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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 3 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Danbury, CT

Hate to say it but BYU has failed to step up under Bronco. Our 10-3 record came at the hands of some easy teams. "Exposure" under BYUtv means merely more LDS can watch. Real exposure means winning a BCS bowl game and getting invited to a conference with TV sets and major markets. I'm not sure where we're heading at the moment.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

After reading that little blurb.......can you say "SUGAR COATED"???!

St. George, Utah

Why does Tom Holmoe continue to hide. He was found at the back of the interview room and forced to answer questions. A dynamic and progressive AD doesn't act like that. It is time for BYU to find a dynamic AD and start selling BYU. Quit hiding behind the vale of the church and the private university and come out and do interviews and start selling BYU and their great program. Isn't it time for a change?

Richmond, VA

For the Cougs right now, it doesn't really matter what happens in conference realignment. If they can manage and continue to schedule some big name schools and win those games every year, then I believe they will eventually be in the mix for a BCS bowl and who knows, maybe even in a NC game if they go undefeated. Now if they do that and still not be invited to the NC game, well then, who cares? They can still be proud of what they've accomplished. Meantime, the concern should be, like I've said over and over before, just win, win, and win some more. That's the only key to gaining national respect and rendering irrelevant the noxious venom of those who live to hate BYU and what it stands for no matter what.

Go Cougs!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Allow me to attempt a different spin. Tom was a guest at somebody else's show. A press conference for the bowl people who were gracious enough to allow BYU to play in a pretty decent bowl our first season of independence. You don't want to upstage your hosts. You won't to lay low and be a good guest.

But, like a celebrity in the room, the person who represents BYU attracted the attention anyway.

Now, some of your questions are decent ones. However, there are at least two schools of thought in negotiations: keep it private, secret, until it is a done deal; or trying to bring public attention and pressure to bear if you think it will help you get what you want.

Tom obviously subscribes to the first. It is honorable, and it may in the end prove to be most successful. The Big 12 negotiated in the first. The Big East negotiated in the second. It didn't work for them, but it sure raised the pressure on Tom and BYU.

I look at the first year, and other than losing to Texas, being humiliated by Utah, and self-destructing at TCU, I'm pleased.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Lots of good points here but also some unanswered questions. I would agree that BYU failed Jake Heaps and others. When will someone hold this coaching staff accountable for their many failures from lack of running backs, to bringing the wrong shoes to a game, to destroying the confidence of a four star recruit over one off season. I think it is a mistake to blindly give credit for winning ten games over poor compeition while ignoring the losses against the 3 tougher teams on the schedule. The over emphasis on walk-ons tells something about recruiting strategy and skills or the mind set of the coach. It's nice that we have firesides now, but maybe we need to hold some people's feet to the fire also. There are some serious problems in the program at the moment. Hopefully they are being addressed. Next year will be a disaster if nothing changes.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

10-3 is tainted by cupcake wins. The 54-10 blowout defined the season. There is no reason to crow about anything. We know who the players are who excelled and made dramatic plays that put the Cougars into the position to pull out victories. Those are satisfying moments. What we need is a 24/7 coaching routine of recruiting the best players that can qualify to come to Provo and abide by the rules. We also need some enthusiastic coaches who exhibit some emotion during the games. I am weary of Bronco Mendenhall's stoic demeanor at games. Slow starts in games and road woes trouble me. I do congratulate the Cougars on a successful season. Riley Nelson's enthusism at QB was infectious for the entire team and saved the season in my opinion. We owe a lot to him, the receivers, and defensive playmakers like VanNoy. Go Cougars.

St. George, Utah

Ydad/Ygrad. I agree with most of those points. However, the lack of communication and secrecy just leads to more speculation and bad press. Holmoe seems to want the bad press. The only real interview he has done was with Greg Wrubel who is also on the dull. There is nothing wrong with coming clean with the fans. The long silence episodes just breed discontent and bad press. Hiding behind the privacy of the church and University is just too easy and happens way too often. Be upfront, hold regular press conferences and invite everybody. Try to answer the hard questions and at least look proactive. If anybody needs a top executive at the AD post, BYU does. We don't have that and the program is slowly deteriorating because of that.

Evanston, WY

BYU Football: State of the Cougars: might I suggest Maine? Can you get any farther in the U.S without going to Hawaii? They don't deserve that. No offense to the good people of Maine. They probably don't want them either.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"For us, it works right now. With everything going on around us, it's probably a good place to be."

