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Published: Sunday, Jan. 1 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Fantastic recruiting success we're having this year! Haven't seen DNews say anything about it yet, but also the other day, OT Cedrick Poutasi, the second-ranked recruit from Nevada and a four star by Rivals, committed. That gives us 4 four stars and 5 of the top ten in the state so far. Elliss, Kemoeatu, Pouha, Fanene, Soliai, Fifita, Lotulelei...Vainuku??

East Salt Lake City, Utah

We've converted many from BYU so no worries... Welcome to the Ute Nation!

Beverly Hills, CA

Welcome! Best of luck to you during your transition and at the U!

Brad E.

Welcome to the U!!! You are joining a fine heritage of U of U Alumni such as President Hinckley and President Monson! We are proud of your decision to come to the U, and also to serve a mission!! Can't wait to see you on the field! Go Utes!

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Welcome to the U Vaha! From a fellow East High Leopard, we're very excited to have on board. Best wishes on your mission.

Sandy, UT

He had 4 offers, Utah St., Wazzu, Hawaii and Utah.
Hardly the Who's Who of College football.
BYU did not offer!
Utah was his best offer.

Calm down Red Tailed Hawks, don't make more of this than it is.
U beat out USU, WSU and Hawaii for his services, that's it.

SC Native
South Jordan, UT

He may change his mind if the news last night was true. Sitake may be going to Washington. He won't have the same defensive coaches there that recruited him.


Sitake is staying at Utah. He's also getting a very substantial raise.

Kilani is a great coach/recruiter and an even better person.

Go Utes.



Where did you get this "inside information"? If you would do your research, you would find that he chose not to consider BYU.

Your hatred toward Utah is apparent in all of your posts.

Richmond, VA

As a fellow poly and big Cougar fan, I can't be excited at the prospect of losing all the good poly recruits to the Utes but I guess this is what the effect of playing in a BCS championship conference can do. Utah definitely has got the edge now in the recruiting process. Unless the BCS folds in the future and a NC game is decided on the field through a playoff system, my cougs I'm afraid, will have an impossible chance, if at all, of putting together a talented enough team to compete for a national title.

As sad as that picture looks, I'm still hopeful that Bronco and his coaching staff can recruit and put together a squad of talented enough choir boys that can keep us cougar fans excited and proud to continue giving our support.

Go Cougs!

Granstville, UT

The news surrounding this latest recruit only continues to expose the arrogant, bullheaded, and delusional behavior so typical of the coaches at BYU. The article said the Y hadn't even offered Vainuku and wouldn't even consider doing so until he visted happy valley.

The bottom line is they expect most church member recruits to receive "preferred" walk on status simply because they are a member of the church, instead of offering them a scholarship outright. This instance only helps other kids realize if they want to come to play for the Y, be a walk on, then be evaluated for a scholarship if one becomes available.

The Utes do it right, if the kid is worthy of a scholarship, they offer him one and then welcome him into the fold so he can become acclaimated with the entire process of being D1 scholarship player.


Poor Bluto.

1. Did you read the article? BYU had an offer in hand for when he visited, he told them "forget about it!"
2. Vaha is nowhere near our best recruit this year, but still an in-state win as one of the best players from the state. This impacts future local recruiting classes, and draws fans from families who were not fans before.
3. We actually develop our players, especially the defensive guys, into great players. We don't have teams like USC develop them and then transfer them. I'll listen to your argument of who is worth a scholarship when I see half a dozen Cougs starting in the trenches in the NFL.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Byu had an offer in hand, only if he promised to commit to them. That way we can believe we get every recruit we want. It's all part of the confirmation bias we have grown accustom to.

Fly Fisherman
Salt Lake City, UT

"I hated Utah growing up," he said. "I was a BYU guy"

Same with me. I always loved BYU growing up, and hated the Utes. Now I love the Utes. Now, I don't hate BYU at all, and in fact would call them my 2nd favorite team. But I love the Utes, and hope they get a Rose Bowl win soon!

Good job, Vainuku! And I am glad you made the decision to go on a mission!

Seattle, Wa

@StGtoSLC re: Your 3 points to "Bluto"


It hurts, but I believe you to be spot on with all three of your points.


@ bluto

Take off the blue colored glasses and read the article again.

Magic Happens
Kaysville, UT

Re: Go Red & STGtoSLC - Don't be to hard on Bluto. He tries but can't help himself. It was just last week that BYU announced a new commitment, Marques Johnson, a 3 star JUCO who was offered scholarships from both BYU and Washington State (kind of familiar offer list) with some interest from Indiana. It was also (I believe) the same day that Poutasi announced his commitment to Utah and it wouldn't be right to upstage the BYU announcement with a superior 4 star commitment from the Utes. This is an article about a local player and his decision. Lets have compassion for those few BYU fans that can only feel good about themselves by belittling and trying to find fault with others. Most of the fans in this rivalry do respect the accomplishments of each team, but some just don't have the maturity. Perhaps someday... after all
Magic Happens!

South Jordan, Utah

Congrats to this kid for picking the school that was most appealing to him.

The problem here is larger than this kid choosing his "hated Utes" over BYU. He may or may not pan out as a D1 football player, particularly when injuries, other talent on the team, etc. are factored in.

But what is clear is that kids that would never have chosen Utah over BYU are now doing just that. So one has to as why - and I think the answer is clear. The opportunity to play USC, UCLA, Stanford, Oregon, Big 10 teams, etc. - win or lose - is a huge draw vs. the uncertainty that independence offers BYU. We saw the Cougar's schedule last year and know that it won't be much better this year. So in that regard how can you fault the kid?

All BYU fans can hope for is that Holmoe and the administration know what they are doing. Because if they don't and BYU is ultimately left out of a BCS conference, the results could be dire.

I am and will continue to be a huge BYU fan - a fan that is seriously concerned about the future of BYU football.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Vaha was a 3-star Defensive recruit; ergo, not bad! While he's nowhere near our top Defensive talent committing to the U, it's good to know that his commitment could rain down your jealous frantic and emotional tears like a monsoon. Delicious!

But hey, for what it's worth, it's still looking like you'll be landing the top recruiting class in the WAC.



and Harline is still open............

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