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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 10 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Mcallen, TX

"And yet, doubt persists as to whether Romney has the cards."

What cards does the commander in chief have?

Give both these guys an IQ test and let's compare.

How about what schools do with our children? Give a high school standardized test to both Mitt and BO, for us to compare.

Salt Lake City, UT

It means a little less when New Hampshire is home field advantage and Iowa was won by 8 or -12 votes against someone who polled 1% in November. If the field would condense then Romney will lose South Carolina but he's getting lucky that Santorum and Gingrich haven't condensed to one yet.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Something still appears to be "not quite right". Numerous voters are not sure about Mitt. There is reluctance to jump on his train.
Is it religion, silver spoon money, Bain mysteries(South America), Romney finances(overseas accounts)?
Why the doubt?

Salt Lake City, UT

@no fit in SG
You left out flip-flopping, social issues, and Romneycare. There's a lot that's making conservatives not terribly fond of him. It'll be interesting how he manages deep conservative South Carolina and closed-primary Florida but a lot of it will depend on whether or not the Gingrich-Santorum fans can pick one and run. Otherwise Romney could be pulling 35% wins the next two states.

Provo, UT

With careful manipulation, in the early 20th century, the Bolsheviks turned the masses against anyone with wealth. Those who had a genius to create jobs and become successful were turned into enemies.

This is the same method being used today in the US. The common man is good, and anyone who becomes successful is evil and are incapable of understanding us.

What this country needs is a leader who knows how to trim the fat and put in motion a turn around in economics. The best person for this is one who has a genius for doing this. Romney has the track record. Let's not hate him because he is good at leading, at turning around failing businesses, Olympics, and soon a nation. Let's not be Bolsheviks.

Clearfield, UT

For all of his liberal detractors above, Romney is leading polls at 26% of the vote in SC and 36% in FL.

Not bad considering there are 6 candidates to choose from.

Using Liberal Logic (no fit) you could say that over 64% of voters are against the other candidates in FL and over 74% are against the other candidates in SC.


Pullman, WA

I want a smart president. I want someone who can turn economically troubled institutions around and get them back on solid ground. I want a president with the courage to be fiercely loyal to his spouse. I want a family man who has raised more than one child with the same wife, and had all of them turn out OK to be my president. I want a president who can win people over with his smile, and a handshake. I want a president who is organized, and who doesn't need Rev Wright to coax him along. So why not Romney? Actually, he should do nicely.

metamora, IL

SammyB: Thank you for your historical perspective! Sadly, too many of us don't even know history (and therefore why it is important) so they can't learn from it.

Springville, UT

If the conservatives consolidated their efforts into one or two candidates, Romney would be in serious trouble. Note also that Romney's percentage was lower than most all recent GOP winners in NH. He may have won, but I see very little enthusiasm. His dreams are coming true because the ultra-conservative crowd is so fractured.

As for those of you who see Romney was the guy who will turn around the economy, tell me how. He says government should get out of the way, so how is his leadership of the government going to turn around the economy? If he is a Herbert Hoover, hands-off guy, type of guy, tell us. If he more proactive, how does that square with his pronouncements that government is not the solution? He really can't have it both ways.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Didn't they Charlie Brown "Blockhead"?
How apporpos...Mitt speaks in 4 to 6 word sentences, i.e;
"The President is out of ideas!"
"I believe in America".

Know what Mitt?
Even if you are the GOP nominee, and I hope you ARE, you will never unseat President Obama.

The nation has no time for a rich aristocrat, with no empathy for the common man.
The only thing Mitt will do for the common man is make him pay his taxes.

metamora, IL

Mike in Sandy: See SammyB's post and consider how that turned out for the USSR.

Murray, Utah


How do you know he doesn't have empathy? Stop the envy. Thou shalt not covet.

My opinion from the middle class- Go Mitt Go! And when you win the presidency, do your "favorite thing" and shrink this big bloated uneffective wasteful government. (I can think of more adjectives if necessary.)

Alpine, UT

Mike in Sandy, are you better off now than you were three years ago? If so, you are either one of these so called rich elite, or you're on government dole. Obama will put up a fight, but the educated class will not fall for his rhetoric anymore. The cause of freedom will ever stand in this country, and only those who believe in this cause will remain standing with it.

safety dictates, ID

This will be my last post in this venue. I'm very disappointed in DN for their censorship. My time could be spent more wisely elsewhere. The family of my uncle who became a multimillionaire dismissed every negative comment about them as deriving from jealousy of their wealth. Pee Wee Reece once said to Jackie Robinson, in essence, that not every negative comment about him was because of his race. Sometimes he was just plain nasty. I do not like Romney's attitude that those who do not support the Republicans are just jealous or envious. His idea of what made America great were those principles of laissez fare that preceded Teddy Roosevelt. America became greater during the administrations of Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR and other Progressives or Liberals. The decline of America is due to the moral degeneration and greed. No mighty Army can save us from that.

Durham, NC

Out here in my part of the world, the consensus is now it is Romney's to loose. His biggest struggle will be our neighboring state where his beleifs will unfortunately play a role. The Carolina's also have been hit hard in the rural areas by factory closing that began to cascade into a avalanche shortly after its signing. They see his religion and connection to what is being positioned as head of a corporate raider company as his biggest liabilities in rural parts of these states - which also happen to be the most hard core conservative. So those voters are a wild card. In urban areas, he does much better as these areas have benefited largely from buyouts ( Bank of America, Well Fargo, etc).

It will be fun, but the Charley Brown charectorization? Hardly! He is the now man to beat now on the Republican side. A long way to go, but he is absolutely the front runner.

Ex-Pat of Zion
Lititz, PA


I agree with you about the striking number of parallels regarding the February Revolution. But (if you believe Maslow), the Bolsheviks...Lenin excluded...were attacking the monarchy and the provisional government that followed for survival, NOT political ideology. The stressor was participation in an unwarranted war and the relief sought was land. Lenin exploited the doctrine of Marx to seize power that his successor (Stalin) forged into the totalitarian regime that was the Soviet Union.

Now the glaring differences with history repeating itself here in the US. The "provisional" government that replaced the monarchy was comprised, for lack of a better term, of big business an finance. The peasants wanted an agrarian existence which a small parcel of land could supply. The "means of production"...owned by those who held provisional power...would starve without the resources (locked up in the land) or the labor of the "proletariat" to effect production.

Fast forward to 2011. Record foreclosures and depressed wages. Mothers committing murder (their own children)/suicide in welfare offices because they were desperate. In what direction is wealth flowing? Business discourages competition by creating barriers to entry. Free enterprise? Hard work for very limited opportunity. That's Romney

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

I think mikey is better now than he was three years ago as obama has extended unemployment to 99 weeks. now that is the hope and change libs were looking for.

Provo, UT

Ex-pat of Zion,

True, we do not have a monarchy, but the methods used were the same; those born with a silver spoon in their mouth are bad and separate from us. Seriously...same message.

Romney's plan will do a good job to take away regulations that stand in the way of new small businesses. His plan will also make companies better able to keep jobs in America instead of going off-shore to find tax breaks. He knows what to do. He created a lot more jobs than were cut but even those cut helps me see that he will have the courage to cut the governmental fat for the future good of this nation.

Provo, UT

I'm impressed with the quality of this analysis. Great article.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

If Gingrich makes this sort of a charge then when Obama does it, Obama is going to look like Gingrich. Go Gingrich!

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