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Published: Saturday, Jan. 14 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT


Lindon, UT

Alex was Double Clutch today.

Franklin, IN

Agree! Alex looked like he did as a senior in college...credit stability by Harbaugh and a great game plan...

Can't wait to see how Max Hall does in his NFL play off game!! Certainly he is playing for some play off team...no??


Great game niners! Hopefully the Giants win tomorrow so the NFC title game is played @ candlestick!

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

It's so nice to see Alex finally prove his critics wrong. He played a great game - I was amazed that he took his team on two last minute drives. That had to be one of the greatest playoff games I've ever seen.

I hope they can keep playing like this - it will take another near perfect game to get by the Packers - assuming they get past the Giants.

It would have been nice if Alex stuck around for his senior year with the Utes, but of course he left after his junior year to become the 1st pick - a move that is finally paying off with a good coaching staff.

Stay the Course
Salt Lake City, utah

With enough time I can truly say I am now an Alex Smith fan all the way. My liking for SF 49ers goes back to the Steve Young Era

Saint George, UT


Alex told reporters in SF, that the win only meant they could play another day.

Getting "beat up" by fans as well as the organization will humble anyone.

Alex and Harbaugh knows haters are always ready to pounce.

I think Harbaugh has helped Alex learn how to cope with that fact.

It is fun to see Alex play with that confidence we saw years ago.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Brees is down.
Rodgers ad Brady to go.

Here's to hoping! Congrats Alex, you deserve this.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Joe Montana is a comback player
Steve Young has Hearts
Alex Smith, it took him 7 years to finally playing in the playoff. What took you so long? You were so lucky on those last three minutes game for two TD's (stats record). Hope NY Giants win it so you don't have to play at Green Bay in the sub zero weather.


all i can say is what a game! there were about 4 times that someone scored and i thought the game was over. but the suprises kept coming. the offenses stayed cool under pressure. good for the niners, they deserved to win this one. the tears on vernon davis's face showed how much it meant to them

South Jordan, UT

Too many Alex haters in the past and especially from many on this site for years.

Alex has overcome a lot.

Orem, UT

What a great game! And Alex brought it big time!!! Thanks, Alex, for bringing some glory back to the niners!!!!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Congrats to Alex!! I'm glad that you proved this LOOOOONG time 49er fan wrong.

GO 9ers!!

@DEW Cougars

Steve Young was a bust on a horrible Tampa Bay team, he was a hall of fame QB on dynasty team. Alex struggled because we were a bad team, and the coaching was horrible.

Those were not two "lucky plays". More like brilliant play calling and execution. A good example of "lucky plays" is Riley's last drive against Utah State.


Dew Cougar

No luck, pure skill. It takes more than one player to make the playoffs, you must not follow the NFL that much there are always 22 men on the field playing at one time. If there is 23 someone is going to get a penalty.

Saint George, UT

3:48 doo kitten

As good as Steve Young was, it took him 10 years in the NFL and 8 years with the 49'ers before he got to the Super Bowl as the 49'ers starter.
He had coaching, team-mates, and ownership that were gone when Alex was drafted.

Try Google...It's in there.

Provo, UT

Hard to believe anybody is sniping at Alex Smith for struggling on a horrible team with no coaching continuity for so many years. DEW Cougar, he is no longer a Ute; give it up. Why are you letting Ute fans control your opinions? It's silly to maintain animosity toward someone who played for the team you didn't support so long ago. At this point what any fan knows that Alex played his college ball in the state where you live.

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