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Nelson comes through in crunch time

Published: Friday, Dec. 30 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

Nice quality win Cougars.

Typical Riley. Ugly but effective.

We will need the momentum going into next year's road games against Notre Dame, Boise State, Georgia Tech and the final rivalry game with Utah. Have fun with the Rumble in the Rockies Utes.

ER in AF
Belgrade, Serbia

Great play by the team and a great play at the end. Seniors really played well and Reynolds showed his grit and determination even without his helmet!

Salt Lake City, UT

Proud of my Cougars! 4 10-win seasons in 5 years is an amazing accomplishment. Can't wait for next year!

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Had BYU not won this game, Deseret News would not even have this on the front page (see St. Mary's beating BYU Men's Basketball, never heard a peep)!!


Great story which vividly illustrates why Riley moved ahead of Jake as the Cougar quarterback.

As a graduate of Utah State, I was not pleased when Riley defected to BYU during or after his mission, but congratulate Riley and the BYU Cougars for a very impressive ending to a hard fought football game.

center valley, pa

She may have looked ugly at the beginning of the date. But at the end, she looked pretty dang good!!

Good job Cougs, way to fight for a win!

City, Ut

Having lived in Tulsa, where there is not a lot of love for Mormons, you know what I'm hearing about how the Cougars managed a win?

BYU couldn't win the game on their talent and football abilities--

--so, going against their own Honor Code pledge of being honest--

--they resorted to trickery and deception of faking a spike to pretend to stop the clock.


I remember Max Hall running the same fake-spike against air force a few years ago at the end of the first half. It really was a great, gutsy call... Even if it's incomplete you still have 10-12 seconds to get off two more plays. Of course it wouldn't have been so low risk high reward if that had been his third interception rather than his third td...

I think that was the only time all night that Riley had the defense on their heels, but to his credit e took advantage of it and made it count when he had to. Thanks for a great finish Cougars!

Springville, UT

The 'comeback' kid does it again! Thanks Riley, we knew you could rally the team to this victory.

10-3 for the season and a good chance to be in the Top 25, not too shabby for the inaugural independent season, especially compared to the other team that went the other direction.

Thanks Riley for providing the leadership and gutsy play that earned you the QB position this season. Who knows what would have happened had you not prepared so diligently.

You made the difference this year and BYU remains in the national spotlight because of your and the team's efforts. I'm sure all Cougar fans appreciate this very much.

Congratulations to you and the team. It was an enjoyable season and we look forward to a better schedule, stronger opponents and your leadership next season!

Now off to a winning season in basketball!

It's great to be a Cougar fan!

Virginia Beach, Va

Great victory for the Cougars. I love Riley's grit, however, Ithink Tulsa really showed some of his weakness as a qb. Next years opponents will watch this film. You can't teach tough and Riley is tough.

Granstville, UT

It's great to win a game, especially a bowl game as it is the game that carries us through until the season begins again next year.

Everyone is touting we won 10 games and three straight bowl games, which we did, but we also have to temper the excitement with the stark reality of who the wins came against. Sure we were unbeaten in the WAC, but it was the wac. And the last two bowl game wins were against teams we should beat everytime. Tulsa and UTEP are not exactly world beaters in College Football.

The run game against Tulsa was not good, Riley, even though he directed the game winning drive, was not good. The smallish size of Tulsa's D gave our O-Line fits with their speed and completely shut down the running game and forced Nelson into some horrible throws.

As the schedule continues to be upgraded, we must continue to upgrade the level of play as well. Not as many cupcakes on the schedule next year, so I'm hoping a consistent run game can be developed and better O-line play overall will be seen next year.

The D looks good, the guys leaving won't be missed too much, as the expected replacements look legit. That side of the ball looks promising, but Tulsa made the offense look suspect. Seriously we scored just before half on kind of a gift from Tulsa and used trickery at the end to win. Not exactly what we can expect going forward as a formula for winning consistently.

