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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 11 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Cougar Cindy
Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks for staying Bronco. We love what you're doing.


Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

Yeah right.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

i thought all job offers went to whit. i guess I was wrong. i just wish bronco was more interesting to listen to.

Tempe, AZ

Everybody loves Roscoe.

I think he turned down the job for 3 reasons:

1) He was told he could no longer produce slogan-themed t-shirts

1) He was told he could no longer wear the frumpy, discolored, slogan t-shirts on the sideline

2) He was told he could no longer have his defense line-up in a 3-point stance on the sideline and sprint out onto the field in Pop Warner-esque fashion

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Good choice. Bronco's schtick would only work at BYU.

JD Tractor
Iowa City, IA

I like our chances as long as Mendenhall is our coach!! Nobody better to help the transition into independence.

Go Cougars!

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Bronco is a much better coach than Kylie Willingham.

2-4 years, Kylie will be shown door up on the hill.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

The more I read quotes from Coach Bronco, the more I scratch my head. Yes. I love what he's brought to the BYU Football Program and how he's turned the program around from the woeful Crowton Era. However, for me, his double-speak shtick is running a little old (i.e. the Nelson-Heaps fiasco). So, why do we need to know he actually turned down a head-coaching job elsewhere? I could care less. The only thing I'm casually interested in is which school did he turn down, since he's the one who raised & mentioned the issue in the first place? As much as I like Bronco, I do not think he's the coach who will get the Cougs to the next level, since the "next level" w/ serious BCS consideration, is what Holmoe has publically announced he and the BYU administration want the football program to get to.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Now watch all the Ute fans call Bronco a liar and saying that he's too embarrassed to say who offered him the job (because they believe it to be some program like Idaho).

Spanish Fork, UT

Otis, you comment implies the Bronco is not telling the truth. What evidence do you have of that?

Twin Falls, ID

Sorry if I am a little skeptical, but I don't think he was offered a head coaching job from a BCS school, especially UCLA. Two reasons:

First, we would have heard about this from other media (impossible to keep coaching searches secret); and

Second, he is clearly not qualified to coach at the next level.

Go Boise!!

Spanish Fork, UT

It would be interesting to see how Bronco would do at a typical school. He's wired a certain way and without the Honor Code to hold the standards together I'm not sure what he'd come up with. He's got a great edge now, but don't see how it would translate. He's a good coach and glad he's here at BYU but his best fit may be here. Whit would do well at BYU using similar standards and techniques, but he seems to be able to apply the standards to non-LDS schools although at Utah, it's much closer to BYU than Ute fans would admit.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Thanks, Bronco! You're the greatest!

Mclean, VA

He is preparing us for his departure at the end of next year now that his plan for Jake Heaps to redshirt next year then play 2 more years as a Junior and Senior backfired. He wanted to coach the three years left on his contract out with Nelson and Heaps, but now he is looking to bail sooner rather than later. Just preping everyone. Thanks Bronco. Not.

Frisco, TX

I disagree with trail blazers. I think both Whit and Bronco are very good coaches. They have very different styles. I'm not sure the Friday night devotional would work at UCLA.

I do think that Bronco's effectiveness is more aligned with continuing as a defensive coordinator, which he seems to be very good at. Because of his experience, he seems to be able to manage the HC and DC roles very well.

But speaking of coaches, I do think BYU needs a QB coach. If Doman is going to be successful, he needs to be able to focus on the entire offense. And with the pipeline we have coming, we need someone different who can work the QB's exclusively.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

So. Cal Reader

I am willing to wager he mentioned it because he was asked it. Have you not watched the fascination with Utah coaches going elsewhere and BYU coaches not being sought after? You are the only person in the world who doesn't care.

Portland Trail Blazers

If that was intended as sarcasm, it fell flat. And if you were serious, pretend it was sarcasm, apologize and don't play for a while. Whit is every bit the right man for Utah right now as Bronco is for BYU. Kyle has the knack for making real time adjustments that significantly alter game outcomes. Remember BYU was close at half-time? Once he masters having his team prepared for the teams they should cream, like Colorado...

Of course, you know what our red rivals would respond to that.

West Jordan, UT

Why leave to play real teams when you can pad your record playing Idaho State and Discount Tires Tech.

Orem, UT

That is right.

Brad E.

Hopefully Nick represents BYU well. His brother Jackson did well, but seems to hate the world for not getting into the NBA. Nick is substantially shorter than Jackson, but hopefully he has a chance to do what his brother didn't.

Wally West

@ Brave Sir Robin | 5:02 p.m. Jan. 11, 2012

It might work if Southern Virginia decides to field a team.

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