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Published: Friday, Jan. 13 2012 3:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

The only good thing about Darren Williams coming back to Utah is if the Nets win.

springfield, il

DWill has come across as more classy than some of his detractors who have posted here. He has never publicly denigrated the Jazz organization, although I think the way his trade was handled was abominable. (He found out about it while watching ESPN). I believe that DWill's frustration was the same frustration that I had with the Jazz: they blew up the team and brought in no one who would make it better while trading away those who could: Matthews and Maynor are prime examples. Memo and AK were kept, yet Brewer and Korver were traded. It is disingenuous to say that DWill would have not re-signed when his contract was up. He had over a year left on his contract, so it is doubtful that even he knew what he planned to do.

Personally, I would never boo anyone; I think it is a classless act. DWill has shown the type of individual he is through his devotion to his family, his faith and his charitable acts. After all, that is the true measure of a man.

highland, utah

I totally agree with you you shaybo! stay classy Jazz fans.. Deron gave us hie best!!

Cedar City, Utah

@ohplease really? you wouldn't boo Kobe or LeBron?

Morgan, UT


Oh, Please....

Saint Louis, MO

This article states that DWill was one of the "most respected and reviled". That says it about right in addition to the quote of "great talent and surliness". He was a "Fightin' Illini" and has immense basketball gifts. However, he had a moody side. I hope that things work out with the Nets. So far, it has been rocky.

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