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Published: Friday, Jan. 13 2012 5:00 p.m. MST

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Washington, UT

Except their coach is satisfied with losing--as long as they try hard.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

SSmith -

Imagine when they "try hard" and add some talented players!
The future is brighter and coming faster than Cougs like yourself had planned on.
Enjoy taking those jabs while you can.

Gilbert, AZ


#27 BYU
#95 WSU
#127 USU
#239 SUU
#262 UVU
#292 Utah

It's nice that the Utes are trying hard, but

when the worst team in the state of Utah only loses by three points on the road to the best team in the PAC 12, what does that tell you about the strength of the PAC 12?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

phoenix -

"when the worst team in the state of Utah only loses by three points on the road to the best team in the PAC 12, what does that tell you about the strength of the PAC 12?"

Do you know where the WCC is rated?
Let me help you, it's below the Pac 12 ... and it always will be.


phoenix, very convenient that you didn't list the actual best team in the PAC-12, because they're ahead of BYU.

Frisco, TX

re: motorbike
"Do you know where the WCC is rated?
Let me help you, it's below the Pac 12 ... and it always will be."

What is the WCC record against PAC12 teams this year? Hint: WCC is leading.
Take out Portland, and WCC has almost double the number of wins against PAC12 teams as loses.

I admit, the PAC12 does not have any team as bad as Portland. But, I also believe the PAC12 does not have a single team that is better than St Marys, Zags or Cougs.

Let me tweak your quote a little.
Do you know where the Utes are rated?
Let me help you, it's below the Cougs ... and it always will be.

Cougs have 9 talented Freshmen plus a pipeline that includes Haws (2X), Collinsworth (2X), Emery, Chatman, Harward, Nielsen, and a shot at Jabari Parker (yes, it's a long shot, but we're still among the schools he's considering).

Utes don't have much this year and has a pipeline that includes Loveridge. I don't see the other talented players you are referring to. Sure, they may be more talented than what you have, but they are not Carlino, Harrison, Austin, Haws, Emery type talent.


CFIT, I really have no beef with BYU basketball, and especially have a lot of respect for Dave Rose, and most of your posts are pretty fair and in good taste, so I have no problem with you. But it gets under my skin a little bit when fans claim this vast superiority in talent. On a national level, if someone heard almost any of those players you named, the resounding response would be... "Who?"

I think the reason Coug fans feel happy about this is because it's consistent with the teams they've had recently, and there's no shame in that, you've had a good program as of late. But I would say the reason they're successful is because of how they're used and because of a well-coached team. I would give Utah the same opportunity to put together some teams in their new system before proclaiming them as eternally inferior.

And some of the other talented upcoming players Utah has are Aaron Dotson (LSU transfer), Justin Seymour (6'3" SG from Georgia) and Dallin Bachynski (SUU transfer recently returned from mission).

Gilbert, AZ


let me help you with a little perspective

the top teams in a conference, define the conference, on a national level

nobody cares about the bottom dwellers

Sagarin/Pomeroy Rankings

#12/#14 Saint Mary's
#21/#24 Gonzaga
#24/#21 California
#27/#19 BYU
#46/#49 Stanford
#58/#46 Arizona

#292/#312 Utah

Utah playing Stanford close, DROPPED the Cardinal out of the Top 40, leaving California as the only PAC 12 team ranked in the Top 40. That's how bad Utah is.

Where your conference is rated is far less important than where U are rated, at least for teams that don't have to live on reflected light.

Bluffdale, UT

Three close games in a row. I can't wait for next week's home games too.

I think they try too hard though. They play well until they have to make the play, then they choke.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

I for one like that Utah on occasions shows signs of coming out of its biggest slump in its history. For the record, the Pac-12 is 9th and the WCC is 10th on Sagarin's rankings.

Sagarin rankings for the Pac-12 and WCC:

81Oregon State
128Washington State
165Southern California
203Arizona State

13Saint Mary's-Cal.
162Loyola Marymount
179San Francisco
235Santa Clara
264San Diego

Pac-12 and WCC are currently 7-7 against each other.

Frisco, TX

re: StGtoSLC
Fair enough. I don't see Utes being eternally inferior. I was only trying to use motorbike's quote to make a point. motorbike comments like the Utes will be back in contention next year and the WCC is a junior college league. There's not much difference between the PAC and WCC. I believe the WCC is better at the top end, and the PAC is probably better with the middle of the conference teams.

Rebuilding a program from where Utah has fallen to takes time, and I do wish U well.

Syracuse, UT

Poor little bro's on the hill, when things get bad for their team they will still make that infamous statement about the PAC 12, "Well our conference is better than your conference".

U are not in a better conference, and u are a terrible bball team. This year and for the foreseeable future. U do not have a storied program (except for a couple of years under sweater man, which does not make a "storied" program), and you have turned yourself into One Sport University to get into the conference of chumps.