Heber City, UT

I chuckle at IndianaCoug who says Cody and others saved Riley. What he and others fail to accept is that they could not save Riley if he had not thrown the ball there in the first place. What nonsense they spew. Yes, it was not his best game, but Tulsa made it tough. That is the difference between him and Heaps. Riley is a scrapper and Heaps thought you could just throw perfect passes and it would happen. This game needed a scrapper and he came through. Loved the block by Matt Reynolds, without his helmet. Gutsy play.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

windsor | 7:19 a.m. Dec. 31, 2011

"Having lived in Tulsa, where there is not a lot of love for Mormons, you know what I'm hearing about how the Cougars managed a win?

BYU couldn't win the game on their talent and football abilities--so, going against their own Honor Code pledge of being honest--they resorted to trickery and deception of faking a spike to pretend to stop the clock."

I gotta admit, I had the same thought--for about 3 seconds. But the two plays immediately prior to that, the tacklers held on the our ball carriers after the play for as long as they thought they could get away with it. The first irked me a little, but the second one sent me ballistic.

So after about three seconds, my next thought--serves you right!

I know, not the way I want to live my life, but I didn't let it spoil a great moment.


Glad we got a win against a team with a winning record, now that makes 2! Riley was not good today, plain and simple. Completed 42% of his passes, threw 2 picks and a few others that were taken away by penalties or stone hands. I hope we can temper the expectations a little for next year. We will be good, but I keep hearing what if Riley would have been in all season...? We would have had the same record, thats what would have happened. Riley rallied us because his poor play put us in that situation anyway. Great game by Hoffman, the kid is a freak. CougarBlue, Cody did save Riley. You can put the ball there, but Nelson puts it behind them, over them, low etc. Hoffman is just a vacuum and sucks up everything. Nelson just sucks it up!


Congrats to the Cougars on a gutsy win. BYU's defense was outstanding. Well done.

The fake spike was a great call and well executed.

Happy New Year.

Syracuse, UT

So what was so "dishonest" about the fake spike? Doesn't every player "fake" moves and things all the time? When a receiver runs out, does he not fake one way and go another. Doesn't a lineman fake a block and let a guy through the line on a screen play?

Some people's minds are so screwed up that I wonder if they ever went to school. Or maybe it is that they are just so filled with hate that they can't see straight (see some of the ute troll comments on other stories).

Nelson may have had a bad game but let's not hold that against him. Remember that we have spring practice and the coaches will be looking at everyone. They know our weakness and will be looking to fix the problem given the talent they have and the teams we will be facing.


I have not learned much about what is really wrong with college football( a great deal!) reading these comments, but a great deal about the mind set of people who simply dislike something. For Y haters in Utah, an 0-10 record would have the same explanations as a 10-0 record. Why bother with details. I know most of them are kids, but out here in the world they come across as boring, irrational losers.

Seattle, Wa

"Having lived in Tulsa . . . couldn't win the game on their talent . . . against their own Honor Code . . . resorted to trickery and deception . . . ."

Um, deception is part of game strategy. I'm sure Sunshine also faked a handoff earlier in the drive and rolled out to pass instead. Then there was that fourth down play where Sunshine dropped back like he was going to pass, but ran with the ball instead."

Oh, and I suppose that late in that last drive, Tulsa defensive linemen could be overheard telling the referee who was trying to speed up the post-play action, "I'm trying to get up, ref, but this ball carrier won't get out from underneath me."

Woods Cross, UT

Sure it was ugly. But football wasn't designed to be pretty.

And misdirection/fake hand-offs/ trick plays in a football game are now honor code violations? On who's planet? That has to be the silliest thing I've read in years!

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT


Hmmmm. Was that a Tulsa fan's comment or yours...

It is was it is. A game is about preparation, training, ability, talent, strategy and plain luck sometimes.

Tulsa's coach and players failed to prepare for the unexpected.

That one play kind of exemplifies Utah's lack of preparation for the worse team in the conference showing up to play the game of their lives, doesn't it?

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