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Published: Saturday, Dec. 31 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Iowa City, IA

A ten win season is a solid accomplishment.

Congrats to the Cougs.

A quick reminder to the Y fans enamored with the double digits...the Utes got it last year, remember. They finished #23 in the coaches poll and "just outside the AP (26)and still, many Y fans on these posts thought the Y, at 7-6, was a better team.

Just goes to show, whatever you think is true, must be true. Same for both sides. Neither is immune.

Omaha, NE

"6 WAC games sure helps with that 10 win season. "

Yep, but they beat them all. They were all the calibur of Colorado, yet still WON them all. Don't count out beating an SEC and PAC team on the road, and the defending CUSA team at home. Give BYU some credit. No one can handle the competition, just beating who is on their schedule. BYU couldn't have had a better schedule for being such a young team and doing something no one else is trying right now in the country.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

I am not a big BYU football fan, but I enjoyed this bowl game against Tulsa and was not surprised with the last minute win -- despite how poorly the Cougars played on offense until that last drive.

Nelson is an inspirational leader. Van Noy and Hoffman were terrific, and I loved the Reynolds block!

I may just increase my interest in BYU football next year!

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


Utah did get to 10 wins last season, but in their last 5 games, the Utes got destroyed at home by TCU 7-47, at ND, and in their bowl to BSU, and barely beat that 7-6 BYU team at home with the aid of some very questionable calls by the officials.

It's funny how Utah fans who were thrilled with Utah's 10-win season are now ragging on BYU's 10-win season.

If double-digit wins is such a meaningless accomplishment, why has Utah only been able to accomplish it 6 times in their entire 118 seasons of playing football?

btw, as the game in SLC showed, by the end of the season, BYU was playing better football than Utah, but just like this year, seasons must be judged in their entirety, not by a single game.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Are there enough WAC games on BYU's 2012 schedule to ensure another 10 win season?

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

"Are there enough WAC games on BYU's 2012 schedule to ensure another 10 win season?"

Nope, but the real question for U, are there enough Colorado's in Utah's schedule to ensure another 7th place finish in the PAC 12?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@PAC man

7th place in the PAC = $2 million payout in the Sun Bowl against an ACC opponent...

6-0 against the WAC = $0.6 million payout in the Armed Forces Bowl against the CUSA...

7th place in the PAC 12 >>> 6-0 against the WAC...

PAC 12 affiliation >>> Mid-major, non-AQ, indy, WAC scheduling irrelevance...

Spin it anyway you like, but the Cougar Nation would trade indy for Utah's bowl game experience and conference affiliation in an instant.

btw... Has the BIG XII called back yet... has any conference called back yet?

Gilbert, AZ

10-win seasons

BYU - SIXTEEN (in 87 seasons - 18%)
1979 11-1 #13/#12
1980 12-1 #12/#12
1981 11-2 #13/#11
1983 11-1 #7/#7
1984 13-0 #1/#1
1985 11-3 #16/#17
1989 10-3 #22/#18
1994 10-3 #18/#10
1996 14-1 #5/#5
2001 12-2 #25/#24
2006 11-2 #16/#15
2007 11-2 #14/#15
2008 10-3 #25/#21
2009 11-2 #12/#12
2011 10-3 ?/?

Utah - SIX (in 118 seasons - 5%)
1994 10-2 #10/#8
2003 10-2 #21/#21
2004 12-0 #4/#5
2008 13-0 #2/#4
2009 10-3 #18/#18
2010 10-3 unranked/#23

Gilbert, AZ

Howard S.

How sad that Utah's only relevance has been reduced to Utah fans pounding their chests about bowl revenue.

BYU's 10-win season = Top 25 Final Ranking

Utah's 7th place PAC 12 finish = ranked below BYU even in Sagarin

Do you really think BYU would want a humiliating loss to a 10-loss team blemishing their record?

If the Utes couldn't win the pathetically weak PAC 12 South this year (every other team besides ineligible USC finished with a losing record), when will the Utes ever be relevant, even in their own conference?

