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Published: Monday, Jan. 9 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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Frisco, TX

Hopefully U will learn from past mistakes and keep Wilson and Hansen at QB. It's okay to have 2 or 3 solid QBs on the roster.

If Hansen is moved to another position (possibly LB), I wouldn't be surprised to see him look elsewhere.

Will Wynn make another attempt at recovery in 2012 or will he hang up his cleats? Long term prospects don't seem favorable for him.

Does anybody know if Wilson or Hansen are graduating early to enter Utah in January? If so, they may have a chance to earn the starting nod.

Murray, UT

Both Wilson and Hansen are expected to be at the U for spring ball. The big need for the U right now is recruiting the offensive line! If Wynn comes back, he needs to be as protected as possible. Replacing both tackles on the line will be a challenge.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

CougFaninTX -

We actually agree - worth pointing out, right?
If there is one thing Whittingham coached teams have been terrible at, it's developing QB talent.
They can develop the heck out of cornerbacks, safeties, d-lineman, O-lineman, running backs and even receivers to an extent ... but when it comes to quarterbacks, linebackers (exception of Stevenson Sylvester) and tight ends ... well ... not so good.
The exception would be this last season where Norm Chow involved tight ends more than Utah has in years, if ever. He also took a lousy Jon Hays and made him respectable ... quite a feat really.
I suspect that Whittingham will have learned his lesson at least to some degree. He has to look at this last season as a huge missed opportunity. If Utah had properly recruited and developed a quality backup QB, they may have won the South title outright ... I'm including USC in that due to USC's tougher conference schedule.
By the way, Wilson and Hansen are both set to join the U for the second enrollment period of this semester. This allows them to finish their winter sports (volleyball and basketball). Meaning they'll both be at the U for Spring ball.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utes at #29 in Rivals recruiting list.

Tempe, AZ

Is this the same story as the other story with the same title? Didn't read the actual article in this case because I read the other article with the same name.

Interesting that the DNews has failed to produce an article about Eric Rowe's All-American nomination, probably one of the more newsworthy events of the day for Utah football.

Draper, UT

I disagree with some of yall...

Coach Whitt puts the players where they are best suited. I think he should continue that trend. I mean... Look at Blechen for example, he was a high school quarterback but look what he's done for Utah at safety!!

Yes we need depth at QB, and I think after what happened in 2011 the coaches will address that issue... but its ok (and sometimes a very good idea)to switch some players around to different posititons. Whitt has proved he has really good judgement when making that call. Let the Coaches do their jobs. :)


Bountiful, UT

No mention here of Junior Salt the four star JC transfer Defensive Tackle who just committed to Utah. Great pick up by Utah.

Highland, UT


No mention of the offensive lineman that decommitted from the u and committed to Hawaii either. Both are 3 star recruits according to Scout. Looks like an offset.


TexasGirl, that's true, but Blechen was also a high school linebacker. He wasn't just "discovered" as a defensive talent, it was already known that he was pretty good. If we can find the best possible players, but develop them the same as we have our 2 and 3 star guys, we can have an excellent team. One thing that has proved important in our new conference is offensive depth, especially OL and QB. The more talent we have there, the higher ceiling we have.

Murray, UT


Utah asked Kiha Sai to Grey Shirt and that he could look around for other offers. Meaning they had something else in mind, and knew that they may lose him. So not a real big surprise they lost him. When you have 25 spots to fill you need to be selective and try to get the very best players you can.


Comparing Junior Salt to Kiha Sai as "offsetting." That's funny.

Draper, UT


Agreed. I didn't realize Blechen played LB in high school as well. I know there have been other cases where Whitt has moved players around. I think he's very good at that. But yeah, I do agree that offensive depth is key. We saw last season what can happen without it. I'm just glad to see the names that are coming up with recruiting now... Some of those guys are really lookin' sharp!

Highland, UT


"Comparing Junior Salt to Kiha Sai as "offsetting." That's funny."

So I suppose you personally have watched both play and know all about them? Both are 3 star oline prospects according to Scout with the difference being Sai is a high schooler and has 4 years of eligibility wereas as salt is a jc transfer with 2 years.

For that matter most of the "top" recruits that have committed to utah are jc transfers which begs a question, why can't utah get top ranked (4-5 star) high school recruits? They have one, Chase Hansen, and the rest are jc guys.

