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Published: Sunday, Jan. 8 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Am I missing something here? Didn't Monte go for 32 points last night? Now we are calling Bell a defensive stopper due to the great job he did on Ellis? I guess I don't get it..........

Roosevelt, UT

Sorry Raja, those were 9 points, not 19, not 29 or even 20.

Three previously horrid games do not qualify you to stay on the team. However take hope as the team is still carrying CJ.

West Jordan, UT

I think Coach Corbin pointed out something important and that is, while Raja may not be shooting well, he's still contributing to the team, and he's doing so at key points in the game. Yes, making shots is important for any player in basketball, but he's obviously making a difference and providing other team members with the opportunity to make points, and get some wins. The Bulls carried Rodman for years because he was a defensive animal, but he was never much of a shooter. As great as it would be to have every team member put up 20+ points every game, that's not the way it works. Teams that spread the scoring around and have depth always fair better than those that leave all the scoring to 3-4 players, especially if there's an injury/suspension. And, as important as it is to score points, stopping the opponent from scoring is equally as important, so we can always use good defenders. I like the progress the Jazz are making, and I think they have the potential for a great season.

  • 8:31 a.m. Jan. 9, 2012
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Just curious, whats Bells scoring average for the year? And defense, "Man I did a great defensive job tonight, I held my man to just 32 points".

Saint Louis, MO

Come on now! What's with the black socks?

Farmington, UT

Wow! I am no Raja fan but he did do well against Ellis in the 4th quarter. It's actually the "Big's" fault on a lot of those screens by not showing and slowing his penetration.

Ellis also went 8 for 22 and got most of his points on the line. So, overall we did do well defensively.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Haywards future is bright, I like how he plays the game and his offensive game should just get better with more experience. I hope he pushes himself to be more assertive and attack the rim, when he does it creates problems for the other teams and opportunities for his teammates, he passes well. I like how Kanter has played, I just hope he gets more playing time, he will get better, the more playing time he gets. The same could be said of Burks too, so I hope all these young guns get the playing time they need to get comfortable and confident.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Snipe: Let me understand what you are saying....He got beat every time off the dibble so its not his fault the bigs had to foul Monte?

Dukester: Great analysis

Doug: Monte wouldn't have scored 32 on CJ. Bell needs to go.

Shawn: Heres the problem. Bell doesn't play good defense. He is too slow to contain his man and gets beat on every play off the dribble. Second, he is a shooting guard who can't score. Rodman did something well, what does Bell do well at this point in his career?


not sure how cj fits into this rotation... cj has talent, but he may need a change of scenary.. he has such little trade value so i guess just make him the 11th man behind AB.

Farmington, UT

@Miles - the point of the big "showing" is to slow down the penetration to allow the guard to get back. It has nothing to do with interior/fouling. Again, I don't like Bell that much but I'll give credit where credit is due. Ellis was 2-7 in the 4th quarter.

Speaking of Miles, I thought he was going to have a great season after I went to the scrimmage. He looked great, but I was wrong. No fight left in him and stupid fouls on the court.

Richfield, UT

I will withhold judgement until I see if Raja continues the kind of play we watched against Golden State.

@CJ, I realize you want to hate on Bell because you think CJ should be playing but since when has CJ been such a great defender? A few steals doesn't mean your playing good defense, it also helps if you stay with your man which he doesn't do so well. I think the Jazz are becoming tired of his up and down play and would be extremely surprised if they try to re-sign him next year. When Raja isn't playing the next best option is Burks anyway.

Richfield, UT

@CaptainL, I totally agree with what your saying about the young guys. I also think that since Harris is more of a scorer than passer, they should use Hayward more as a point forward. It seems like good things happen when he takes it to the hole and dishes.

Sturgis, MS

Corbin hold your ground. Keep Heyward and Bell in the game. Keep playing 10 or more people. Don't forget the quick hook and bench splinters. If Bell instead of Howard had been in the game during the fourth quarter, Bell wouldn't have had to stop Ellis from making the winning shot.

Scorers are going to score,the issue is keeping them out of the W column.

Los Olivos, CA

CJ will get PT before this season is over. No team is going to make it through without some injuries. This schedule is going to especially tough on Bell and Howard.

sandy, ut

CJ Miles - right Ellis wouldn't have scored 32 on Miles... he would have scored 50. Miles has never played defense, he was a shooter. Now that he can't shoot, he offers nothing. Thats why he doesn't play much. Not to hard to understand, right?

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

When has CJ given up 32 to anyone? If you say Kobe, that only happened when Jerry was letting AK guard him most of the night. CJ may be a black hole on offense but he plays better D than Bell at this point in Bell's career.

CJ will be back on the floor a lot before the year is over. It's not like he has been a DNP this year.

Ivins, Utah

I think CJ will get more playing time in the near future. But if he does I think it's the Jazz oranization giving him 1 last look to see if he can be a contributor on this team or not. If he doesn't do well during those extened minutes he will probably get, I think he is done.

Overall, CJ may be the best athlete on the team and that is what has kept him around so long. The coaches are dying to see him put it all together but he has such a long history of taking bad shots and making bad decisions that his time is running out. It was the same with Fes. When you have a guy that big that can move a little you give him every chance to prove he is an asset, but after so long you have to cut the guy loose.

Jay Linds
Salt Lake City, UT

Why is everyone hating on Bell? He is AWESOME!! The Jazz brass were just brilliant to let Wesley Mathews go and sign Raja instead.


Jay Linds,

Comments like that are really hard to comprehend. I hope it was just a "tongue in cheek" moment. The facts are totally opposite. If one compares Bell verses Mathews its easy to see who is producing and who is not. End of story!


"Overall, CJ may be the best athlete on the team and that is what has kept him around so long."

LOLOLOLOL CJ has some athleticism, but he's nowhere near Favors, Burks or Evans and probably behind Hayward, Harris, Sap as well.

Dukester - Yes, that was tongue in cheek. The hate for Raja is substantially increased by the fact that we chose him over Wesley.

I'm starting to gain confidence in Corbin. It's not because we've beaten anyone good, but because I think our team is really bad and is beating mediocre teams anyway. As a result, I'm willing to give him some leeway on Bell. That doesn't mean I want Bell to play, but I'll give Corbin some leeway on his judgement (because my opinion matters ;)). For now.

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