Probably... is he not more confident with his decision? I would expect to hear a "It's the best place to be."

Salt Lake City, UT

Good to have a quality individual like Mr. Holmoe as the AD. His willingness to suffer critcism, while just doing a good job is appreciated. Providing the opportunity for fans to actually watch their team on TV is great. Hope the best for all the programs, and that as the coaching staff continues to mature more wins against quality teams occur. It is difficult for teams in this region to play quality opponents. Notice that even Utah in the mighty PAC-12 had about the same level of competition. Two good teams USC and Washington, one mediocre team- the Y and the rest were bad. Its best competition USC lost to Texas which was the Y's best competition. The Y was 1-1 vs the PAC-12 losing to the very average Utah team and winning against a poor OSU team on the road. No one that I have heard is complaining about the U's schedule and yet its winning came against teams every bit as bad as those the Y won against at the end of the season.

Orem, Utah

I think B.Y.U. football will be just fine. Holmoe did the best he could with the schedule he had to put together and the WAC was the only conference which allowed us to do so. He even stated that next year is the last year of a WAC heavy schedule. Two years from now the bowl contracts change and the BCS will make changes that will effect the coveted AQ status. We have a great contract with ESPN and they have said that if B.Y.U. wins their games they will have a seat at the BCS table. Holmoe is well aware that to keep the fans coming to LES you have to get quality opponents and after next year's WAC schedule we will see an improvement.

Corona, CA

Re: Helloo
USC lost to Texas?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Fair enough. But let me illustrate the flip side.

I am an insurance agent. Sometimes I have unhappy clients because their claim was denied. They talk in public to my other clients about how bad my company is. Privacy laws prevent me from telling the other side of the story. But it's also ethical and good business sense, even though a part of me wants to tell everyone why it's not my fault.

Tom could publicly defend himself and BYU against decisions made by the big 12 and the big east. Or he can take a beating from some fans and keep good relations with conferences, because the changes aren't finished. It's good ethics and good business sense.

Arlington, TX

Texas AD said BYU was to be invited to the Big 12 before TCU was picked. I believe Tom Holmoe should explain why BYU went from first choice to uninvited. He wasn't much of a head coach and I think his performance as an Athletic Director is less than adequate. BYU has a great head coach and he gets a lot out of the talent they are able to recruit.His team gives a great effort with few exceptions. Anyone who's ever participated in sports knows some days you have a clunker. I don't think the administration provides the proper support which will eventually cost us a winning coach.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


"I believe Tom Holmoe should explain why BYU went from first choice to uninvited."

No need to have Tom Holmoe explain...we already know why. The reason is because BYU refused to make concessions. BYU thought they could push around a major conference on the basis of their history and reputation, which apparently isn't as fearsome as they originally thought. This isn't smack talk - it's just a statement of fact.

Unfortunately for BYU fans, Holmoe made the bed and now you guys have to sleep in it.

Minneapolis, MN

I can live with these results for Year 1 of Independence (yes, even the loss to Utah - I don't have to like that one, but I can live with it)...

If Year 5 of Independence (assuming there IS a Year 5) has us right back at the Armed Forces Bowl after a 9-3 regular season...I might not be so thrilled...I'm willing to watch and wait.

Salt Lake City, UT

Holmoe takes the high road when talking about negotiations which frustrates some BYU fans and confuses the ute fans who don't know what a high road is. If BYU lowered it academic standards it would be more competitive (look and the Utah players who didn't qualify), but they have other priorities. Hang in there T.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

"BYU thought they could push around a major conference on the basis of their history and reputation, which apparently isn't as fearsome as they originally thought. This isn't smack talk - it's just a statement of fact."

It's a statement of fact because YOU were in the meetings, weren't you? Since you know so many "facts" about BYU and the Big 12 and Big East, why don't you give us more detail on how the meetings went? Until you can prove that it is actually fact, it IS just smack talk. Y Grad/Y Dad explained it well with the insurance agent analogy. It seems you think that Holmoe can't hide any secrets from you.

Fresno, CA

I think Tom has done a good job setting up Year One in such a short amount of time. His success in procuring a relationship with ESPN as well as 3 years of bowl games surprised many naysayers.

I have really enjoyed being able to watch the team play this year. And, if they do in fact go to the two bowls lined up for 2012 and 2013, my hubby and I are getting a babysitter and going on a road trip! I love my Cougs!

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