Face it, Utah is nothing a punching bag for the big boys of the PAC 12.

Palo Alto, CA

Howard S.

PAC 12 affiliation for Utah means being a bottom tier team in a division that only had two teams with winning records - pathetic!

PAC 12 South
USC 7-2 10-2
UCLA 5-4 6-8
ASU 4-5 6-7
Utah 4-5 8-5
Col 2-7 3-10
Ariz 2-7 4-8

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


The irrelevance of all those 10 win seasons is reflected by the fact that every major conference that has looked at BYU has taken a pass.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@mussingaround and phoenix

When you play a PAC 12 schedule even good teams will have losses.

When you play a WAC schedule even bad teams can win 10 games.

Here is wisdom...

Beating bad teams does not make you a good team... and losing (that means loosing for Cougar readers) to good teams does not make you a bad team.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Howard S.

You're so delusional.

Utah's invite to the PAC 12 had NOTHING to do with Utah's supposed superiority in football or any other sport. BYU's unwillingness to compete on Sunday, PAC 12 religious bigotry, and BYU undergraduate-focused educational excellence were the main factors in BYU not being invited to the PAC 12.

If the PAC 12 had based its decision strictly on overall athletic excellence, decades of football excellence, and much larger national fanbase, BYU would have been chosen over Utah in a heartbeat.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Howard S.

"Beating bad teams does not make you a good team... and losing... to good teams does not make you a bad team."

Can you explain how losing to a bad team makes U a good team?

Salt Lake City, UT


"When you play a WAC schedule even bad teams can win 10 games."

BYU played almost as many BCS AQ teams (4) as they played five WAC teams (5).

As we saw versus one of the worst teams in the country, WAC bottom dweller equivalent Colorado, Utah wouldn't have won 10 games even against BYU's "WAC schedule".

btw, no 10-win Utah team has ever played more power conference teams than BYU played this season.

Buena Park, CA

Correction: it was a 9-win season + 1 POST-season win = 10-win year but not a 10-win season.

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

Re: Sportsfanforlife

I actually prefer to read...So you claim OU is calling for a coaching change change. I guess that is why the university gave Bob Stoops a three year contract extension at $5.25 million per year. There is no coaching change in the wind at OU, nor is one being called for by the fan base or university.

If you reference Bobs' post bowl comments and interviews he and the university clearly state a 10 win season is great and he goes on to say there are very few teams in the country that win 10 games a year consistently. Bob also goes on to say that OU wins a NC about once every ten years, it has been 11 years since their last NC so they are due. He did not set the expectation of a NC, that was the media...not Bob, not the university, the media.

At BYU they set high goals, to be the best...that is why they want their second NC. Goals are good.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


Correction: get real!!!

Season records are for the ENTIRE season, including bowls; you can spin it however you want, but the final record is the only record that counts.

BYU 10-3
Utah 8-5

btw, if you want to play that game, you can add another undefeated season to BYU's record, because BYU was UNDEFEATED during the regular 1979 season.

Highland, UT


Those are good points, and of course the records of the 2 teams are almost exact opposites so it is easy to see how comparisons can be made. Let me tell you the differences.

In utah's 10-3 season last year they started out 8-0 and then proceeded to get absolutely destroyed in 3 of their last 5 games, including a lopsided and embarrassing bowl loss. BYU on the otherhand started out badly and then came back to get to a bowl game, which they won convincingly. Along the way they lost to utah, barely, and utah was the beneficiary of some questionable calls to win it.

This year BYU once again improved as the year went along, with 2 of their losses early in the season and finished up with a bowl win. utah did not start out well and did not finish well, although they did win their bowl game in improbable fashion. It isn't all that apparent that utah did improve, there isn't anything that shows they did. They pretty much seemed to end the way they started.

That said I don't know that any of that means anything for next season.

Mcallen, TX


utes lost to a bad team.. 17-14

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