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Published: Monday, Jan. 9 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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Duckhunter, if you've paid attention to Utah recruiting over the years, JUCO recruiting has been a major factor in their success. Saying that it is "not good" to have 5 JUCO commits is a generalization, and it all has to do with utilization. I realize that your MO is just to rile up Ute fans. I also realize from the half dozen times you've brought this up that you wouldn't construct your own football team this way. But you also don't make $2M/year to make these decisions. I trust the guy with an undefeated season under his belt.

Highland, UT


"I realize that your MO is just to rile up Ute fans."

I've been discussing this civily with you, you just seem to have run out of responses to me points. I'm not trying to "rile" anyone up although it appears I'm succeeding anyway which I think is simply a knee jerk reaction to anything I post.

I think jc players have long been good contributors to both BYU and utah's programs, but they have not signed them as that large a percentage of their recruiting classes before. Usually jc guys are signed because they hope to fill an immediate need brought on by either graduation, injuries or because some of their high school recruits have not panned out. I doubt whittingham wants to make jc players such a large part of his recruiting classes on a regular basis. That tells us the utes have some deficiencies they are trying to address or they wouldn't be doing it. To pretend otherwise is simply sticking your head in the sand.

Now you just need to hope it works and they fill the gaps until some hs recruits commit and develop.

Highland, UT

Now I can also tell you why I think this is happening. I think utah did pursue some top hs recruits, hoping their pac12 affiliation was going to get them a large precentage of thos higher rated recruits. I think they have found that is not going to happen at anywhere near the rate they had hoped it would. Those top guys are still mostly going to go to USC, Stanford, Oregon, Cal, Washington, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, etc.

I heard an interview on the radio with a former washington st. qb who said that about 10 years ago when wsu went to the rose bowl they changed their recruiting tactics and tried to get more 4-5 star kids instead of the 3 star kids they have previously signed, and developed. He said that the diminishment of the program was a direct result of the change in recruiting tactics and that they did get a few more higher ranked recruits but lost focus of the hidden gems they had previously gotten and developed.

utah has had similar success with the "hidden gem" types and changing their recruiting tactics may not be as good an idea as they 1st thought.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"...most of the 'top' recruits that have committed to utah are jc transfers which begs a question, why can't utah get top ranked (4-5 star) high school recruits? They have one, Chase Hansen, and the rest are jc guys."

As had been already mentioned, Utah has FIVE 4-star athletes, as was rated by Rivals. Of those 5 only 2 are JCs. Ergo, "most of the 'top' recruits that have committed to Utah ARE INDEED High School recruits. Fail on your part.

If you wanted to include 3-star athletes as "top recruits", Utah currently has 19 committed recruits. Of those 19, 15 are 3- and 4-star recruits. Of those 15, 5 are JCs. Ergo, "most of the 'top' recruits that have committed to Utah ARE INDEED High School recruits. Again,...fail on your part.

So despite being proven wrong, you tried to change the argument by citing Scout.

"...according to scout utah has two 4 star recruits one of which is a JC player and one a hs player."

Except that even with the Scout ratings, 1 out of 2 = HALF. And "half" is not "most". It's HALF! And grouping all the 3-star recruits in that metric, 7 out of those 10 recruits are....High Schoolers! Ergo, "most of the 'top' recruits that have committed to Utah ARE INDEED High School recruits. EPIC fail on your part.

"...yes that is a large percentage of utah's class."

I'm not sure what your point there is. Whether or not 26.3% defines "a LARGE percentage" is subjective and debatable, but what is NOT subjective OR debatable is that 26.3% most certainly is NOT classified as "most".

Conclusion: You were wrong! Just admit it. Not admitting doesn't make you less wrong. It actually makes you even MORE wrong. And cowardly.

And while you're admitting you were wrong, don't forget to admit that you were wrong about the Sun Bowl and Armed Forces Bowl audience. Utah's bowl game outdrew the cougars' in both television audience AND stadium attendance. Haha!


While I'm not as attacking as Naval Vet and I do enjoy discussion more than smack talk, even your most civil discussion is still riddled with biases and false information. For instance: "I think jc players have long been good contributors to both BYU and utah's programs, but they have not signed them as that large a percentage of their recruiting classes before."

This is entirely false. Past ten Utah recruiting classes:
2011: 4/20 recruits were JUCO recruits (20%)
2010: 3/23 JUCO recruits (13%)
2009: 8/26 JUCO recruits (31%)
2008: 5/16 JUCO recruits (31%)
2007: 7/25 JUCO recruits (28%)
2006: 5/25 JUCO recruits (20%)
2005: 4/25 JUCO recruits (16%)
2004: 6/25 JUCO recruits (24%)
2003: 7/19 JUCO recruits (37%)
2002: 6/21 JUCO recruits (29%)
Total: 55/225 (24%)

Pretty much par for the course, even lower than several years. I would love it if we could start getting a large number of top-rated high school recruits, but the fact will always be that we're not USC, Texas, Oklahoma or Florida.


Contd. However, the fact that after our first year in the conference we've put together a higher-rated recruiting class so far than Washington, Arizona and ASU, and will likely finish with a better class than UCLA is very encouraging for the future of the program. JUCO recruiting will likely continue to be a more often used resource for Utah than most other schools in the conference, but with continued success, our high school recruiting is also almost certain to pick up for us.


Furthermore, of these JUCO recruits over the years, some of the alumni include:
Jonathan Fanene (Cincinnati Bengals starter)
Quinton Ganther (former NFL starter)
Paul Soliai (Miami Dolphins starter)
Brett Ratliff (Tampa Bay Bucs backup)
Matt Asiata (Minnesota Vikings backup)
Robert Johnson (Tennessee Titans backup)
Koa Misi (Miami Dolphins starter)
David Reed (Baltimore Ravens starting KR)
Shaky Smithson (Green Bay Packers backup KR)

Turning 15% of these recruits into NFL players and at least half of them into either starters or key contributors in college isn't too bad.

CO Ute

I don't understand why some of you have issues with recruiting JC transfers.

Signed John While IV - Utah's single season rushing leader.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

We dont have a problem with JC players, just Ducky does.

On a side note Junior Salt was one of the rugby players in Forever Strong.

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