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Published: Saturday, Dec. 31 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Baltimore, MD


Utah lost to the 105th ranked team in country in a game the Utes were completely dominated in the first half.

It doesn't matter how close Utah made the score at the end, the fact that U lost to a 10-loss team for the 2nd time in the last five years is humiliation enough.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@Uteanymous says, "Can you explain how losing to a bad team makes U a good team?"

@LonestarRunner says, "As we saw versus one of the worst teams in the country, WAC bottom dweller equivalent Colorado, Utah wouldn't have won 10 games even against BYU's "WAC schedule"."

I see what you're doing.

Rather than talking about BYU's season you would rather talk about Utah v. Colorado, not only because it was the most satisfying game of the season for the Cougar Nation, but also because you would rather gloss over the WAC schedule that makes up the bulk of those 10 Cougar victories.

And certainly you don't want to talk about a humiliating loss to Utah.

Changing the subject is tricky... but it still doesn't can't explain how anyone could possibly be satisfied with WAC domination and humiliation at the hands of Utah.

Well... unless your standards just aren't very high... yeah... that must be it.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

"Such an interesting contrast. In Oklahoma, a BCS program finishes with a 10-3 record and fans are calling for coaching and quarterback changes. Here, a 10-3 record against weaksauce is called "continued relevance"."

Let's set a couple of things straight, SoonerUte. First, if you read the quote, it was CBS Sports that said "continuing relevance" of BYU football. Second, I don't know if you have selective memory or if you weren't here throughout the season, but fans WERE calling for coaching and quarterback changes. Some still are, in fact.

I know that several BYU fans are disappointed in how the season went, and I'm certainly not completely satisfied with this season.

Tell me, how thrilled are the Utes to have a 8-5 season?

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