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Published: Sunday, Jan. 1 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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Gold Canyon, az

Boise St again got a raw deal playing ASU. ASU would have lost to anyone. BSU would have represented the West well, beating most teams like they usually do.

Payson, UT

Bad year for the west. Had USC been eligible, it would have made a huge difference. UCLA would not have been invited to a bowl and better teams would have been playing the tougher competition.

Utes and coughs represented well. Congrats to both teams.

Highland, UT

Way to go BYU and Utah. Way to represent!!!! Proud to be a student at the Y, a die hard Cougar fan, and a resident of the state of Utah.

Farmington, UT

Congratulations to th Utes and Cougars. Too bad Air Force bobbled their pitch when they went for 2 points after, trying to win instead of tie. I'm certainly glad those types of players are the ones flying military aircraft and defending our country.

Decatur Staleys
Lehi, UT

Great games both, Cougs and Utes. As for Monday, go BADGERS! As for the U. reportedly losing its drum and feather logo, that bites. I love their logo and I'm not even a fan. Whatever replaces it will be a watered-down sell-out.

Lehi, UT

And though the Aggies couldn't quite pull out their bowl game win, college football fans in the Beehive State can't help but be excited about what's going on with the program up in Logan. Congrats to Coach Andersen and the fellas.

Salt Lake City, UT

The poor performance of the PAC-12 in the bowls further shows how average the conference was this season. Even if Stanford and Oregon win, the conference still finishes at less than .500. Please can this be the end of the media's constant, PR for the "Conference of Champions". Of the BCS, qualifying conferences, the PAC-12 this season was at the best only better than the Big East and maybe the ACC. They are probably no better than the MWC and CUSA. And, please since when has Oklahoma State been considered an "eastern" team?

salt lake city, UT

@hellooo its obvious you have no idea what your talkin about. better than the acc but worse than the mwc and c-usa??? dude are you serious? et off the boards with ignorant comments like that.

congrats to byu and utah for being victorious in their bowl games.


MWC and CUSA each had only 2 teams that stood a chance at becoming bowl eligible in the PAC, ACC or even Big East. And do you know why the PAC-12 is called the "Conference of Champions"? It's because we have more national championships than any other conference, and until another one passes us up (not likely in this century), we can keep saying it no matter how tired it gets.

Lehi, UT

@ AZJazzFan

asu did cream the Utes @ res and also beat (now #5) usc by 3 tds.


Bronco, you're right, ASU was strong early in the season. But Jazz is more right, ASU limped through the end of their season and were in disarray when they played Boise. They would have been a better matchup for Utah State in a bowl game. Boise deserved to play somebody better.

Sandy, UT

Way to go Utes and Cougars to represent!

Somewhere in Time, UT

So much for the PAC 12.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Goodness gracious.......just when I tip my Stetson to both BYU and Utah you have to come up with an article "had it not been for Utah teams"......nothing has changed in Utah!! Ego's and being pompous are still running rampant!!

Omaha, NE

Yes, the West is very good. Check out that 6-8 representative of the PAC South. Wow, what a championship conference that is. Two rivals-one has a major losing season and actually won a championship, the other breaks rules and can't even play in bowl games. Conference of Losers.

It's also hilarious usu has only one bowl win ever. Now THAT'S a pathetic program!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

What kind of bowling league we have here? Only one strike for BYU & utah got a spare when they had to go over time? And all others missed those pins. Come on guys, better luck next year. So much for bowling jokes. And a big SPLIT with Bama and lsu in the way.

Orem, UT


Call us the first time Utah wins a national championship as a member of the "conference of champions".

Cowboy Dude

Strange idea of what is East and West. However, the Mountain States are 2-1-1 in bowl games. USU and Boise State played in the same region so I give them a tie.

Congrats to BYU, Utah, AND Boise State!



Don't worry, we will. And you can call us the first time BYU wins its BCS bowl game.

Columbus, OH

I can assure you that nobody in the East, Midwest, or South cares about the West as a category of football teams. What an arbitrary grouping of teams to care about their bowl record. We care about the MWC record, the PAC, Big 12, Big Ten, SEC, Independents, etc. You could maybe argue that there's interest in how certain states do, as it could be seen as a reflection of the quality of recruiting talent there...hence the state of Utah's teams could be grouped together. But what does Air Force have to do with Cal's bowl performance?

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