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Published: Thursday, Jan. 12 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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Marysville, WA

First Chow, and now Crowton? What are little brothers for if not to give them your hand-me-downs?

Salt Lake City, UT

Is true that Hill has already interviewed Roger Reid for the next runnin' Utes head coaching vacancy?

South Jordan, UT

Coach Whit should look at Tony Franklin at Louisiana Tech. He has put together an offense that moves the ball against any school Louisiana Tech has played the past two years and did it with lesser talent. With a group of talented athletes around him, he could do extremely well.

Sanford was a good coach but said some things after he left the program. Crowton is a good offensive coach but appears that he may have too much ego and stirs the pot after a while.

Bountiful, UT

That would be quite a pairing. Kyle Whittingham, who doesn't think the QB position is important enough to have any quality depth and moves all his best QB's to other positions combined with Gary Crowton who can't ever decide on who his starting QB should be.

That will make for an exciting encore season to Utah's first disastrous season in the Pac 12.

Oceanside, CA

I love all of the jealous ASU and Arizona references being predicted. We'll see. However, the facts don't lie.

WAC and WCC vs. Pac-12

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

Whittingham has the guy he needs already on his staff. Aaron Roderick has experience, and had decent success as an O.C. at SUU before he took his current position Utah. He also served as Co-O.C. at Utah before Norm Chow was hired last year.

Tooele, UT

I think someone mentioned not to let him get involved with recruiting. Wouldn't this be one of the reasons Whit would hire him? Crowton is well known around the country with recruiting. He's won a national title, etc.

That said, I personally would like to see Utah go in another direction. Yeah Sanford sounds okay, but I'm not sold on Sanford either.

I liked the thought of Jim Fossel, or maybe even Mike McCoy if he were willing to depart from Tim Tebow.

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA


BYU #25/#26 (ranked 5 of the last 6 seasons)
Utah unranked (ranked 3 of the last 6 seasons)

Not sure what you're talking about in regards to football conference affiliation; BYU is independent in football, so rather than living in the reflected light of more successful conference members, like Utah does, BYU creates its own light.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

I don't see Whit pulling the trigger on Crowton, but stranger things have happened. Like the Y players claiming they would play in a BCS game or the NC game. Crowton may be an OK offensive mind, but he is not the right fit here at Utah. I heard that his last year at LSU his passing offense was 86th in the nation & 106th overall. That is with the best of the best high scholl recruits. While the Utes have some good offensive weapons, they don't have the talent at every position & depth that LSU has. We need to get an ex NFL offensive coach, or a young up & comer from a smaller school like we did with Urban Meyer to be the next OC. I am sure Whit will make the right decision. He learned his first time of going in house for the OC, & wont make that mistake again. A Rod could be much more qualifeid now, & if he gets the job, UTE fans will back him. Too bad Mike McCoy is a hot NFl coach right now. He would fit in perfectly here. I think after last years O in Provostan, Crowton should go back there.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Though Sanford's name has been kicked around, he won't land the gig. One main reason ... he's a spread guy. Utah is already neck deep in recruits fitting the pro-style offense.
Side note, Dan Mullen was the man behind the magic in 2004, not Sanford. Mullen was incredible with Alex Smith and then look what he did with Urban Meyer as O.C. with Florida. Too bad Mullen is now the head coach with Mississippi State ... of course he's a spread guy as well.
I'm with others on this thread that are worried about Crowton ... something's awfully fishy about a guy that's never in one place more than 2-3 years. That being said, I'll bet he's got a decent shot at landing the gig.
Last person to throw out there ... I've heard from someone very close to the situation that Brian Johnson is being considered. That news shocked me, but apparently he has a legitimate shot at it.
My prediction though, Aaron Roderick gets the job. I almost don't know how Whittingham will keep him happy if he doesn't get the job and I've got to think that will play into the decision.
I hope A-Rod's ready!

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

It's really funny how cougar fans like to chide the Utes for hiring former cougars. I think cougars should be a little embarrassed about the firing of Coach Chow, and the firing of what was, at the time, their winningest B-ball coach in history, Roger Reid.

We Utes have done quite well with former cougars, who obviously prefered to coach in a different environment than byu. If Gary Crowton fits the bill for Coach Whit, I say bring him on board.

Magna, UT

If byu is "creating their own light," why is Provo so dark in November these days?

Salt Lake City, UT

Can Utah football survive without BYU rejects?

Magna, UT

byu rejects like Kyle Whittingham, who rejected byu's offer to be their head coach? Hahahaha

Rejects like Norm Chow, who went on to coach two more National Championship teams, and two more Heisman Trophy winners? Hahaha

You're killing me.


I think this would be so awesome. Whittingham continuing to hire former BYU coaches/alumni with himself being one too. Coach Whit had such an awesome experience at BYU that he wants to make Utah just like it. Then Utah can be filled with arrogant, self-righteous, holier-than-thou, nah nah nah in yo face, and chest puffin' fans/alumni too...just like BYU right? Because none of that ever exists at Utah, so I applaud Whittingham for trying to make it like BYU.

South Jordan, UT

That's funny! A die hard Ute Fan? Was that a serious question? Wait a minute, I can't stop laughing! I know there are BYU haters, but die hard Ute Fans? Now that is Hilarious!

South Jordan, UT

You're all crazy!


This article, and more specifically its title, is a desperate attempt at reaching for fans' emotions. They may as well have titled it: "Will the Utes hire Brian Schottenheimer?" or "Will the Utes hire Raheem Moore?" The only thing that is certain is that the Utes will not hire Norm Chow or Charlie Weis. Nobody outside the program really knows who is interviewing. What a nonissue.

Fully Exposed
Irvine, CA

...What is not being reported is that Coach Brocno Mendenhall just applied for the Utah job...

precisely, Bronco is applying for the Fashion Coordinator for Utes

With his experience of t-shirt design, ie 'Quest and 'Band, he is qualified

East Salt Lake City, Utah

WA_Alum&Dad | 12:55 p.m. Jan. 13, 2012

First Chow, and now Crowton? What are little brothers for if not to give them your hand-me-downs?


How about giving your little brother beat-down once in a while just to to show him who's the boss... wait, 7 of 10 isn't really a "once in a while" beat-down now is it.

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