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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 3 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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West Jordan, Utah

BYU is a respectable program. They do a lot right as far as I can see, but winning 10 games with their schedule is not all that impressive. If you drop Idaho, Idaho State, New Mexico State, and San Jose State, what do you have? What is BYU's signature win?

Spanish Fork, UT

Life is "compared to what."

Compared to what BYU would have had in the Mountain West, independence is preferable. Having Wyoming, New Mexico, UNLV and Colorado ST vs. Idaho, ISU, NMS, and SJS is a coin toss. All mediocre to bad teams.

Next year the schedule improves and winning 10 will be a much greater accomplishment.

As to the best players... Riley is a gamer, no question. But, not a polished top flight QB. After watching Luck, Weeden and a bunch of other QBs, it's clear what Riley (and Jake) were missing. Again, glad Riley was around, but we can't expect much from him against top 20 programs.

I'll be happy with 8 wins and pleased with any win against the better teams.

Hayden, ID

I don't know why so many Utes deparage the WAC. Wasn't it just last year when a lowly WAC team (BSU) game the Utees and through beat down in their bowl game?

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@Mountanman (sp?)

Nobody is disparaging the WAC. They are disparaging BYU.

You're absolutely right that BSU (a WAC team) beat down Utah in the Vegas Bowl. This was the same Boise State team that beat the #6 team at their place (Virginia Tech). Boise was very good, and the fact that they were in the WAC didn't change that.

Boise had a signature win in 2010. Again, what was BYU's signature win in 2011? Was it Utah State? Tulsa? Tell me...enquiring minds want to know.

Richmond, VA

The season's over. Yes, the schedule strength was not exactly the kind that makes for bragging rights but it was still 10 wins and a great accomplishment by the kids that we can all be proud of. Much is made of the so called powerhouse schools and their successes but we often failed to realize that all the best athletes go to those schools year in and year out so there's a huge discrepancy between them and the rest of the schools as far as talent is concern, and that gives them a huge and unfair advantage. Does anyone think that if BYU, or any other school for that matter, would not be successful if they too can get the kind of top notch athletes that schools like Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma, Ohio State, USC, etc., get? I think they would. In fact, the perennial bottom dwellers in those same powerhouse conferences would also have a chance to shine like their top dogs if they too could get the same type of talents. I have no doubt about that.

Go Cougs! Can we win another NC with so called choir boys? Well, why not? Let's aim to make it happen.

Hayden, ID

@ Sir Robin. The only teams who defeated Tulsa in 2011 were ranked in the top ten, except for BYU. Puts that win in the signature win column doesn't it? What column do the Colorado Buffaloes belong in?

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@Mountanman (sp?)

You still don't get it, do you?

The Colorado Buffaloes go in Utah's loss column. Did you forget? Utah LOST to Colorado. We're talking about signature WINS.

Utah's signature wins: Pitt, Oregon State, Arizona, UCLA, Washington State, Georgia Tech
BYU's signature wins: Tulsa, Utah State

The morale of the story: When you play a bunch of nobodies and beat all of them, you've still beaten nobody.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

What was Utah's signature win? We all know who BYU's and Utah's signature losses were...

Weak schedule, weak schedule, weak schedule. Just watch when the final rankings come out, and then stand in your corner alone and keep repeating: weak schedule.

And Riley raggers, your assignment is to re-watch the Tulsa game and only listen to what Andre Ware had to say about Riley play by play. If your point of view doesn't change, it will only be because you have a mind like a steel trap: shut tight and mostly air.

To compare Riley to the top 5 quarterbacks and then say he won't beat top 20 competition is disingenuous. Even with a sub-par game (Andrew Luck has them too) he beat a team that would have ended up in the top 25 if we hadn't beaten them and taken their place.

Next season DOES get tougher, but not hugely so. One more tough team and all tough teams on the road. 10 wins would be good, 11 would be awesome, 12 would be incredible, and 13 is a way tall order - but doable.

Highland, UT

@cowardly robin

"Utah's signature wins: Pitt, Oregon State, Arizona, UCLA, Washington State, Georgia Tech."

With the exception of Georgia tech, which is at best a mediocre team, all of those other "signature wins" are crappy teams. Every single one of them. So if utah's "signature wins" came against crap teams with losing records then you probably shouldn't be bragging about them.

utah's one and only "signature win" this year came against BYU, the only good team they beat.


Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I think this illustrates the problem in the BYU football program. Too many people think "pretty good" is good enough. No one at Alabama, LSU, or other top programs would say that 10-3, while loosing to your only tougher teams, was something to be proud about. Or would they say that fielding a team with a quarterback that can't throw effectively was a mark of success? Most programs work 7 long days a week during the football season, BYU coaches, we are told, work a much shorter week. That is fine, but how do they compensate for less effort...maybe by taking satisfaction in being "pretty good" instead of being great.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"It would have been much better if the Cougars had won the 50-50 chance games that turned into their three losses." -- Dick Harmon

How did BYU have a 50-50 chance against TCU? The same TCU team that has owned BYU the last 4 years (0-4). That game was over by halftime.

