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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 10 2012 5:00 p.m. MST

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west jordan, ut


Making Sense
Herriman, UT

Expecting Austin to forgo his basketball instinct to slam home a missed layup is silly. The goal of the play was to get Martineau a basket before time expired. It also coincided with the fact that the BYU fans would get frozen yogurt if the Cougars scored 80. Austin's put back isn't the "sports code violation" in this scenario. Maybe it was trying to get a player on the scoreboard and that crazy desire for yogurt.

There are countless other examples from sports, especially "pro's", that could've been the lead for this story. To choose the put back jam by Austin deflated an otherwise good point from Rock. It would've been better to choose the Xavier vs. Uconn brawl to show how things have gotten out of hand.

West Jordan, UT

@ The Rockmonster

I guarantee Austin's putback jam would not have happened had Walters pocketed his timeouts in a blowout loss. The Y would have been content to bounce out the clock with anything under 35 seconds.

I guess Walters did turn it into a teaching moment. Just not the one he expected.

Overton, NV

That wasn't Brandon Davies slamming home a Carlino miss. It was a back up player rebounding and slamming home a miss from a guy who never gets to play.

I'm so tired of the idea that 3rd stringers in a blow out game should be expected to take a knee when they're sitting on the 1 yard line with more than a minute to play. It's not running up the score if it's the backups; only if the starters are still in.

Austin did nothing wrong. Especially since, as Making Sense pointed out, it was for the fans; it wasn't just any two extra points.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

what a surprise, the BYU fans feelings are hurt.......this place never changes.

Chad S
Derby, KS

If calling multiple time-outs in the waning minutes of a beatdown provides a "coaching" moment, so does allowing your reserves to play basketball until the final tick of the clock.

Farmington, UT

DO write decent, thoughtful sports articles.
DONT bore the readers with made-up drivel you think is clever.
DO cover important aspects of the game by actually learning the game.
DONT go on ad naseum trying to make a point out of something that is pointless.

Fort Worth, TX

Mr. Rock OOhh come on give him a break so what Austin went back and three times to hit the ball in basket.

Austin did nothing wrong. You did a no no by complaining like a sissy

Allen, TX

"DO step over a fallen opponent. It shows you're mean and unafraid to compete. But DON'T offer a hand to pick him up. It's a sure sign of compassion, which is the sure sign of a soft player."

I hope this was tongue-in-cheek. I have coached for years, and would never tell my kids to not help an opponent up. If anything they get a psychological advantage, because the opponent knows he needs help from the guy who just knocked him down to get back up....... (sarcasm - for those of you who have no concept of same)

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Remember - "Phi Slama Jama"? Houston coach Guy Lewis was so worried that NC State would make many fouls to those lousy low percentage shooting free throw Houston team (except Dave Rose former Houston gaurd). Austin probably didn't know about it. So, there was nothing wrong about running up the score for fun or protection. And so what that Kyle Whit did this onside kick which was fun thing to do and funny Joe Glen throwing fits.


Mr. Rock, I would really appreciate it if you stopped writing articles involving BYU. Please. Write about the Utes all you want, but leave my Cougars alone.

Layton, UT

Kosta Fosenko:

BYU fans aren't hurt, just voicing their difference of opinion.

But we wouldn't expect you to understand. Utah has yet to score 80 pts in a game this year.

Salt Lake City, UT

Brad, good article. If you are in the game, play hard. If you clear the bench, don't teach your 2's and 3's not to score. They deserve a better chance than to "take a knee" on every possession. Just don't keep the starting 5 playing in a blow out or do an on-side kick when you're ahead 47-0.

Salt Lake City, UT

A big don't. Do not write a newspaper story intent of generating a large number of on-line comments. It destroys a reputation as a journalist and moves the writer to the same relm as a talk radio host. You know, the radio voice who says whatever is necessary to get the phone to ring.

swarming beehive

I never liked the line "we wanted it more than they did." I think it's a presumptuous to pretend to know what's in the other team's head and heart. A lot of the margin of error is luck, the way the ball bounces, the way the refs see a call, etc. No amount of wanting is going to change that.

Also, we assume players play because they like the game. If that's true, let them play until it's over. They like shooting and watching it go in. They like passing, rebounding, stealing and out playing opponents regardless of the score. Winning shouldn't be everything.

Last, I read the article hoping to learn something about sports etiquette and I was disappointed.


May I suggest:

DON'T claim that your team, which lost by 44 points, is the better team. It just makes you sound silly.


In any sport, at any level, at any age, regardless of the score, if you're not going to play as hard and as well as you can until the final second or final out, etc., is over, you need to go home, or at least go sit in the stands. Teaching players to do less than that is teaching them 1) that it's okay to stop before the job is over, and 2) that it's okay to show disrespect to the opponent by treating them like they are weak and incapable. If the other team requires such coddling, it should not be on the same court or field in the first place.

Taunting is wrong, and a sign of inferior character, but performing as well as you are able for the entire game is a sign of integrity.

salt lake city, UT

ok y fans i will tell you this.. ive played basketball for a very loong time now and that was austin did is a big no-no. doesnt matter what reason he did it for. he knew exactly how much time was on the clock. i bet you wouldnt hear coach rose making all the excuses yall are making for him. but to get down on the kid about it (rock) is also a big no-no because his coach will get oh him enough about it. he doesnt need an internet article about it.

Mesa, AZ


BYU didn't make the claim, the polls did.

I however, have no problem making the claim that BYU ended the season better and was the better team based on the season. Look at the poll!

I am a BYU fan! What do you want me to do, hide my head because you beat us, but then fizzled away into obscurity, while we went on to the top 25?

I know you beat us, but it doesn't change the fact we ended up in the top 25. When all is said and done the poll standings is what the nation looks at at the end of the season, not one game. A year from now, only u fans will remember the one game, but sports casters will continue to say things Like, "BYU is in rare company, it is only one of 11 teams to be rated in the top 25 four of the last five years."

u fans whining on BYU comment boards about BYU in the top 25, is just silly.

Cougar Cindy
Salt Lake City, UT

Good one, Mr. Rockmonster.

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