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Favors, Hayward will join veterans Harris, Bell and Jefferson

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 27 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Billy Budd
Saint George, UT

The Jazz are to the Lakers as UTEP Football used to be to BYU.

Fredericksburg, VA

Millsap could be in the running for 6th man of the year if he will play as hard in that role as he was in starting.

American Fork, UT

Hey just moved to NY and only have basic cable. Amy advice on how to watch the game tonight online? Free is preferred.

Cedar Hills, UT

The only thing I do not like about the starting lineup is Raja. He needs to be getting seats warm for people who can actually play basketball still. I have always liked Milsap coming off the bench, he is not a starter in this league. He needs to get back to the hard working rebounding machine he once was. Miles is better off the bench as well, he is instant offense(if he is on). My christmas wish is for the Jazz to win tonight and see the Flakers drop to 0-3!!!!

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Agreed. Raja is not a starter in this league. Burks needs Raja's minutes so he can develop for the future. The rest of the starting unit looks okay. Good to see Favors and Hayward starting. Go Jazz beat LA!

West Jordan, UT

Bottom Line...players care about starting and your top 5 should start. I disagree with Corbin on the starting 5. Miles and Millsap should be starting (Miles > Bell & Hayward).

Captain L
Provo, UT

jazzfan86: Tonights game is on TNT, so basic cable should have it.
I agree with Bluewambat8: Bell starting doesn't sit well with me, I think CJ should start with Hayward on the wings and Burks should be first off the bench. Bell can encourage and coach from his seat on the bench IMO. How Howard plays will and is a big question, if he performs well it will be good for the team but it will take time from Burks IMO. I think CJ will have a much better season, that means he will be more consistent, not produces alot more but just be more consistent.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Corbin what are you thinking? Starting Bell over CJ? Favors over Millsap? Bad PR move in terms of upsetting your best players this early in the season. The score will be 30-16 for the Lakers after the first quarter. Bad move......

The Risky 1
Syracuse, UT

CJ Miles is one of the most inconsistent players in the league. I would like to see Millsap try to play SF, Hayward needs to start at SG. He showed that he is more comfortable playing that, he can produce more by playing there and not at SF. Also CJ, not so good. (Hayward > Miles/Bell).

South Jordan, UT

What happened in the past should have no bearing on what should happen now. If someone else is playing better than Millsap and is not injured, the other person should get that spot. Manu Ginobli is a top 25 player and didn't start for years and years. It's more of an ego things with most player.

I personally volunteer to sit as player number 13 for the league minimum of over a million. Any takers?

Sandy, UT

what about josh howard? why isn't he starting? Raja Bell did nothing for the jazz on his last stint.

Murray, UT

Whatever lineup you use please just beat the Lakers tonight, making them go 0 and 3 for the first time in about 20 years would almost be like winning an NBA championship. Would love to see Kobe and Derek, the sell out, Fisher in the basement of their division if only for a little while. Kobe will be demanding a trade soon thereafter. GO Jazz! Beat them.

Large Tuna
Salt Lake City, UT

I agree that Raja shouldn't be the starter the entire season, but I totally understand why he is tonight and I agree with Corbin for putting him there. You can't start Burks against Kobe in his first NBA game, at Staples Center. After seeing how anxious/nervous he was on the first pregame against Portland, Corbin needs to start someone that can focus against Kobe and not have the jitters.

But I doubt Raja will be the starter the entire season, just long enough for the young guys to get comfortable.

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

This whole lineup and rotation thing will sort itself out within the 1st month commentors, so let the coaching staff coach instead of trying to be to smart when you haven't even attended one practice. This team more than likely will not make the playoffs this year and if they did would more than likely face the #1 team in the first round, so don't panick first round exits don't prove much. It's the future I'm excited about.

Orem, Utah

Right on, Large Tuna. First poster to recognize what's going on.

This team has plenty of talent. They just need to play together awhile. Starting an experienced Kobe-defender is smart.

This starting line-up won't be the one that finishes the year, and not because of injuries, but because of development of various players.

Captain L
Provo, UT

The Risky One; Your right CJ has been very inconsistent but he is better than Bell and should be starting along side Hayward. I think you'll see CJ have a good season, I think he has a different and better attitude about what he has to do.
ifiwasabettingman: Just because Haward was an allstar a few yrs ago doesn't mean he is playing to that level now, he is coming back from major knee surgery and who knows if he will ever get back to playing to the level he once did. Time will tell. As of now he is probably 4th or 5th on the wings depth chart.

Temecula, CA

I agree with others Raja shouldn't start against most opponents, but he does bother Kobe a lot. I think further down the road Howard will start some at SF and Hayward will be at SG. We don't know how Howard's knee is going to hold up, and we don't know how long Milsap is going to be playing with a sore quad. This is a good time to get Jeremy Evans in there. I am so psyched to see how Hayward and Favors play tonight.

the boonies, mexico

The one thing that torks me very much about these phony TNT broadcasts is the starting time for the 1st game. Approx 8:30pm (est), which means the second game starts approx 10:45pm east coast time. Now just how many sports fans are going to be watching a week night game starting at 11 pm. It's bad enough for us MST approx 8:45 to 9pm start. Start the east coast time zone games at 7 pm eastern time and on time please!

West Hills, CA


If you can't get TNT, Google "First Row Sports", click on "Basketball". Then look for the game you want and click. Right now the Jazz/Lakers are at the bottom of today's list. Oh, btw it's free!

Draper, UT

CJ looks the same. Poor shot selection. More of a liability than an asset. Corbin is in way over his head. I wouldnt go Adrian Dantley over his head, but worst mistake the Jazz have made in a long time is signing him to a multi-year deal without an 'interim coach' period. Corbin wasnt going anywhere. Would have given the Jazz a chance to see what he would do. No set plays, pass around the perimeter until 10 seconds left, then dump it into the big to let them create their own shot. Bad bad bad.

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