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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 10 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Independence Is Bliss
San Jose, CA

Another year in which BYU finishes the season ranked and Utah doesn't even get a vote. Nothing new - it's happened 12 times before.

Current tally:
BYU: 18 - a final raking has become another day at the office since the Lavell years

Utah: 6 - five of which were in the last decade, which will forever be known fondly by Ute fans as the "glory years"

But hey, you won your bowl game in September, so check this season off as a success, right? Isn't that the Ute attitude?

International Cougar Fan
Tacoma, WA

How is that possible? BYU is not in the PAC12?


Congratulations to the 2011 WAC Champions on an incredible season!

Charlotte, NC

This is why rankings are worthless. It does not account for the strength of schedule. Play a bunch of cupcakes and you get ranked.

Syracuse, UT

Just another example of the respect that BYU has in the nation. A respected and storied program gets the votes they need to put them in the top 25 of all teams. Let's see, we finish in the top 25 of football, we are going to be ranked in basketball, we start off the volleyball season ranked # 1 in the nation, our Rugby team is superior to all, and on and on and on.

Meanwhile, up on the hill, one sport u finishes with ZERO votes for their one sport, even though the "beat down" their rival. Where or where is the respect. I guess they arn't so "storied" after all.

North Las Vegas, NV

Awesome. Great job Cougs!

Madison, Ohio

We may not be #1 but at least our bowl game was fun to watch.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Congratulations to the Cougars for turning in a good season. My utes will be back.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

This has to grind on the little brother up north - hang in there boys.

Washington, UT

Cougs, don't let the Utes change the subject and get you steamed. They are understandably frustrated with a 4-11 hard court record, knowing that their rivals have a 14-4 record including a 19 point win in the HC. Further, it is known by both sides that the U is not expected to win but maybe 1 or 2 more while the Y is not expected to lose only 1 or 2 more. Their football season ended in disappointment and their bb season just carries the embarrassment on. They will try to deflect with stories of the past, but you keep your eye on the future and you'll be just fine.


Congratulations, Cougars.

salt lake city, utah

Congrats to the Cougs. Playing only one team Tcu that finished in the top 25.I guess that is one more than 1984

Omaha, NE

It is about time those powerful wins over Idaho and Idaho State are recognized

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Congratulations Cougars on another Top 25 Finish!



Utah couldn't win a WAC championship even when the Utes were in the WAC.

Joey K
Sandy, UT

I'm sorry but this ranking is a little suspicious. I wonder how many BYU fans actually believe that BYU is one of the top 25 teams in the country?
Look at the others receiving votes. Do BYU fans believe that BYU could beat Missouri, Auburn, Washington, Notre Dame, or Penn St on a neutral site? I certainly admire how BYU fought through adversity, but this is a team that required a last second miracle to beat Tulsa, who finished the year with 0 top 25 votes. I know it isn't fair to compare them to the team that lost to Utah 54 to 10, because Riley Nelson certainly brings a spark. But even Riley Nelson lost TCU, the only decent team BYU faced.
If anything this ranking shows us how flawed the top 25 is. When over 20% of your wins come against teams from Idaho, it diminishes your prowess just a bit.


Well. we've learned that outside of Ute fans...BYU football is relevant.The college experts and pundits have weighed in. Their not the national champs, but then again...neither is LSU. On Sept 17th BYU heads were handed to them by the Utes, proving that they were better that day. Who wouldn't of been better that day. In fact it's possible with seven turnovers Colorado may have beaten BYU....but that's a topic for another day. Much has been made about SOS, Sagarin ratings. Have you ever wondered why they have these other ratings to gage succes in college football? So when your team dosen't play to expectations you can always fall back and say...oh yeah...we're in the Pac 12 or 10 or whatever it is this week...the conference of Champions...we are utes..hear us roar. It's true the Pac 10 has it's tradition....but Ute fans, as of now the Utes have done anything to add to that tradition. I'll give you Sept 17th...no contest. Just remember this one simple fact. On Sept 17th you won the battle....in the end....you lost the war.

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

Utah can't use the PAC-12 as an excuse for not being ranked. They flat out blew it against inferior opponents. BYU beat the teams they were suppose to beat, Utah did not.

South Jordan, UT

This means as much as the fictitious nc. Didn't beat anyone that year and didn't beat anyone this year. Wasn't proved on the field.


Way to go Cougars!!!


Just looking at these few posts it's got the Utes fans dander up. It's tough when you come to understand that the rest of college football dosen't even come close to seeing things the way you see them. Don't take it so hard....I hear there's an article in the DNews on Ute recruiting....why don't you all run to that blog and remind each other that you're in the Pac 12, and all will be well. There's always next year when you can set your eyes on the Cougars again......Just a word of advice....don't forget to play the rest of the season. And one parting shot.........We're no longer your rival.......Gage your sucess by other things other than BYU football. It's been a good year, see you next fall.

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