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Published: Saturday, Dec. 31 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Fruit Heights, Utah

Congratulations BYU. Sounds good, looks good as long as one does not dig too deep. One win against a team with a winning record, beating up on a lot of low quality teams is more cause for concern than celebration.

Rexburg, ID

@Brave Sir Robin,

Read the comments from the professional sports writers my friend. Look up the sources. They know worlds more about sports than you it appears.

Want to know what I think is irrelevant?

For the most part, your comments and those of other trolls.

Finally, my moniker is MacNasty, not ImNasty. I'll give you a benefit of a doubt and assume that it was a simple mistake instead of an immature and failed attempt at absurd levity.

Shall we talk basketball now?

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT

Still second fiddle in the polls, just like old times in the WAC and MWC.

Being in a 'big boy' conference hasn't changed a thing and BYU still gets the publicity and recognition.

Hurts about as much as driving off a cliff against TCU last season, the Las Vegas Bowl against BSU and losing to Colorado weeks ago.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Were probably the best 10 win team in years. We should be undefeated for shore.

Orem, UT


The difference between BYU and Utah is BYU doesn't LOSE to the Colorado's on BYU's schedule. Utah is one of only a handful of teams that have lost to two or more 10+ loss teams in the last 5 years.

Grow up with your make-believe schedules; BYU plays a schedule next year that the Utes wouldn't have a prayer of going undefeated against.

Franklin, IN

AF Bowl pay out 600k
Sun pay out 2 million

If BYU didn't go to the AF Bowl they would have taken #5 from the MWC? Wyoming? Air Force? Relevance is beautiful!!

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Great year for BYU, but winning against Idaho, Idaho State and New Mexico State, means we had 3 weeks to recover and rest.

Orem, UT


Your bowl game payout comparisons are meaningless.

The real comparison:

#42 BYU beat #29 Tulsa by 3 in regulation

#36 Utah beat #50 Georgia Tech by 3 in OT

net result

#34 BYU
#37 Utah
#39 Tulsa
#53 Ga Tech

BYU finished with their 16th 10+ win season and a certain Final Top 25 ranking

Utah won't even be mentioned in the others receiving votes

Enjoy spending your share of that $2 million; btw, how much are you getting?

Orem, UT

Uncle Rico

Playing Colorado the day after Thanksgiving meant the Utes had over a month to rest, and they still almost lost to #50 Georgia Tech.

Decatur Staleys
New Copenhagen, UT

Thank goodness for Cody Hoffman. What would BYU's record be this year without the stellar performances from Hoffman and the human highlight reel, a.k.a.KVN?

Farmington, UT

@ Brave Sir Robin

Well, my idea of irrelevance is: 1) Utah being #12 of 12 (behind #11 Colorado)so the PAC 10.2 can actually hold a conference championship game after the PAC was snubbed by 5 BIG 12 teams; and 2) SDSU joining the Big East for essentially the same reason(s) when they finally were in a conference (MWC) that had lost Utah, BYU, and Boise State and so SDSU might finally win the conference championship. I guess they like the perrenial losses too much because every time they lose it is because someone else cheated or took advantage of them, etc. and they can gripe about it ad naseum.

While I might enlighten you further, just to not disappoint Howard S. and other trolls that have already posted their poison, I'll pass on that and congratulate the Utes and the Cougars on each winning their bowl games. In this day and age of college parity (except for the mighty SEC whose ego is larger than life itself) winning any bowl game is an accomplishment.

When was the last time you played the game? What is your definition of a "dozen?" Careful, your bias is showing.

Murray, UT

Great way to end the year Cougars! Another 10 win season and likely a top 25 ranking. Say what you will about Riley but he finds a way to win, gotta love his toughness and grit.

Farmington, Ut

Season of Irrelevance!!!
Cougars have 2 wins against winning teams: Utah State and Tulsa. Yes our best win is against Utah State.

Please get into a conference and play someone other than Bo Diddly Tech
Please get an O.C. that has more than one year of O.C. experience
Please pay more attention to Football than Firesides

I am one BYU grad that would take An 8-5 season in PAC 12 over a 10 win season over a bunch of no name teams.

Highland, UT


But you're not a BYU fan. You're a utah troll.

Farmington, UT

@ btrick

And you'd probably be OK with losing to Colorado, who hadn't won a road game in 4 years, too, wouldn't you, or a score of 0 - 27 against UNLV. Did you think Utah'd be playing in the Rose Bowl this year, too? Please explain how you can prefer to be tied for 6th in a weak conference when the schedule was greased and all you had to do to win the Southern Division was beat Colorado at home. Remember that the team that did win the division lost 50 - 0 the week before and fired their head coach. Utah's OC quit after losing to CU.

It's ok; cheer for the Utes and pay their high ticket prices to see the home games where there are plenty of seats available. I'm sure they appreciate it.

Let's see if the 1 - 4 PAC 12 can win their two remaining bowl games.

Centerville, UT


My guess is that the reason why some people might be calling for a coaches head after a 10-3 season (the same coach that won a national title in 2000) is because they MIGHT have their priorities WAAAAAY out of whack.

Any team should be proud of a 10-3 season, whether they are in the WAC or the BIG 12 or the 'Conference of Champions' (which, incidentally, is only 1-4 in bowl games so far this year...)

salt lake city, UT

@17-14 "No more DELUSIONAL than thinking an average team that went second fiddle to BYU in most years in both the WAC and MWC conferences would ever go anywhere in a 'big boy' conference."

yeah super delusional since they were what a whole ONE game away? hahahah dude you byu fans are hilarious to listen to. you spin EVERY single thing you can get your words around hahaha. second fiddle? really? what exactly did byu accomplish over utah besides never bein invited to a bcs, game 7 out of the last 10 being losses, the whole series= utahs favor. second fiddle huh? wow byu fans are so clueless its ridiculous now not even funny anymore

salt lake city, UT

our 10 win season with only 2 wins over teams with winning records shoulda gave us the nat. championship for sure... oh well the voters never get it right anyways thats why we're ranked just outside the top 25 which noone cares about except byu fans cause noone knows who we are and didnt watch our bowl game cause everyone was stilla sleep and/or at work. oh well.

sincerely byu fan.


Agua Dulce, TX

MacNasty might be drinking too much Kool-Aid. Have you seen the quality of the ESPN writers and analysts? They know practically nothing about football.

Most BYU alum living in real football-playing states aren't terribly impressed with BYU's 10-win season. 10 wins with this scheudle is practically meaningless. They didn't win a single game against a top-notch opponent.

(BYU alum, 1996)

Mcallen, TX

Utes can't brag. Did they play Oregon or Stanford? No, they struggled against Washington State and lost to Colorado. Don't harp in the Wac teams.

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