Good luck OSU and enjoy your hibernation.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@motorbike: 9:46 p.m. 13 January

"When the worst team in Utah loses to the worst team in the Pac-12 by only 3 points what does that say about the strength of the Pac 12?"

...love your sense of humor. You will need it to survive not only Utah's bb season this year but also the entire Pac's. Your "do you know where the WCC is rated..." response to phoenix was a classic. So dude... here... let me really help you. Try reading Yahoo's Mike Huguenin's article "All About the Pac 12: Avert your eyes; This is ugly.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

This isn't the first time Utah has been in a prolonged slump and BYU has clearly been the dominant team. From 1982 to 1990, Utah was only slightly better than they've been since 2006. The main reason for the wider gap between the two programs this time -- BYU is much better.

Team, Overall, Conference
BYU 167-107(61%), 95-49(66%), 4 20-win, 1 losing, 3 conference championships
Utah 143-131(52%), 74-70(51%), 1 20-win, 4 losing, 2 conference championships

Team, Overall, Conference
BYU 173-49(78%), 81-19(81%), 7 20-win, 0 losing, *4 conference championships
Utah 99-106(48%), 45-55(45%), 1 20-win, 5 losing, *1 conference championship

*not counting 2012

Utah will probably improve to being a decent team in two or three years, but unless Krysto turns out to be the second coming of Majerus, I don't see Utah surpassing BYU as long as Dave Rose is at BYU.

Springville, UT

Ute basketball... A PAC 10.2 Coat Tail Story

And the Ute fan said, "Yeah, we stink ... but we are part of this great conference and it's ranked higher that the WCC"

Deflection, denial, and demise.

Washington, UT

Focusing on the past is irrelevant unless you're witting a history book.

If I were a coach I would not tell my team: "Hey, we were good 10 years ago so that means we are good now"

Nor would I say, "Hey, we have some good recruits coming in next year, so don't worry."

I would focus on here and now. Teaching fundamentals, coaching to the strengths of what I have. I believe there is more talent on the U team than has been brought out. My point: I get frustrated with a coach who has not brought a team together yet and who sends the message that as long as you try hard we are all good.

He should expect more and not be satisfied with what he is getting. Because he, I (I'm a Ute fan) believe we should not be satisfied with Coach K. Why go through three more years of the two previous mistakes.

Clean house starting with Hill and Coach K. Do it right, now and completely.


@sammyg, cougfanintx, phoenix

When Coach K took over, Boylen had left the program in shambles. And competing in D-1 you don't have time to start from scratch the way Utah has had to do. That being said, the Utes have made huge strides. After the first few games, it didn't look like Utah would even win the 4 games that they have thus far. Utah continues to improve. It will take us a while to get back to our glory days of the 90'S, but that day will come.

Meanwhile, we will never have to worry about going 1-25 like your team did.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@GoRed 9:52 a.m. Jan 14 2012

...hmmm...let's try this twist... shall we???

When Steve Cleveland took over due to the firing of BYU's winningest men's basketball coach, Roger Reed, the BYU basketball program was sent into one of College Basketball's most devestating tailspins... that totally and quickly left the program in a shambles... all because some sports hack at the Provo Daily Herald made a mountain out of a molehill over Reids off the cuff comment to a highly sought after California H.S. recruit that he was going to disappoint millions of BYU fans if he selected DUKE over BYU. BYU didn't just lose a mediocre coach that couldn't put together a winning season. It lost an icon...the winningest coach in it's history. Several major transfers occurred...the results of which eventually brought BYU's program to it's lowest point ever... in which a 1-25 season resulted. In D-1, not only did BYU not have the time to start over from scratch they had to scramble to even put a team together.
That being said...BYU has made huge strides. It took us a while to get back to our glory days. Enough Said!!!

Palo Alto, CA


"Meanwhile, we will never have to worry about going 1-25 like your team did."

BYU was back to 20+ winning seasons within three years of 1997, unlike Utah, which has been spinning its wheels since Majerus left.

1997 1-25
1998 9-21
1999 12-16
2000 22-11
2001 24-9
2002 18-12
2003 23-9
2004 21-9
2005 9-21
2006 20-9
2007 25-9
2008 27-8
2009 25-8
2010 30-6
2011 32-5
2012 14-4

2006 14-15
2007 11-19
2008 18-15
2009 24-10
2010 14-17
2011 13-18
2012 4-12

Palo Alto, CA

Unlike Utah losing to Adams State, BYU didn't lose to any DII teams in 1997

BYU 1997
CS Fullerton
Weber State
Utah State
Boise State
Penn State
San Diego State
New Mexico
New Mexico

Utah 2012
Adams State
SD Christian
Boise State
Montana State
UNC Ashville
Fresno State
CS Fullerton
Brigham Young
Idaho State
Weber State
Washington State
Arizona State
Oregon State
Arizona State
Oregon State

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