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Published: Thursday, Dec. 29 2011 5:00 a.m. MST

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Provo, UT

There is no evidence of a personal god. There is no good reason to believe that there is a personal god. Just as there is no evidence and no reason to believe there are leprechauns, pixies, Santa, and the tooth fairy.

Stay the Course
Salt Lake City, utah

Vanka skirting the question aren't you? From your answer I take it you wont come out definitely and say you don't believe in God am I right?

Joan Watson

Yes, there was a comment that wrote that Thomas Jefferson was an athiest.

Definition of an atheist - person who beleives that there is no God.

The Commnent read "Many of us consider ourselves to fall into the political tradition of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and other non belivers."

By the way Thomas Jefferson was not a deist - Paine was.

Then too, Im still scrating my head over this posted comment.

"Atheism is not a belief it is absence of a belief Therefore it cannot possibly require faith to believe in atheism."


Provo, UT

I do not believe in god. That is what atheism means. What is your point?

als Atheist
Provo, UT


Don't scratch too deep. Jefferson was definitely a deist, at most. I repeat, nobody said Jefferson was an atheist. The quote you quoted is referring to His POLITICAL orientation, which was similar to and consistent with the political orientation of many other nonbelievers.

As for the "definition of an atheist", where did you get that? Wikipedia? Do you trust definitions you get off the Internet above the word of a self-declared atheist? Shall we trust "the definition of Mormonism" we get off the Internet, or should we trust self-declared Mormons?

Now I'm scratching my head over why you are scratching your head. My comments so far have been clear and accurate. What is the issue?

Joan Watson

FYI Refer to New World Dictionary for atheist definition.

Thoms Jefferson was a long way from being a deist/agnostic as was the contentious Thomas Paine.
Jefferson admired Paine's writting skill in 'Rights of Man', but the association between the men was not close - and Jefferson did not agree with Paine on many points both politically and in religious beleifs.

Again -highly recommended reading: Thomas Jefferson A strange Case of Mistaken Identity Alf j. Mapp, Jr
Also, a study of Thomas Jefferson letters and papers.

The Vanka
Provo, UT


I don't need to consult a dictionary to know what an atheist is, anymore than a Mormon needs to consult a dictionary to know what a Mormon is.

I am an atheist.

I have already read the book about Thomas Jefferson you cited. It is not the authoritative work on Jefferson... not by a long shot. And based on much better biographies and histories than that, it is clear Jefferson was not a "believer" in any sense that would be recognized as "Christian" today, much less any other kind of "religious" person. Jefferson rewrote the New Testament, turning Jesus into a mere teacher, and stripping out all the "hocus pocus" miracles and "divine" nonsense. Jefferson included restrictions on the teaching of religion of any kind at the University of Virginia.

You are barking up the wrong tree, my friend.

Clearfield, UT

@Joan Watson

Read my second post and you will see that atheism is more complex than the definition you find in the dictionary. If you have never educated yourself or have educated yourself very little about atheism then you have very little understanding of it, especially if you have never questioned your own religious beliefs and not looked beyond them. I believe questioning and learning about all beliefs whether religious or non-religious is important because if you never have....how do you have all the information you can to make an informed choice or decision? I learned about religion and atheism as well as many other beliefs before making a final choice....have you? It is better to find your own answers and make an educated decision, than to intentionally remain uneducated and make a fearful one.

I cant disprove leprechauns, smurfs, or anything that I dont first have proof of in the first place. You can only disprove something by showing how the proof of it is not valid. Religious beliefs so-called proofs can easily be invalidated or explained naturally. Religion requires belief in something that in no way can be proven to be real.

m.g. scott

To Vanka the Atheist
I want to hear your answer to the next question. Where did all the matter that makes up the universe come from? You are either stuck with the absurdity that something can come from nothing or you are actually where any person ulitimately finds themselves, agnostisism. No one can be a 100% atheist. To be such one would have to "know" there is no creator, prime mover, intelligent designer, ect. You don't know that, nor does anyone else. You may say I don't know there is a God, but I do know that there is matter that causes life and existence. My God explains that, your atheism does not.

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