports on occasion (e.g. cross country).

BYU certainly looks to be a consistent Top 25-30 program in basketball for years to come (and in football too). They will have rebuilding years at times, but don't stay down long. They might hit Top 10 in their best years, once a decade, but often fall out of it by the season's end. Nothing to be ashamed of there - Top 25 is great.

Please don't pretend we are something we're not. Top 10 is a big leap and almost nobody stays there as a program in any major sport - we are no Duke or NC, not even close.

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