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Published: Sunday, Jan. 8 2012 10:00 p.m. MST

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ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

Glad the Red rock season is starting.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

is the "mediocre" Big Sky worse than the terrible Pac 12? Anyone who saw the U games last week (and only a few in attendance saw the WSU game - no tv) could tell that it was barely basketball. UDub was terrible. The U starts all juniors and seniors. They've got a lot of rebuilding to do. What's Coach Kry being paid? about $250K per win? After BYU's infamous 1 win season, they won the conference championship 3 years later? How will the Utes do?



Give it a break-everyone knows they have a lot of rebuilding to do. Why should you care how much he gets paid. As a Ute fan I certainly remember how pathetic (word cougar fans like to use) BYU was, can't even begin to remember them winning a conference championship 3 years later. I'm sure the same will be for cougar fans, they will remeber the bad and won't even care about the good. You remember your good times, because I certainly remember ours. There will be a turn around there at byu, coach Rose will take a big job where he gets paid what he is worth, he won't have to take his teams to high school gyms, in the long run the BB team is the program that got screwed in Provo.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Don't pay any attention to SBAATY, he's just in denial. He can't stand the thought that the Utes are actually making progress with a patched together team.
He tries to convince people that Utah has a roster full of experienced players that the coaches have failed with. We all know the truth is we have 3 players on the current active roster with any prior playing experience as a Ute.
Just a gut feeling, but I can't wait to see what people like SBAATY have to say at this time next year...and even more so the year following. By then the Utes will be back to beating everyone in the state with the possible exception of USU.

Burley, ID

Give Coach K a couple of years before criticizing him. Few coaches could do any better with what he was handed.

It's tough to make a purse out of a sow's ear, give Coach K the rest of the pig and eventually he'll get it done.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

MB and MLH: BYU basketball is in great shape. Coach Rose is happy and the PAC 12 wishes it had teams like the WCC has. It's not the size of the gyms but the number of fans at the games. The Utes would easily fit in a WCC gym. You can keep spouting your unfactual opinions about the Cougs but everyone knows the real facts.

Highland, UT


"but I can't wait to see what people like SBAATY have to say at this time next year...and even more so the year following. By then the Utes will be back to beating everyone in the state with the possible exception of USU."

Good grief motorbike. Did you really think that one through before you posted it? If I am being honest I would have to admit that I think utah will improve, they really can't get much worse. But that comment was not well thought out on your part.

utah has some decent, not great, decent recruits coming in next year. By the year after, the year you claim they will be "beating everyone in the state" they will be sophomores.

BYU has Carlino, Austin, Harrison, Sharp, Winder from this team that will be jrs. Haws will be back from his mission and be a jr, Kyle Collinsworth will be back and a sophomore, Chris Collinsworth will be a sr the younger Haws and Emery will be freshman, Chatman will be a sophomore, they are loaded with more coming. utah will be lucky to compete with them let alone beat them. The disparity is huge.

Highland, UT

continued from above

And that doesn't even take into account the other recruits they are getting and will get between now and then plus the other returned missionaries and this years redshirts like Harward.

To think that a couple of decent recruits, that will only be sophomores, will be beating a jr laden team of players that will be in their 3rd year of playing, most of them starting, is not well thought out. Also what happens if utah's best recruit, Loveridge, decides to go on a mission?

Even if we ignore the fact that utah is playing almost exclusively jrs and srs this year, so few of the current young guys is getting any experience, it still doesn't make up for the fact that BYU's yung guys are all playing, a lot, on a good team, while utah is indisputably one of the worst teams in the entire country.

No they won't be "beating everyone in the state" by the year after next and they certainly won't be beating BYU by then. Baby steps are what the utes will be taking, not beating one of the best teams in the entire country.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


You can run with all the player talk you'd like, but what I said had far more to do with coaching.
I said "gut" feeling for a reason. At this point I'd be perfectly willing to say I don't have enough to go on to feel certain about that prediction. But I'll stick with what I said about my gut feeling.
By the way, Utah has 5 or 6 very quality players joining next year and David Foster may be back. Two of those are already practicing with the team. Trust me, your Cougs won't be so far ahead of the U next year if I'm right about this coaching staff.
For what it's worth, I spent a year under Majerus. I'm already seeing the kind of coaching from this staff that I saw happen under Majerus and trust me, that has a heckuva lot more to do with defense and effort than it does with talent.
Rose is a great coach, it'll never be easy to beat a team coached by him. But if I'm right, the basketball battle will be back to full tilt by no later than 2013.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

To clarify the above comment, I'm talking about 2013-14 season.

Frisco, TX

re: rvalens2
"Give Coach K a couple of years before criticizing him."

