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Published: Sunday, Jan. 15 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

King said he wanted people to judge NOT by the color of their skin.


Liberals insist that racists are those people who refuse to treat others by the color of their skin.

King would be ashamed at those who claim to support and follow him, all the while demanding that minorities be treated by the color of their skin.

Maricopa, AZ

I appreciate the prospective of seeing him as a man who had great passion for a great cause.
Reading about his inappropriate behavior "behind closed doors" affected my respect for him over the years, but this article put that into good prospective.
People can make mistakes and still accomplish great things.

Beaverton, OR

No, Chris B. Liberals insist that we don't ignore, or leave behind poor minorities just to fend. We work at trying to make a more even playing field, where everyone can get a leg up through hard work.

Not everyone is born on 3rd base.

MLK Jr. wanted to see justice for all God's children, not just the rich ones.

Allen, TX

AZRods - The word is perspective, not prospective.

"Towering legend, flawed man?" At first glance, I though this was an article on Joseph Smith, Jr. Both men are rightly revered.

Salt Lake City, UT

Interesting comment by Christy.
You can get a leg up by hard work and earn more money (which is how most people do it), then you want to "level the playing field" on them and take it away.
I don't see any incentive there, except for the "poor minorities " to stay that way and wait for the handouts.
Typical class warfare liberal thinking.

Beaverton, OR

An uninteresting, typical, regressive conservative comment from 'dogchow', assuming we're all born with an equal shot in life.

Open your eyes.

Salt Lake City, UT

No assumptions made. Life is not fair and not all will be winners of the contest, except in the feel-good, unreal, liberal world.

Henderson, NV

No Christy, what Liberals today (and in the past 5 decades in Chicago, where Im from) have actually done is guarantee they remain in office by making themselves provider of all needs, especially for poor Black families.

In the name of helping, the government stepped in to act as both Provider and Father to poor Black families, and in so doing has created far larger problems than the poverty they sought to alleviate. Today, instead of simply battling poverty, inner-city Black families deal with generational welfare and generational joblessness, sky-rocketing out-of-wedlock births to their teenage girls, gang violence brought on by their sons (and daughters) having no Father in the home to act as a moral compass for his own children; basically, they deal with the complete breakdown of the nuclear family.

Henderson, NV

Those politicians who possess the conscience to admit it know perfectly well that their liberal policies have actually brought grief and destruction to those they intended to help. Yet, continually hungry for power and reelection, they will never address the problems their party caused; but instead think up new ways to be viewed as more caring and more willing to give (i.e., read redistribute wealth).

Dr. King would be mortified today to see that the concept of hard work helping minorities raise themselves out of poverty has been displaced by this type of vote-buying. For I believe that Dr. King knew what many know:

Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime, give him fish each day and he never learns a thing (nor does his posterity).

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