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Published: Saturday, Jan. 14 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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springfield, il

Winner in the class department: Deron Williams
Utterly classless: Jazz fans

Gold Canyon, az

I don't understand why all the boos. He never indicated he wanted to leave UT and was shocked with the trade. He probably would have left the Jazz empty handed as a free agent, and the Jazz got a nice trade for him. With the Sloan deal, Sloan should have remained on the team until the end of the season. For a guy not known to quit, he quit. Sloan never blamed Williams.

Temecula, CA

If Williams had retired here, he would have had his number retired to the rafters. He was consistently good, often great, often carrying the offensive load when no one else was scoring well, or defenses cramped their set plays. Sad that all arenas have bad fans who hate opposing players and couldn't care less about the difference between players who want to leave and those who are traded. Gracious of Deron to talk positively about Coach Corbin and the young Jazz team's promise, but that didn't surprise me. Tough guys can handle boos. I was very pleased to hear Williams say that the Jazz defense was a strength of the team.

the boonies, mexico

D-Will got the same treatment he gave this organization his last year or so here. I certainly don't feel bad for him, because he is "ALL" Deron and will be changing teams soon per his desire for money and stardom leaving anyone and everyone that has helped him laying behind!

Logan, Utah

D-Will played hard while he was here. He made guys around him better for years. He helped keep the team relevant. True, he wasn't always the most pleasant, but he was a warrior. Without D-Will, there's a good shot that we would be the Seattle Jazz now. Thanks for the years D-Will and I wish nothing but the best for you and your family.

Draper, UT

I don't 'think' people booed Deron for the Jerry Sloan saga, rather his unwillingness to sign an extension. I think the Jazz got the WAY better end of the deal, but had Deron signed an extension it wouldn't have happened no matter how sweet the deal. Jazz fans will make you a hero if you work hard and show a desire to be here. If you want out, you become a pariah (Fisher, Boozer, ... Deron?).


You reap what you sew. How hard is it to show the people who support you your respect and consideration while in real-time. After-the-fact is too late. Great player, apparently great in the community - some etiquette and PR trainlng would completely change how Williams is viewed. Williams was a big loss for the Jazz but they did the right thing and traded him for value before it was too late - he would not have returned. The players and picks the Jazz reveived in that trade will shape their future, and the future looks bright!

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

It seems this editorial is a bit late in coming. The sports media in this town trashed D-Will in the days following the departure of Jerry Sloan with unsourced stories insisting he was responsible. I believe that is what people were reacting to. D-Will deserved better from the crowd last night, and he deserved better from the press last year.

Sandy, UT

I think booing a player is pretty tacky unless a player intentionally clotheslines somebody (C.Webber/J.Stockton) or something dreadful like that. I confess that I've booed a referee for a bad or no call, then felt a bit guilty even doing that.

Go Jazzboys tonight with Denver! (Too many of my favorite things on TV tonight at 6PM...bummer!)

South Jordan, UT

He was going to leave anyway. Glad to have Favors.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

" didn't get a homecoming that he rightfully deserved..." oh please...give me a break...who wrote this garbage. Deron was a maverick...he wasn't a true team player. Yes he was good but you don't elevate someone who always had his own gameplan that he repeatedly went to... and doing so by openly defying his coach. That was exactly why he and Sloan clashed. Big Deal...so little d. willie got booed and the Nets lost the game to an even better Jazz team. That's what really mattered last night. Mattered more than anything else. Any fan who feels different really isn't a true fan and obviously during the entire time D. Will was here totally missed what was happening between him, Sloan and management. Trading Deron was/is/and with even more time will prove to have been the right thing for the Jazz to have done. Move on people! D will isn't a member of the Jazz team...and in his own right he never was...that's why for many true Jazz fans there will never be a homecoming for this guy. The seats spoke... and management after realizing thier mistake... eventually listened and sent him packing.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

Jazz fans are among the most passionate in the NBA. And also among the most immature.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Deron was always a prima donna. Self-centered and errogant. He played for himself and not for the organization, the team, or the fans. I never liked him and was happy to see him traded.

He's not building much of a name for himself or the Nets this year either. Which is exactly what I expected. D-Will has talent but Sloan's system was good for him and he didn't realize it.

I like that we have a team of young and hungry players now. The Jazz are more fun to watch now than they have been in the past few years!

Morgan, UT


springfield, il

Winner in the class department: Deron Williams
Utterly classless: Jazz fans

OH, Please...

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