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Published: Thursday, Dec. 22 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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LaVerkin, Utah

It looks like tattoos better equip Wildcat athletes than Ute athletes. Good luck, tattoo U with the rest of your schedule. Maybe the other teams will have less tattoos, or those tattoos will be less talented than Ute tattoos, but somehow I rather doubt it.

Beverly Hills, CA

"Okay you got Stanford and Oregon yes, HUH? USC ranked in the top 6???"

The AP Top 25 #1 LSU, #2 Bama #3 Ok St. #4 Stan, #5 USC #6 Oregon

Other polls didn't rank USC b/c of post season ban. The AP ranks the best 25 regardless.

USC won at Oregon and finished with a 10-2 record, so why wouldn't they be up there? Many sports national media thought USC was playing as good as anybody in the country.

Tucson, AZ

I don't care to see the Utes win any more than any other non-Ute fan, but it would be nice if we remembered civility even though we can hide our identities in the comments section. Remember that the Utes players are young men that go out and give it their best shot. There is no reason to disrespect their effort just because they may be from a rival school.

On another note, I hope they continue playing instate games. I think it makes for more entertaining games.

Layton, Utah


aha ur correct I did not take the AP into account, I'm big enough to say I stand corrected. carry on.

Murray, UT

The Deseret News would be smart to just suspend all comments on Ute Basketball for three years. Come back in three years and we can begin honest evaluations of the program. The comments now are the same and mostly from the same people on every Ute b-ball article. It is getting rather boring. Ute fans get the picture and it isn't pretty.


Yeah, I remember USA....lost to asu ....who got drilled by Boise State...

Orem, UT

C'mon Larry ... man up! I was starting to become a fan due to the excellent interview that you gave to the D-News. But refusing to schedule Weber and Utah State shows a definite lack of class. Do what's best for basketball in the State. Your struggling little band needs all the goodwill and karma that it can get.


I think it is blatantly obvious that Utah completely lucked out when they were asked to join the PAC 12 and become part of there mighty southern conference.

The Utes basketball program is just plain horrible. It will be a huge up hill battle to sell Utah's program when they are routed by all the in state schools. It appears the shine has been knocked off the PAC 12 penny.

Highland, UT

Merry Christmas

UoU 1991
Park City, UT

If the Utes ever want to be respected again in their home state they're going to have to man up and play BYU, Utah State, and Weber State home-and-home just like they used or all of their boasting about being in a superior conference will be meaningless.

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

utah will be fine, give Coach Kry some time to put his program in place and they will do well in the PAC 10.2. Sorry to read they do not want to schedule games with the other public universities that are supported by the state. Hope the state congress makes funding from the state conditional upon scheduling in-state rivals. Don't schedule USU in football, lose 10% of your state funds. Don't schedule USU of WSU in basketball, lose another 10% per school in funding. Games should be a home & home format. What the u doesn't want in state funds, send it to WSU and USU. As matter of fact, the u should schedule Dixie and SUU in basketball...same rules apply.


I don't blame Utah for not wanting to play any of the in-state rivals. Those are guaranteed losses every year, so why mess with them? bwahahaha

Salt Lake City, UT

The article was about Weber St. and Utah of the PAC-12, not BYU. You're a bit defensive, but it's interesting that the Cougars are always on your mind. BYU fans are impressed.

Idaho Falls, ID

Is Chris Hill still drawing a pay check from the UofU coffers?

Jeff ls
Farr West, 84404

Alright, folks. This is how you make the schedule with the 4 main schools in Utah. Weber St, Utah St., Utah, and BYU. When the Jazz have that eastern road swing in December you have a 2 day round robin tournament at the ESA. It is billed as a Christmas Charity Tournament. You find out the morning of the first games who you play. There are 4 lottery balls and the first two drawn out of the basket play the first game that evening. The next two drawn play in the second game. Winners play winners the next night and the loosers play each other. The benefits are. Charity event. Guaranteed sell out. A food donation and a ticket are required to get in. No home court advantage for anyone. Don't know the schedule so anticipation would be sky high. This little game of my house is bigger than your house is getting way over blown. Come on ESAa and the Jazz organization, make this happen.

I am Cosmo

@Jeff Is



Utah and Colorado were on the expansion list of then the PAC-8 and the PAC-10, I'm sure back before you were even born. And it's not just because of athletics, Utah and Colorado are excellent research institutions. You would be suprised the kind of money that has come in to the U for other departments. The two schools were on the list from the very start.


For what Chris Hill has done for not only the U but the entire state of Utah that statement shows a whole lot of respect. Do you still get payed for the job you do?


You're just like the duck man, something must have happened to you to be so mean when it comes to the U. People can tell when your just having fun and the hatred that you show.


I agree with you, I think all things Utah should be suspended. Utah does something for the best interest of the school and now we are afraid of everyone else in the state. People just don't understand. What a pitty it could be so fun, the hatred is sickening.

Morgan, UT

Although Utah will not be playing Weber any time soon, they will be playing in Ogden as they have a home and home contract with Mt. Ogden Junior High...so they will be in Ogden...

Bye and Bye...Hyrum Junior High in the Logan area is now negotating a home and home with Utah...so even though they will not be playing Utah State, they will be seen in the Logan Valley...

Yet, Utah is setting themselves up for failure with such a tough schedule.

Ogden, UT

Weber wins the OQUIRRH BUCKET!

Weber 3-1 beat usu wins tie
usu 3-1
byu 2-1
utah 0-2

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