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Published: Saturday, Dec. 31 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Las Vegas, NV

Yup, Dick is correct about these plays being memorable like years past.

I felt compelled to quote 'Mater from Cars, " I don't care who you are,... That's just fun!".

Good job Cougars!

Midvale, UT

"To my knowledge, this is the first time in BYU's storied football history two plays made the Mother Ship's (ESPN) Top 10 the same day."

Actually, BYU made 3 of the top 10 earlier this season. If I remember right, it was something like 6, 2, and 1, and it was against USU? It helped that it was a Friday night game. :-) I probably have the wrong game, but we did have 3.

Cedar Hills, UT

Cody Hoffman is a great athlete and receiver but he won't get much of a look in the NFL because he doesn't have a QB to throw to him. Can you imagine Hoffman with Hall or Beck at QB?? Too bad.

Allen, TX

Patriot- I disagree.

Hoffman has great hands, and uses them to catch the ball. If you look at how he positions himself against defenders, and how precise his patterns are, and how good his hands are, I think there are a lot of teams that will be interested.


patriot: Have to disagree. Even without a "QB to throw to him" he is getting plenty of catches and yards. Next year should be even much better. The key will be Apo. The defenses wont be able to double Hoffman with another threat like Apo on the other side. Beautiful!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Memorable plays in a meaningless victory against the CUSA in a third tier bowl.

It's the stuff of BYU lore.


Riley is smart, gutty and brave enough to take the chance and go for the win.

Nice article Harmon. Dick you must be living up to a New Year's resolution to fallow up on your sources before you print a story about a Nelson.

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

Re: Howard S

Meaningless to whom? The game had great meaning for me, a 10 win season, third bowl victory in three years, played an excellent Tulsa team...got to watch all 13 games this year either in person or on TV. Sorry to read you are unable to enjoy the show; but that's OK. At least you got to see memorable football, you'll be able to see more excellent football as you continue to watch BYU in 2012.

You can now watch some real good BB games in the WCC...where I'll be able to watch all of BYU's games in person or on TV. Loving the Indy, WCC route selected by BYU.


I find it funny how all the Riley haters like to point to how horrible he played, granted not his best day on the grid iron.

Nonetheless, he still managed to gut it out and take a courageous shot at the win and get it.

This was all reminiscent of the 80 Holiday Bowl Hail Mary toss that Jim took in the closing seconds of that storied games finish.

I like how Dick has connected the dots of BYU's terrific nail bitter game finishers on ESPN.

I see why ESPN loves the BYU football program.

Centerville, UT

@Howard S.

Do you ever have anything positive to say?

Heber City, UT

Patriot your comments are becoming pathetic and shows how very little you know about what the Pro Scouts are looking for. They are looking for someone who will catch 90% of the balls thrown at him, regardless of how accurate. Can you say the same about your Christopher. What QB has he had to throw to him, yet he makes the catches he needs to.

Many of the naysayers, which may have included you, from Utah belittled Cody Hoffman signing with BYU saying that he came from a no name school which could only play 8 man football and he must not be very good because no D1 school offered him a scholarship. Please get a clue before you make more silly comments. This way you won't look so silly on paper.

Howard S I would not comment with your team loosing to a pathetic Colorado team and almost qualifying for the Championship game with your sorry record in the PAC 10 +2.

I thought it was great for both BYU and Utah to win. Both won in dramatic fashion.

Frisco, TX

re: Howard S. - If the Armed Forces Bowl is a third tier bowl, does that make the Sun Bowl a fourth tier bowl? Armed Forces Bowl matched up a couple of teams ranked about 30th. Sun Bowl matched up a couple of teams ranked about 50th.

And before you give me the standard Utah line that the Sun Bowl pays more, let me share with you that how much the bowl pays is meaningless to me (and most fans) since I don't get a cut. I would much rather watch a bowl that matches higher ranked teams, regardless of the payout.

In reality, both the Armed Forces and Sun Bowl were great games this year, for anyone who appreciates good football and is not just a hater, spewing negativity.

re: Patriot - please try to use at least a little bit of objectivity. Hoffman's stats are mostly ahead of Austin Collie's sophomore year.

Hoffman is listed first, Collie second.

Receiving yard - 943, 946
Kick return - 879, 723
Passes caught - 61, 56
Avg yds / catch - 15.5, 16.9
TD's - 11, 7

Columbia, MO

The red alert play will have to be removed from the playbook, or at least renamed. However, future opponents won't be fooled so easily.

However, the big thing we learned from this game is that Riley Nelson is already up there with Max Hall in ability to outthink the other team to gut out a win. With another year of Nelson at the helm BYU should be able to have some other great plays in the treasure chest.

Jacob's Dad

I struggle with those who still find bad things to say about Riley after that game on Friday. How could a Cougar fan or a Ute fan or an Aggie fan find anything bad to say about Riley the person or the player after Friday's game? He plays with the desire and the ability to win. Congratulations to the Cougars and to the Utes and to the Aggies! It was so close to being a sweep this year. Next year hopefully will be the sweep. Once it is bowl season, I reserve the right to cheer for all three teams. Before then, it is always Utah State hey Aggies all the way. Oh and by the way, in case anyone out there is wondering, we are pretty much obsessed with Riley the person and Riley the player in our house. Those who hate him, don't know him. It is a pleasure to watch him on the field and in life.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Goll this is so neat. I will probably always remember these really neat plays for a long time. and watch them on my VCR a lot.

Allen, TX

Ernest - What's a VCR?

Orem, UT

howard s

I hate to burst your BYU hating, crimson bubble, but BYU's memorable plays in a supposedly "meaningless" victory against a C-USA opponent in a less prestigious bowl, JUMPED BYU from 44th to 34th in Sagarin; meanwhile Utah's OT win over an ACC team in the "prestigious" Sun Bowl, barely raised Utah from #38 to #37.

Bottom line: BYU's victory over previously #29 ranked Tulsa was MUCH more impressive than Utah's victory over previously #50 ranked Georgia Tech.

#29 Tulsa
#38 Utah
#44 BYU
#50 Ga Tech

#34 BYU
#37 Utah
#39 Tulsa
#53 Ga Tech

It's interesting that the lowly Independent/WCC Cougars are ranked #34 in both football and basketball;

while the "mighty" Utes are ranked #37 in football and #326 in basketball.

After all of the chest-pounding about being in the "conference of championions", Utah is proving that they really don't belong.

Iowa City, IA

I believe Arynen is correct about BYU getting 3 in the top 10 the Friday of the USU game.

"I would much rather watch a bowl that matches higher ranked teams, regardless of the payout."

So I'm guessing you'll be glued to the Penn St.-Houston game, and since it matches up teams ranked around ~20th, it wuold narurally follow that it would be a better game than Tulsa-BYU...

Quit calling this the Nelson "fake spik" play, Dick. No comparision with the Marino play. I'm not convinced anyone actually thought Riley Nelson would actually spike the ball, considering it was third down, and they still had a time-out. Hoffman's man was simply beat---not because he was suckered by that "spike".

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I am sure that Bronco & Company would agree that Nelson is responsible for the win. Here's the problem, the game should not have been close at all. A QB that can throw would have had the Cougars up by more than two scores near the end of the game. Riley's thinking, such that it is, worked this time. I went to the TCU game which is the best example of Riley's play and potential. We have to put up with the guy one more year. Don't bother buying tickets.

Cypress, TX

I can't help but ask: Why no mention of John Beck to Johnny Harline in the endzone when listing great BYU plays from years past? I can understand leaving out the Collie "answered prayer", but how can you leave out Beck's scramble for Harline's benefit?

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