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Published: Monday, Dec. 26 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Hoping Utah can start a new bowl winning streak. It would be tough to end the season with back to back losses to a 10-loss team and then to a mediocre bowl opponent.

Sandy, UT

Ufan, Georgia Tech isn't a 10 loss team or they wouldn't be bowling.

Georgia Tech is a pretty good team, I respect them. Coach Whit will have his boys ready. I, too, hope they can start a new winning streak, that would be fun to watch again.

Go Utes!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Even with the loss last year in the Las Vegas Bowl the Ute's hold the highest winning percentage (75%) of all teams having played in ten bowl games or more. Name the team and if they have played in 10 bowl games Utah has a better record! Let's increase that percentage with a Sun Bowl win this Saturday. Go Utes.

South Weber, UT

@ Who am I sir?
I thought that their winning % was closer to 90 % in the last ten games.
Maybe I am wrong , did you mean for all of the bowl games ? 12/16 ?
I wouldn't put my money on Georgia Tech as the Utes shut down Coffee and that other back from Alabama to less than 100 yards total in the Sugar Bowl.
A 2 Million $$ pay out is great but the national exposure on New Years Eve's day makes it all that much sweeter.
It's good to be a UTE ! ! !

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


You are correct re. the last 10 bowl games. The streak of nine straight wins tied for second for the most consecutive bowl wins! Only Florida State had a longer streak. Think about that. Of all the national "power" football schools, only Florida State ha ever won more consecutively than the Utes. My comment was not selective. Utah's bowl record is 12wins 4 losses (75%) and that is THE highest winning percentage of any team having played in 10 or more bowl games. (The reason I selected 10 was there were/are a team or two that played one game and won... not comparatble to winning 75% in 16 bowl games. (The majority of teams have not played in as many games!)

And, as you say, "It's good to be a Ute!" - Go Utes.

Frisco, TX

re: hailstorm - Why are you consumed with the payout? Do you get a portion of the payout? I don't care about other people's money, only my own.

Are you going to the game? If so, I hope you enjoy El Paso. Nothing like NYE on the border. If not, you're not alone. I'm sure there will be a lot more yellow in the stadium than red, even though GT has further to travel.

Ute fans seem to talk a big story, but seldom show the fan support the team deserves.

South Weber, UT

@ CougFaninTX

BYU plays on a Friday at 10:00 A.M. and has a payout of $ 600,000..
BYU did have the better record of the two after playing " Our Sisters of the Tender Mercies" that they scheduled.
Better time slot , better exposure from the opponent, and more money.
I care about the pay out because it helps the entire athletic department up on the hill.
It's good to be a UTE ! ! !

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ CougFaninTX -

Really? Come on man, you don't need to bring that weak stuff in here.

Highland, UT


Facts are "weak"?

Fact: utah has to go to el paso.

Fact: None of you are going with them.

Fact: None of yu are getting a single penny from any of it.

Fact: Neither team is particularly good and has any chance at all of being ranked in the final polls.

Fact: ute "fans" have tried desperately to convince everyone else how prestigious it is.

Fact: It isn't.

Fact: Just like every single other bowl game no one outside of the "fans" of utah or the fans of Georgia Tech care in the slightest about this game.

Fact: If anyone that isn't a fan of either school watches it will be because they litterally have nothing else going on so they just decided to watch whatever football game is on at the time. (This also applies to BYU's bowl game).

Fact: utah "fans" seem really desperate to make this into more than it is.

Fact: No one else is buying it.

Fact: I do wish the utes good luck and hope they win but if they don't I'll also have a good time rubbing it in.



Do you know all of the Ute fans well enough to know that they are not going to El Paso? For that matter, how many fans do you know personally that will be going to BYU's bowl in Texas? BYU does have an advantage over most schools in that they can contact members of the church in the area that they are playing in, and those members can easily drive the few miles it takes to the game. But they seldom get many fans from Utah to travel all the way to their out-of-state games.

And as far as the Ute fans, or any other fans of state universities, it is always a challenge to juggle finances and time in order to go personally to the games. However, Utah has done very well in supporting the Utes during their bowl games, possibly contributing to the Utes' outstanding bowl success.

All of your "facts" are obviously biased opinions by you, a biased BYU "fan". And you close by saying that if Utah loses "I'll also have a good time rubbing it in". Fair enough. But please don't get offended if we do the same to BYU.

Highland, UT


1st of all I never get offended by the things utah "fans" post. Have at it.

2nd of all just google up the el paso times and read the article today that documents utah has only sold "around 1500 tickets" which means probably less than 1500 tickets, and el paso officials are expecting the smallest amount of out of state visitors in many years to come to the game, maybe 5000 total combining both schools.

And yes I do know a lot of utah fans that are not going to the sun bowl. I do not know one single one that is going to it. Not one.

As far as BYU fans going to the Armed Forces Bowl is concerned, well you can start with me and my family, leaving on Wednesday, my parents, my brother, my sister and her family driving down from Kansas, and a whole lot more. I probably know several hundred going although I haven't really sat down and counted. Of course those are just the ones I personally know.

