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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 4 2012 2:00 p.m. MST

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Mcallen, TX

What happened to Oregon and Stanford?

No wonder the utes left the MWC. Northern Colorado and Colorado? Washington State and Oregon State?

More money and weaker teams? I can see it, good move.

Draper, UT

Two year cycle home and home series - teams that went to Oregon or Stanford this year get them at home next. Oregon and Stanford most likely after this year.

Sounds right..
Cedar City, UT

How in the world does Utah luk out 2 years in a row not plaing the best teams in the conference. They would not have benn bowl eligible this year and next year if they would have to play those 2 teams.

Sounds right..
Cedar City, UT

A few miss spelled words next time I will type slower.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Northern Colorado? Booooo! At least give us Colorado State. They're a good tune up game, and we have a little history with them. Montana St. didn't exactly tune us up for USC. This game stinks.

Salt Lake City, UT

worf, you've forgotten how a conference works. They set the schedule.

Some teams are independent.
Independent teams can schedule anybody they want.
Dare they schedule LSU?
Dare they schedule Wisconsin?
Dare they schedule Oklahoma State?
Dare they schedule Oregon?
They choose instead to schedule Weber State.
Fans want a victory. Schedule for the fans.

Craig Frantz
Spokane, WA

Obviously we have some uneducated fans on the thread today. Ever hear of a program called USC?

Orem, UT

It has nothing to do with luck that Utah misses both Oregon and Stanford again. There is a six year rotational cycle. Utah will play the same teams from the north as they did last year but the location of the games will switch. Then, the two years after Utah will miss two other teams from the north besides Oregon and Stanford. The final two years of the six year rotation will see utah missing the last two teams from the north that they haven't. Stop bad mouthing the schedule byu homers...it is better than what you will put together.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

It's about time! I look forward to viewing the Utes on TV next year. I hope the PAC 12 networks are not buried too deeply in channel packages.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ worf | 2:52 p.m. Jan. 4, 2012
Mcallen, TX

and the weakest team of all? BYU.

Tempe, AZ

More important than the unveiling of the 2012 schedule is the phrase "EVERY Pac-12 football game will be available on national television." As per usual, though, the DNews missed the most important point of the PAC-12 press release. I guess this officially ends the TV smack talk era, which was never that formidable to begin with.

It is also nice to play against top flight competition each year and have a finalized schedule that can be unveiled so early.


I will be in SLC to see 2 of your L's: BYU & USC..

News For U
Sandy, Utah

@ worf & Sounds right..

Apparently both of you don't understand how 12 team conference schedules work. Let me enlighten you so I don't have to hear anymore Y'ning.

The Pac-12 plays a 9 conference game schedule. Each team will play every team in their respected division and play 4 of the 6 teams from the opposite division.

The conference games will stay the same for two years so every conference game is a home and home. Utah will have the exact same conference schedule this year as last year except playing at the opposite stadium. In 2013 Utah will play both Stanford and Oregon and miss Washington State and California. That schedule will remain the same for 2013-2014 (home and home) Then the schedule rotates again and Utah will miss two more teams from the north division in 2015-2016 (home and home) ect.

No more Y'ning from you Y fans. Utah was dealt not play Stanford and Oregon their first two years. But, we will play them next year.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hey DesNews:

Make sure Vai S. gets this schedule in his inbox. He's pretty well obligated to write another "View" this October, about how the Pac-12 accommodated local sensibilities and the General Conference Priesthood Session. USC visits Utah on Thursday, October 4, after a bye week for both schools.

Salt Lake City, UT

Can't wait for that BYU schedule to come out. Will it be full of WAC, Big Sky or Great West Conference teams?


Marine Corps Vet
Tempe, AZ

Northern Colorado University, formerly Colorado Teachers College LOL. Snow College should have no trouble beating them. Should think any respectable Ute fan should recognize it's time to stop blowing smack regarding BYU's strength of schedule.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nice to start with 3 easy warm up games to get ready for the big boys.

Spanish Fork, UT


"More money and weaker teams? I can see it, good move."

WOW!! If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is. Didn't the Y leave for more money? And talk about some weaker teams, Idaho State, New Mexico State, Idaho, etc.

But you are right in the "weaker teams". We did schedule BYU.

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

@ tuffgong

"I will be in SLC to see 2 of your L's: BYU & USC.."

You sure will be disappointed this year as far as BYU is concerned. BYU sure hasn't fared very well against the Utes in recent years. Utah will extend it's dominance over BYU this year to 3 in a row, 8 of the last 11 games, and most importantly 56-34-4.

The only team that is likely to beat us at home this year is USC. USC-Utah will be a good game, win or lose.

Salt Lake City, UT

One thing that nobody (surprisingly) has noted yet: that USC game is thursday October 4th. I guess that addresses the question of whether or not the university has the capacity to clear the schedule for conference weekend.

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