Nobody is criticizing Coach K. Coach K is having another stellar year at Duke. It's Coach Kryskowiak, Coach K2 or Coach Kry who is being criticized. There is only one Coach K, and he does not coach for the Utes. Please don't disrespect the real Coach K.

A game the article failed to mention is BYU's game on the road against Va Tech. They are a solid ACC team. The game will be challenging, but is winnable. A win against Va Tech could move the Cougs up 1 or 2 spots in seeding.

Highland, UT


"You can run with all the player talk you'd like, but what I said had far more to do with coaching."

That's fine, except BYU clearly has both, and utah clearly doesn't. There is nothing to indicate that krystkowiak is even as good a coach as Coach Rose is, let alone a better one. And we all can clearly see BYU has far, far, more good players than utah does with plenty more in the way of good recruits coming in.

It takes coaching and players, but the truth is good players make good coaches. If a coach has good players and is even halfway competent he can get good results. If he doesn't have good players, no matter how good a coach he is, then the results will not be good.

utah has a looooooong way to go to be even competitive with BYU, and yes I understood what season you were claiming they would be "beating every team in the state with the possible exception of usu". I think perhaps you are just a little bit overly optimistic with that proclamation. It is pretty clear utah is not anywhere near BYU's class.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Duckhunter -

As I stated, Coach Rose is a quality coach and the Cougars are a quality team.
What you have to ask yourself is this; will the cougars ever make it past the sweet 16? In fact the better question may be; how often will the cougars make it past the first round?
I'll quickly clarify that outside of the Majerus years I can't say much differently for Utah.
I'm just going off of the 40 years I've been alive and more importantly I'm looking at the style of play that Rose implements. It's a fast pace and fun style to watch, but I don't ever see BYU using that style to make a deep run in the tourney without a Jimmer type player.
Bottom line to my statement on Utah is this:
I've started to see something on the court that is noticeably similar to the Majerus coaching theory. This goes for offense and defense. I can't help but get excited for the future because of this. It's admittedly VERY early to be drawing too many conclusions but as I said, my gut feeling at this point is that Utah will be back very soon.

Bountiful, UT

Motorbike --

I agree I am seeing some similar philosophies and there are sparks where you could see with talented players that Krystko could really do well. However, Coach Majerus excelled because he also had great players -- who were recruited by Donny Daniels and Jeff Judkins. Andre, Keith, Doleac, Alex, Britton, Hanno, wow. It looks like Krystko and his staff are off to a decent start with next year's class (including the two transfers who are the best players on campus right now but aren't playing yet). Loveridge and Seymour appear to be the real deal. However, they are going to need to follow them up with another great 2013 class and then 2014 -- just to get back to competing at the NCAA tournament level we are used to. Admittedly, one big hit in recruiting can go a long way to rejuvenating a program. The road back will be slow and painful, but for those of us who hang in there, it will be a fun wild ride.

Take nothing away from Rose though. He's built a nice program in Provo.

Highland, UT


"What you have to ask yourself is this; will the cougars ever make it past the sweet 16? In fact the better question may be; how often will the cougars make it past the first round?"

For purposes of this discussion, which is "utah will be back to beating everyone in the state by the season after next" no I don't "have to ask" myself that question.

The question you have to ask yourself is this; will the utes really be "back to beating everyone in the state" with a couple of sophomores who at this point we don't even know will be any good? Especially when you consider BYU in particular is loaded in talent, young underclass talent, that is currently playing and gaining experience, and also has every bit as good, if not better, rated recruits committed and coming, as utah does.

Obviously player talent wise utah lags far behind. You claim that coaching is why it will be that way but you would be the only person in the entire country that would claim krystowiak to be a better coach than Rose. There just isn't anything at all to base your assertion on. Nothing.

Highland, UT


Now just for fun I am willing to discuss your other points.

"Will the Cougars ever make it past the sweet 16?"

Who knows? I don't. Maybe. I would say they certainly have a better chance than utah does anytime soon. They are a far superior program with far superior talent. You will notice I seldom make predictions on outcomes, whether it is about recruits or about individual games or seasons. Making those kinds of predictions seems to always come back to bite you. Look at idiots like christina b and naval lint that makes stupid predictions all of the time that are almost always wrong. Even utah fans think they're morons. So I refrain from doing that.

But that said it is obvious that Rose's program has been consistently progressing each and every year. They have in the last two years been to the round of 32 and then the sweet 16. Both tournament losses were overtime losses or they would have gone further. It would not surprise me one bit, and shouldn't surprise anyone else, if they get to the elite 8 at some point in the next few years. We'll just have to see.

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