How is it any more of a challenge for utah fans and other state university fans to go than fans of private universities?

Portland Beavers


Salt Lake City, UT

According to the El Paso Times:

"...this year's less-glamorous matchup between Utah and Georgia Tech will bring in the fewest out-of-town fans in years, and produce a much smaller economic lift for the city.

El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau officials are projecting the New Year's Eve game will draw about 5,000 out-of-town visitors.

Utah had sold only 1,500 tickets to fans expected to attend the game. Officials at both schools said late last week that they didn't expect to sell more tickets."

Sounds like the Utah football and basketball programs have a lot in common when it comes to no fan support.

Salt Lake City, UT

Fact: Duckhunter is obsessed with the Utes.

You went and checked out El Paso's local news press?

"I probably know several hundred going"

Haha what are you trying to prove?

Highland, UT


Of course you are one of the utah "fans", the list includes pretty much all of you, that isn't going to el paso for the bowl game.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Going bowling a routine that never gets old for U"


Judging from the paltry number of Utah fans going to the game (less than 1,500), bowling has apparently gotten very old for Utah fans.

salt lake city, UT

@duckhunter "Fact: Neither team is particularly good and has any chance at all of being ranked in the final polls"

thats funny cause i coulda sworn i remembered seein ga. tech ranked MOST of the year in the acc while byu was UNRANKED in the wac... hmm sounds like you have never even seen ga. tech play. they are a lot better than byu and tulsa and if you really try to prove otherwise you're a fool and everybody is just going to laugh at you kinda like this.... HAHAHA. armed forces bowl??? hahahahah

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


As per usual, you confused your "facts" with "frantic and emotional wishes".

"Fact: utah has to go to el paso...Fact: None of you are going with them."

Well for one, I am going to El Paso. So that's at least ONE! Additonally, Utah "gets" to go to El Paso. FACT: The cougars DON'T get to go to the Sun Bowl. They're stuck playing in 4th least prestigious bowl game of 2011.

"Fact: ute 'fans' have tried desperately to convince everyone else how prestigious it is....Fact: It isn't."

FACT: It IS prestigious. It doesn't carry the prestigious of a BCS Bowl, but the Sun IS prestigious. That's why CBS wanted it. That's why is worth over 3 times your bush-league nobody cares bowl.

"Fact: Just like every single other bowl game no one outside of the 'fans' of utah or the fans of Georgia Tech care in the slightest about this game."

FACT: Utah and Ga. Tech collectively are allotted 16K tickets; and add'l 5K had been purchased by Hyundai. Nearly 45K tickets have been sold. Mathematically, that means nearly 24K tickets have been sold to the general public. That's half a stadium of fans who are generally a fan of neither team. Plus it's on CBS. Folks will watch.

"Fact: If anyone that isn't a fan of either school watches it will be because they litterally have nothing else going on so they just decided to watch whatever football game is on at the time. (This also applies to BYU's bowl game)."

FACT: There have been no scientific studies nor Reuters polls that have been conducted to reach that conclusion. You made that up. FACT: You cannot make up your own "facts" and expect others to take them seriously.

The FACT that you live in Utah County, yet all of a sudden now read the El Paso Times in order to determine how many tickets have been sold to the Sun Bowl, but did NOT do so likewise with the Dallas Morning News with respect to the nobody-cares-bowl the cougars will be playing in demonstrates your continued frantic and emotional obsession with the 2-time BCS bowl busting, Pac-12 Utes.

"Fact: utah 'fans' seem really desperate to make this into more than it is."

FACT: That made me "LOL" considering the legions of the cougar fans that have been commenting on both here and the Tribune about how strong their SOS was both going into the season, and throughout. And that was DESPITE every publication from Phil Steele and Sagarin that stated otherwise, and none that could be found in support of it. All along, your SOS was WAC-ish. Talk about "desperation" and "making more into it than there really is".

Salt Lake City, UT

Duckhunter never answers my questions; he always just resorts to his usual 'haha lol i'm right, you're wrong lol'.

No, I am not going to El Paso. As a college student I don't have unlimited funds to throw around. I'm glad you live a comfortable life and have the extra money to be able to take your whole family to wherever your bowl game is hiding (I was appalled when I learned you were a father and a grown man).

I did, however, cough up the money for the Utah vs USC game and spent over 30 hours on a bus travelling to attend that game. It was an amazing experience and I have a huge amount of respect for USC now, it's great to have storied teams in our conference. Yep, I'll enjoy every second of being in the Pac-12.

This Sun Bowl match-up should be intriguing. Utah's D vs GT's run game should be a battle. It's going to come down to how effective Utah's offense can be (just like every other game).

Congrats Ute players for overcoming injuries and tough new conference transition. Utah football is here to stay! Go Utes!

Franklin, IN

I wish duck hunter would make his next trip with VP Cheney...put Utes out of range of his ridiculous "fact" list...

Fact...a QB just left you "program" for a Kansas program that I believe went this year with zero wins? What could he be thinking???

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