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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 28 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Bwahahaha! Jazz getting pounded again. 63 points allowed in one half? Who needs defense?

Cache, UT

Jefferson, please learn how to pass out of a double team!

the boonies, mexico

Between the "black hole" of big Al on offense, and the no perimeter matador defense this is ugly. I want to be patient about this team but trying to sub players every 6 or 7 min seems to be unraveling any flow of knowing where everyone is as for any cohesiveness. Oh well I'll try to stay more positive.

Farmington, UT

I would say offense AND defense is a problem. Look at the shot charts. Within a year of Coach Sloan's retirement, the Utah Jazz are now getting absolutely pounded in the paint. On offense, we've turned into a jump shooting team--but we lack the shooter. We have very few shot attempts in the paint. On defense, the paint is wide open. How many easy dunks has Nene had? How many easy points in the paint have the Nuggets had?

This is getting out of hand. It might be time to change the logo/team colors again.

Cedar Hills, UT

I actually thought the Jazz would be ok this year, wow I was W-R-O-N-G. This is the most pathetic team I have ever seen besides the utes. Al needs to learn how to pass, and the whole team needs to learn how to play defense, and hang onto the ball. This looks like a rec team out there turning the ball over almost every time down

West Jordan, UT

This Jazz team is virtually unwatchable. They can't play defense at all and they don't seem to know how to dribble, pass or shoot the ball. This is far worse than I expected.

South Jordan, UT

This team is bad. KOC please do something.

Salt Lake City, UT

Millsap is the best player on the team, YET, he never plays. Can't really stand the excuses coming from Harpring and Bollerjack either.

Bountiful, UT

Bell needs to go. Period. He is TERRIBLE. I would rather see Burks, Howard, Hayward, Cj, or two point guard set if he means he is off the court. He does nothing but foul and turn it over.

Silly Rabbit
Small Town, USA, UT

Why, why, why was Milsap on the bench in the 3rd quarter as I type this there is 4:11 on the clock Jefferson just left the game hobbling and MILSAP is still on the bench, is he hurt. Come on Tyrone I want to have faith in you but your starters stunk it up in the 3rd and you leave them in clear the bench show the players and the fans that you will not tolerate lazy sloppy b-ball. Ohhh wait at 3:04 left in the 3rd down by 18 and Milsap comes in WOW its about time. Coach I am starting to wonder if you can coach 52 to 20 points in the paint through the 3rd WOW again, come on coach.
Well I want to have faith its only the second game in so I will still watch, I think this team will be fun to watch as they learn and grow, but come on coach tell the team to RUN, run, run.
Go Jazz.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I thought it was time for a change in coaching when Sloan left, man was I wrong.We have NO defense.. People are asking KOC to do something. I think he has done enough already. I know we are only two games in but this team has got a lot to learn least of all is gelling together. Get used to it Jazz fans this looks to be a long strike shortened season!

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Come on Corbin wake up and smell the coffee. Burks needs to play. Bell needs to coach the bench. Tinsley is the best play maker we have amoung the point guards. Go with Tinsley, Burks, Howard, Milsap and Favors. Hayward 6th man off the bench. Kanter and Evans next in line.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

hahaha, wow the Jazz are terrible.

18-48 is my prediction for the Jazz this season.

What an embarrassing time to be a Jazz fan.

Morgan, UT

Clueless...The jazz front office, the GM KOC, the Coaches and each and everyone of the players are totally..........Clueless.

Disappointment is a word which does not even begin to describe the Jazz.

cedar Hills/ utah, UT

The only bright side is that the Jazz have two first round picks next year in what looks to be one of the best drafts in recent history. This is going to be a long, ugly year but the Jazz have a ton of young talent. Burks, Kanter, Hayward and Favors are all going to be very good but it is going to take time! Right now they have no identity and the veterans are adding no leadership. Raja Bell is simply awful, Devin Harris looks like his time in New Jersey killed his desire and Al Jefferson has never been on a winning team. KOC may not use the term rebuilding but that is exactly what is happening!

Mountain Bird
West Jordan, UT

I thought I saw the ghost of Gentle Ben Poquette out there. This Jazz is reminding me of the pre-Thurl Baily Jazz.

Roosevelt, UT

Both AL and CJ showed up on offense tonight..both MIA last night. On defense they were not even in the same zip code as Denver.

Now they have dug a pit for themselves are they going to be like the Lakers who are used to winning and fought back after going 0-2 this season or are they going to continue to lag?

Lots of frustration on the part of Corbin I am sure. They practice and shoot and when they get to the game they turn into no team play and way too many jump shooters.

Now if they could only hit what they shoot at....don't make me bring up Hornacek again, I am sure it is a coincidence the Jazz have the 3rd worst shooting percentage in the league.

Turnovers by the bigs at the top of the key is unacceptable. Why would they have the ball up there, they are not pg's they are not ball handlers, they are paid to play down low, and score and defend in and around the key.

This young team in the early part of this season still baffles me.

Santa Ana, CA

Every site I see tonight the Administrators use the "Tired old Analogy". "Have Faith young team, if you do not like root for someone else". I have not seen anything since Corbin took over that tells me he can strategize, motivate or have a proper lineup.

The fact is for every point Harris and AJ get they give up Double. Only Paul Milsap to me is fairly blameless. Points in the Paint. Many turnovers in the 2nd quarter leading to transition baskets. This new "Baseline Defense" is worthless. Bell clearly cannot start for this team. CJ is a usual disappointment. Tinsley ran the point better than Watson frankly. I am sorry we have good talent. It is no focus. You cannot look good one play on offense and defense out of 3. It is like being good on 1st and 2nd down and giving up the big play on 3rd. Hope for better. This should be a borderline playoff team on talent. I have no faith at this point in Corbin

Mr. C
St. George, UT

This team will be sold in the near future

Mount Beauty, VIC

Bell, Harris & Jefferson need to go - I don't catre about win loss this year , just need to get mins into the young guys. They need time and mins to develop.

Surprised with Tinsly's effort, he ran the team much better than Harris

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