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Published: Friday, Dec. 30 2011 4:00 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

Ugly, but a win is a win. And that is all that matters. Great block Matt.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

The block WILL live in Cougar lore! What a hit.

Frisco, TX

I can't wait to watch Matt on Sunday's next year. Thanks for giving us four great years and coming back for your Senior season.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

ESPN thought Matt made the play of the day. It was a Rembrandt.

Las Vegas, NV

Matt's block exemplified the grit and heart that fans love players for.

Perhaps if other former players had understood the concept, they wouldn't have felt the need to transfer because they were benched for lack of heart and performance.

Go cougars!

San Diego, CA

Not sure if the block was a Rembrandt--more like a cut-your-ear-off Van Gogh. The Reynolds family is a force to be reckoned with. Matt will be missed. Glad Houston is coming back. Van Noy is the heart of the defense.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

VanNoy could have easily been the MVP.

hi, UT

This young man will be playing on Sunday! Fun play

Lyman, WY

That was a man's block. Great career Matt. Good luck in the Pros.

Mission Viejo, CA

This young team has grown up. Very tough defense and while Riley isn't NFL material, he is a gamer. What a game - a pure gut-busting come from behind last second win. It'll go down as one of the great BYU comeback wins. Several guys stood out: Reynolds, Van Noy, and Riley Stephenson all were key. And of course, the MVP Hoffman, and Nelson.

I think that the offense missed Alisa a lot. He would have been able to take some pressure off Nelson. But Tulsa packed the box and Riley needed to do it with his arm. And his arm looked flabby in the first half. But what a gamer. Gotta love the guy.

South Jordan, UT

I wish BYU's cami look would have been the Navy blue cami. Maybe they should market that in the future since it is their color too.

ogden, ut

I wish we had a QB. Completing only 40% and 3 interceptions is horrible. If he wants to run replace DiLuigi with him. Doman, go get the team a QB.

Belgrade, Serbia

Van Noy was the defensive MVP. You could say maybe the game MVP just as much as Hoffman. If he does not make those 3 tackles for loss starting on the 15 yard line, then they make a short, chip-shot feild goal and we would have gone into overtime instead of winning in the end of regulation. Instead they have to try a 47 yarder and miss. 24-21. Great game by a great team.

Teams/groups reflect their leaders. BM, Van Noy and Riley are the team leaders. They obviously place great emphasis on team play.

I played on the soph football team with BM. He kept his mouth shut and did whatever the coaches told him to. He also only weighed something like 120 pounds, but could fly. Good luck for many years to come.

Go Cougs!

Hayden, ID

We learn again one of the great lessons of sports, especially football: it is not the size of the cougar in the fight but the size of the fight in the cougar that wins games and in life! Lots of cougars with tons of fight in that exhilarating game!

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT

That was an awesome block! It was THE game changer!


Nice that the picture(s) that the article are about are #44 and 45 of 45. You would think it would be the main photo. Would have also been nice to have a picture of the actual block, not just the pre-block pursuit.


Sad that Reynolds went from a probably first round pick to a probable third-fourth round pick this year. I think the o-line performance on the year was one of the biggest disappointments of the season. But I do wish Mattt a long and successful nfl career and Houston a speedy recovery. Hopefully next year this group will overachieve! :)

Eagle Mountain, UT

Although BYU and Nelson struggled in the second half, they did fing a way to win...winners always do. Tulsa was the 2nd best team BYU played this year, TCU being the best.
As far as a QB goes, there are many, many D1 schools who would love to have a QB like Nelson. Not just the on the field play but his "gamer" attitude and influence on the rest of the team.
As far as "Doman, go get a QB" goes. BYU has a very good back-up in Lark. Hill will be on Campus in January and will likely push Lark for the backup spot. His game is more like Nelsons but he is bigger, faster and has better arm strength.
Mangum is one of the best and most accurate senior QB's in the country will be on campus for the 2014 season. There are a couple of others, including Kuresa, who is already being compared to Nelson for his toughness and playmaking abilities. He leaves on a mission soon but will be back for '14. If you don't like BYU, don't read the articles. And I doubt anyone would miss your comments if you went away.

Bloomington, IN

I agree with ER in EUR that Van Noy's effort was deserving of MVP honors... defense usually gets ignored but it is very hard to ignore Van Noy--he's been the most exciting player for BYU since Brady Poppinga.
Reynolds block was epic and it was probably worth several hundred thousand dollars (possibly millions) for him because his draft stock just jumped 1-2 rounds. Nice.

the boonies, mexico

That headline-live in cougar lore? C'mon get real writer who do you think reads your trivial little league stuff like that and believes? The fantasy world?

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