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Published: Friday, Dec. 23 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Everett, WA

December 30th - New Headline
BYU football: Tulsa winds up on top despite hype for Riley Nelson, Brandon Doman, and meaningless wins against zero competition.

Have kinda had it with the Bronco, Doman, & Des news hype machine.

South Jordan, UT

I do believe there are a ton of positives coming from Riley Nelson's story... Battling the depth chart, overcoming injuries, leadership, toughness.. However, just like Heaps last year, when BYU gets to their DII portion of the schedule any QB can look good.. Against real teams Nelson is 0-1 (TCU). Not to say he's not legit or wouldn't be if given the opportunity to play a team w/ a pulse, but I'm personally curious to what Nelson does next year (if he stays healthy) against a decent schedule...


Again another example of what it takes to lead and inspire your team mates instead of pouting and quitting.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Come on Desert News.....the guy pounced on a bunch of WAC teams!! Tulsa wins next week!

Somewhere in Time, UT

Riley has a mature attitude and he's a leader. He's also a real athlete who is willing to take risks and go for it. Jake has a good arm but he's clearly not a leader and, obviously, not very mature. You don't get the impression the other guys even like him very much. They respect and like Riley. Good luck to Riley. I hope he can reach his potential. Go Cougars!

Frisco, TX

There are some great life lessons in Nelson's experience about patience, dealing with adversity and never giving up.

At the beginning of the year, most (including me) would have never thought that opportunity would come to Nelson. But opportunity presented itself, he was prepared, and he made the most of it.

If only another QB would have learned these valuable lessons in leadership.

I deal with those who feel "entitled" every day at work. (The opposite of what Nelson has displayed this past year.) It's not a characteristic that takes people very far in life. Maybe we should stop giving trophies to 10 year olds when they play a sport, regardless of whether they win or lose.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

"Nelson is not only the Cougars' starter, but he's also their leader." Heaps was the first but never obtained the second. BIG difference between the two-- leadership.

"'He's an animal. He's such a freak,' wide receiver Ross Apo said of Nelson... Every time Riley gets on the field, it's always a spark to the team.'"

The players, Heaps' own teammates who he lifted, watched tapes, practiced with on a regular basis for 2 1/2 years (remember Heaps enrolled into the Y early) NEVER used such words to desribe him.

These are characteristics that come from within; they can't be "taught." Nelson frurtrates me at times, but I'll take him over Heaps hands-down.

Orem, UT

The vast difference between Riley and Jake is heart and leadership.

Jake is a skilled passer, but he plays like a robot - no heart.

Riley throws ugly passes, but plays with the heart and leadership skills that inspire everyone around him to play their best.

center valley, pa

Talent, skill, and ability....nice

desire, character, and heart...priceless

metamora, IL

Cats: I agree with your assessment regarding Heaps. There were a couple of times during the year, after he had been benched, when someone made a big play and Heaps would run over to congratulate the player (most often JJ) and Heaps would be ignored. Seriously big difference between potential and reality. Heaps has great potential but never inspired the rest of his teammates to reach theirs. Nelson is limited in skills (not saying he is a bad QB or not athletic -- just never gonna be a Manning), but inspires the rest of his team to their best performance.

Idaho Falls, ID

What will the SLC media use for a story when Jake Heaps is gone. Oh wait, he is gone, and the SLC media still stirs the Heaps-Nelson pot. When will it end??

Payson, UT

Idaho Falls, ID

When will it end??

When you lose interest!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Its because are coaches are the very best. Riley won against the very best teams

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Story is about Riley, not "the other guy." Let it go; he's gone.

BYUfaninWashSt | 1:27 a.m. Dec. 24, 2011
Everett, WA

"Have kinda had it with the Bronco, Doman, & Des news hype machine."

Lots of other teams out there to cheer for. Merry Christmas and good luck!

Riley, if you lose to them, you'll be 0-2 against good teams. If you beat them, they'll suddenly be just another chump cupcake. Get used to it. But you've faced tougher things and more bitter criticism already. Whiney fans are a piece of cake.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Riley is an elite level talent who finally has a chance to shine.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Some readers like personal interest stories when there isn't a game commentary. Pass it on by if you are only interested in stories that pay homage to Jake Heaps and why Doman and Bronco are to blame for Riley being a better QB.

Winnemucca, NV
Kaysville, UT

Why to Athletes think that they have so much "adversity"? We hear that word over and over describing college and professional athletes. We read about teams that have overcome "adversity". I love sports, and I love what sports teach young people. This doesn't relate to this article, but when I hear players making millions of dollars talk about adversity because of an injury or because their team was losing and they fought through their slump and began to win, I wonder if people in general really believe that they have undergone some level of adversity. I guess they have been going through a hard time, but it seems so shallow to me. I have watched parents in NICU with their tiny babies who are trying hard to put on a good face. There are no press conferences for them to tell us all about their adversity, and how they have overcome it because of their toughness. The Clinically Depressed individuals that fight every day of their lives to get out of bed and support their families in a state of constant pain, the parents who struggle to feed their families, children and adults with cancer, parents who have lost children. I hope as a society we do put quotes around the word adversity when we refer to athletes and games. There is real adversity in the world. I am happy for athletes who can rise to the top, and hope that they have wonderful lives. I just hope that we never lose sight of what is truly important in our society, and focus on those who have true adversity in their lives.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Dramatic victories against the WAC say all we need to know about the state of the BYU football program.

Murray, UT

Does no one see that we are talking about an 18 year old vs. a 21 year old?

Those 3 years make a HUGE difference in who you really are. Not many 20 something year old players with families are gonna liosten to ANY kid that just graduated High School.

Jake was "Immature"? well Duh! He was a kid, he's supposed to be immature. In a couple of years everyone will marvel at the great job Wiess 'did with him'.

That will be 'wrong' too. It will be because he's finally had to deal with some things AND grow up. It's what kids do when you give them time.

Salt Lake City, UT

Riley is NOT a great quarterback. He might be a great leader, but there is no need to put him in the ranks of Detmer, Young, McMahon or Doman.

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