Against Utah even if you take away Utah's points scored on TOs we win by 14 points. Utah 7 of last 10.

Face the fact, BYU got exposed when they played the only good teams on their schedule.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

It usually takes at least 3 years to put together a respectable schedule...and all things considered for BYU suddenly going independant and having to fully start from scratch...to even put together a schedule at all let alone as decent one as it did in such a short time is in itself an accomplishment. Of course the ESPN partnership had a lot to do with this accomplishment and will be essential in the ensuing years to come as well. There is no doubt we will continue to see great improvements over this first year's schedule...which btw... already is...coming about. It wasn't the greatest admittedly...but it could have been a lot worse. The good thing is that the next couple of years will see even better schedules...and most... as was the case this first year...will be nationally televised...which for those truly unable to grasp the true significance...is the principle reason for going independant in the first place.

Dee J
Portland, OR

@ Brave Sir Robin:

Did you seriously put a home victory over Oregon State in Utah's signature win column, but leave a road victory over Oregon State off BYU's signature win column?

Very lame. If you're going to come on to the BYU football comment boards talking smack at all things BYU, you should at least have grenades in your arsenal; you're dropping pop rocks.

Nephi, UT

Um, Robin how is it Oregon State at home is a signature win for Utah, but beating them on the road isn't for BYU? Did you forget about that one? Personally, I don't think the win for either team qualifies. Wins against WSU, Arizona and UCLA are signature wins? Way to set the bar high! Combined conference record of the PAC teams Utah beat? 12-24! And I thought Utah was big-time! And Pitt? Really? Beating a team that is in the PAC 12 or any other BCS conference does not automatically qualify as a signature win. Or, maybe it Utah's case I guess it is.

South Weber, UT

@ Uteology
I agree
"it would have been much better if the Cougars had won the 50-50 chance games that turned into their three losses"

Utah pounding the Y into the turf at RES with a score of 54-10 and was the biggest beat down in 89 years --- and that's a 50/50/ game ?

With their tender schedule it would like being proud to have beaten a third grade student in Scrabble.
@ Duckhunter
How do you get away by addressing Sir Robin as cowardly ?
That is what I thought of you after the disappearing you pulled act after the game on Sept. 17th. and @ RES no less.
Don't call people names and degrade them, this is sports and the columns aren't here to feed your ego.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

As a life long Cougar, I confess to being disappointed this year. We had a ton of starters returning and much optimism as the season began. We knew we had some patsy's on the schedule but given the first year of independence, I did not mind that. But in the big games, I don't think Bronco had the team ready to play. Perhaps against Texas, but not really against Ole Miss, and certainly not Utah and TCU. We can do better, we should do better and I am hopeful we will do better.

And to the silly Utes that keep coming on here - why? yes, you beat us this year. We admit we did not even show up. But that WAS your signature win and if you keep telling us how bad BYU is, then what does that say about you? It will be interesting to count the votes in the final polls; from unbiased observers.

Basketball? Oh, that's right, I keep forgetting, the U is a one sport school.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Lance Reynolds doesn't know what he is talking about. BYU players have big mouths. I could tell Bronco has been saying stuff like this all season, even though they play joke teams all season.

South Weber, UT

@ Still Blue after all these years;
The signature win was not BYU but the Sun Bowl that has been played for 74 years with the prime time schedule, top announcers, national CBS coverage and a lot of heart to come back for the win. Georgia Tech was 29-2 when leading after three quarters. That was some good press there pardner and a SIGNATURE win. Kyle Whittingham is 7-1 in bowl games.
You can tell the good programs by the assistant coaches that get offers , Kyle replaces them and the Utes keep winning.
He does not fire the entire staff, go surfing in Mexico for two weeks, and then have his coaches re apply.
7/8 bowl wins are all signature wins as the press has a great time with Utah in a game.

Nephi, UT

As weak as TV coverage smack is, it cracks me up that Ute fans use the fact their bowl game was on CBS as evidence it was the "better" bowl game. Just one question for all Ute fans who use this argument: What channel are ALL the BCS games on, including the national championship?

Syracuse, UT

Brave Sir Robin | 8:59 a.m. Jan. 3, 2012
San Diego, CA
"Utah's signature wins: Pitt, Oregon State, Arizona, UCLA, Washington State, Georgia Tech
BYU's signature wins: Tulsa, Utah State"

Really? BYU also beat Oregon State, oh Arizona and UCLA, and Washington Stated are not signature wins, they are very bad football teams

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