Now I am not a guy that is down on JC players, there are obviously some great players that come from JC's and can enhance programs, but counting on them as your top recruits every year is not a sign of a solid and well recruited program. What it shows is a lack of ability to get the top high school recruits and high schoolers are the lifeblood of top programs. JC players should be "fill ins" used when there is an immediate need and not consitute all of a schools "top" recruits. That does not bode well.

Bountiful, UT

Kiha Sai "decommitted" from preferred walk-on / gray shirt status and committed as a full-scholarship player to Hawaii. Junior Salt was recruited by nearly every big name program in the country - he committed to Florida - then decommitted to Florida and committed at the U. I'd hardly call that trade-off a wash. Plus, Salt is ready to play immediately and is highly ranked as an offensive or defensive lineman. It sounds like he will play DT at the U, and that will be a very exciting combination of Star Lotulelei and Junior Salt up the middle.

South Weber, UT

@ Duckhunter
" I seldom comment on recruits "
That's all you've done in the last three days.
That Sword of Damocles above your head is made by your own words.
To me the article mentions that both wanted to play in front of their families and closer to home.
I can understand that and appreciate Sai for looking into the Ute program , and more than a little happy that Salt is a UTE.. we'll know on Feb.1 so there no use hammering on one another until then.


TexasGirl, yeah look up his high school recruiting video on youtube, he's pretty scary on the blitz!

Duckhunter, the recruiting agency ratings often vary. Rivals has Salt as a top 10 JUCO player and a 4 star prospect. A better indication is the scholarship offers received, because that is the same across the board. No I haven't seen every one of their games, but I have taken a good luck at the recruiting tapes and would say from what I saw Sai was decent against lower-level to middling high school talent and Salt was dominant against decent to pretty good JUCO talent. That's my analysis. College coaches' analysis is that 10 BCS-conference teams wanted Salt on scholarship unconditionally on their team, while one MWC school wants Sai on scholarship unconditionally. Not much of a tradeoff.

Highland, UT


Well as I have said numerous times I seldom comment about the quality of individual recruits because I really don't know much about most of them. So really all we have to go by is what the recruiting sites tell us and according to Scout they are both 3stars. Rivals has Salt as a 4star JC recruit, which is different than a 4star high school recruit, and they also have Sai as a 3star recruit. I would agree that looking at the other schools a kid has offers from is a good barometer and I am in no way saying Salt isn't a good recruit, I frankly don't know.

But I do think my other point is valid and that is that utah's top recruits for this class are mostly JC tranfers. Once again there is nothing wrong with jc tranfers but having them make up the bulk of the top recruits in your recruiting class is not good. It will be interesting to see if this is common for utah's future recruiting classes or if they have better luck recruiting high schoolers in the future. Without the jc kids utah's recruiting class would be very poor.

Bountiful, UT

Duckhunter - Offensive lineman Jeremiah Poutasi out of Desert Pines HS in Las Vegas is also a 4 star commit to Utah. He's ranked the 25th best OT in the country by Scout. You can also find him on Rivals under the name Cedric Poutasi as a 4 star and the 7th best OG in the country. I'd say that is a solid pick up from the high school ranks.

Bountiful, UT

Duckhunter - You are wrong about Utah's top recruits being mostly JC transfers.

The Utes currently have five 4-star recruit commitments as per Rivals - only two are from the JC ranks.

They have four more 4-star recruits that have either visited or will visit Utah in the next few weeks - only one is from the JC ranks.

Highland, UT


And according to scout utah has two 4 star recruits one of which is a JC player and one a hs player.

Utah has 5 jc commits, more than 25% of their 19 commitments, that is a lot, 2 more are 3 stars (including salt) and 2 more are 2 stars, and yes that is a large percentage of utah's class.

Now once again there is nothing wrong with jc players but having them make up more than 25% of the recruting class is not good and shows a lack of high school commitments.

Now perhaps utah simply thinks they have some major holes that need filling with players ready to contribute, which shows some past recruiting problems, or else they cannot fill the class with high school kids which shows some current recruiting problems. Now maybe if those jc players pan out they win more games which helps to convince more high school kids in the future to commit, I'm sure they are hoping that is the case, but any way you look at it signing that many jc players shows some problems in the program. Maybe not fatal problems, but problems none the less.

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