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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 27 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Carlino did not start against Baylor. He is the x factor and if he plays well the cougars win. It would be nice to have brandon davies be more consistent as well and a healthy Stephen Rogers sure wouldn't hurt. Asking for a healthy Collinsworth would be too much.

Realistic Goggles
Alpine, UT

Carlino did not start against Baylor, as the article states. He came off the bench in that game.

Good luck to Matt the rest of the way!

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Carlino has played well . . . but there are so many conditional situations for any team and/or combination of events.

Collinsworth and Rogers certainly could have also made the difference against Baylor. Perhaps Carlino and chemistry could have pulled out the USU game, but this article is so much speculation!

I am looking forward to Thursday's game. It should tell a lot about the Cougars and their future this season.

Hartsock is the X-factor in my book this year. Davies has disappeared at times. Noah Hartsock has been Mr. Dependable.

Anson Winder's emergence has been a pleasant addition -- and he was the Mike Loyd (as in the Florida game) in pulling out a great victory last week.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Always good to read Dick Harmon stories for breakfast. Crunchy bowl a corn flakes to start off with and then they get soggy just like Dicks reporting!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

It seems to me like Davies (so far) has been weak when it comes to finishing in the paint. He needs to be more aggressive down low. Carlino will be the X-factor but he needs help from Davies. Abuouo needs to take better care of the ball.


Only time will tell on Carlino. So far the coug's appear tentative in the paint. However, I love the ball movement and unselfish, mature court presents.

As long as the Cougs stay in there game rhythm dictating the game tempo and push the middle and kicking the ball out they will wear down teams and come out on top.

Keep the pressure on boy's and it will be another exciting season.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU's offense is doing well, but the Cougars have struggled on defense, especially in defending the 3. If BYU wants to win the WCC and do something in the NCAA this year, they're going to have to step up their defense. Holding CSSM to under 60 tonight would be a good start.

Salt Lake City, UT

Carlino has the ability and mind to be a great scorer. I think it's unusual to have such a player come into the program immediately after the greatest player of all time left. Pretty fortunate for BYU.

The kid is going to be great.

Frisco, TX

I don't know all the WCC awards yet, but if the conference has a Freshman of the Year award; my money is on Carlino. To step onto the court and make the kind of impact he has made in three games, is very unusual and very encouraging.

Davies has been hot and cold this year. If he can play consistently like he did against Baylor, the Cougs are a legit Sweet 16 team. I think he is the real X factor.

We know what we're going to get from Carlino and Hartsock. Both will average 15 - 20 points and 5 - 10 assists / rebounds respectively.

I'd be surprised if we see Collinsworth again this year. I'm hopefully he can get another year of eligibility, and return healthy for a successful campaign next yeat.

I haven't read any updates on Rogers since his surgery, but my expectations are low that we will see him anywhere close to 100% the rest of this year. To have somebody of his caliber coming off the bench, and provide the spark, was exciting. This was a big loss for the Cougs.

Demarcus Harrison could end up being another X factor with increased time in Roger's absence.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lots of talent on this team. Coach Rose is the right person to develop it and pick a starting rotation. Good luck and we look forward to March Madness.

Luv 2 Troll U
Sandy, UT

WCC X-factor...

That sounds hilarious. I sure hope the team can fit their HD truck in high school gyms.

springville, UT

I am pretty sure that Honor code and troll U are the two biggest HOH's on the cougar stories.

Mesa, AZ

Luv 2 Troll U

Riddle me this...

What's worse, small gyms that are packed to the rafters, or the huntsman center with less than a thousand fans?

Do some homework, look at how big some of the top 25 teams gyms are and then ask yourself this question...

Is it the size of the gym that matters, or is it the teams playing in those gyms.

Just as in football, you should be well read before you comment.


Troll U, I bet BYU puts more fans in those "high school gyms" than the U does in any Pac 10.2 arenas all year, including the Huntsman Center. So much for U pride!

fan in orem
Orem, Utah

Troll: I am pretty sure those HD trucks don't actually drive *in* to the buildings themselves. Please grow up. Oh, except for when the HD truck is at Cowboys Stadium, *then* it pulls right into the building. But I guess a u fan doesn't know anything about playing there, do you?

Captain L
Provo, UT

This cougar team has alot of potential, Carlino just is the icing on the top, inconsistency by Daivies may be the biggest problem/question mark we have, if Rogers can come back and play to the level he was before he hurt his knee , this team will be tough to beat. I love what we have seen in Carlino but I don't think we have seen anything yet, I think he hasn't even had a true breakout game for him, 30's and maybe even 40 pts are well within his reach. I think he really thinks he can be the next Jimmer, I hope he can.
Harrison has alot of potential and I hope he gets major minutes while Rogers is out and that it gets him to shooting with confidence, he can be a difference maker.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

There is no real quickness, explosive jumping ability, or beef on this edition of the Cougars. There is also a clear tendency to commit silly fouls. Austin and Davies cannot carry BYU in the post. One or both of them will undoubtably get hurt, and then what? Baylor clearly exposed what I say. Abuou needs to be more consistent. And Carlino/Cusic need to drive and kick to get the front court players involved early in the game. Zylstra, if he is a consistent scorer could make the Cougars competitive in the WCC. Beyond conference play, the going for BYU will be difficult due to their lack of depth and player dificencies.

West Jordan, UT

@ anonymous forever?

I beg to differ on a few points: 1) Overall team speed is better with this version of the Cougs see Baylor game as evidence (although we miss Emery's defensive speed). 2) The Y can field a bigger frontcourt and overall taller team now than most years. 3) Team depth is vastly improved as well. 4)I think you'll see BYU absolutely contend and not just "compete" in the WCC. 5)An interesting mix of talent has seemed to make up for many deficiencies.

So, I guess I beg to differ on most of your post.

Highland, UT

@anonymous infinity

BYU both out rebounded and outscored Baylor in the paint. Baylor clearly did not "expose(d) what I(you)say".

BYU is also pretty deep, especially at the guard and wing positions, the bigs took a hit in depth when Collinsworth went down and losing Rogers is definately a hit although both should be back before the conference season even ends, but the bigs have decent depth as well since Abuo, Collinsworth and Rogers when they return, play down low. You also conveniently left BYU's best player and big, Hartsock, completely out of your "analysis". Was that because it disproves your "points"?

BYU is definately not the best team in the country but your "analysis" of them was simply nonsensical.

Barney Google
Beaver, UT

X Factor!

So, is Simon Cowell one of the Line Judges?


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