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Published: Thursday, Dec. 29 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Mount Beauty, VIC

I agree with Sir Charles and to even give Harris a message I would start with
1. Tinsley
2. Burks
3. Hayward
4. Favors
5. Kanter

We cannot do any worse than what is happening so far

2nd Unit
1. Harris / Watson
2. CJ
3. Howard / Evans
4. Milsap / Evans
5. Jefferson

and bench Bell period

Temecula, CA

Two of the reasons Barkley is a high-paid analyst is he is often right and he is entertaining. Playing the young Jazz players should prove often right and very entertaining. Slam dunk!

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Good comments guys. I agree. So go young, push the ball up the floor and get after it on defense. Let's turn this thing around and enjoy it! Go Jazz!

Captain L
Provo, UT

I can tolerate losing much easier if I know it is because we are giving playing time to our young players who need playing time to develop. I can enjoy the game by watching to see how the young players are playing and progressing but with Big Al in the game with Favors , Favors doesn't see the ball and when he does he isn't getting the ball in an area where he can be most effective.
My starting lineup would be:
2nd unit
Jefferson , Bell can cheer lead from the bench.

Provo, UT

It sounds great to play all the young players or whatever but ultimately it won't make any difference. The young players, even at the professional level, need coaching and development which they aren't going to get with this regime. Otherwise, they are just running around playing lousy basketball. Sorry Jazz fans, it won't matter if the Jazz go young or old, expect more of the same...

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

Let's see a lineup of

SG-Howard or Burks
SF-Milsap or Evans
C -Kanter or Jefferson
with 2nd unit of
PG-Harris or Watson
SG-Hayward or Burks
SF-Evans or Howard
PF-Milsap or Jefferson

Orem, Utah

@ Old Timer,

I think you've got Hayward and Howard mixed up. Hayward's the young SG, and Howard's the older, experienced SF.

I also think Watson should start at PG with Tinsley backing him up, and Harris and Burks backing up Hayward at 2. Play the most minutes for whichever PG is producing, and same for SG backups.

I do like Charles' idea of going young!

Ogden, UT


CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

I think the Jazz either need to start CJ in place of Bell or trade him.

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