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Published: Thursday, Dec. 22 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT


Put up Big Sky banners throughout the city! Every bit of fan gear MUST have the Big Sky logo on it! Go Big Sky. Conference of real Champions!

Hilarious to see how the once decent utes have fallen into the abyss. It is going to take YEARS for them to climb out of this mess.

Can you say LAST place?

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

Congrats on that 3-0 lead utes!

N. Las Vegas, NV

Losing is one thing, but not playing Weber State when you have other cupcakes on your schedule year in and year out is another. What's the problem here, Utah?

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

This does not seem possible. Utah is in the PAC 12 now. They are too big and mighty to loose to anyone. I wonder how many Utes attended the game? It certainly would be foolish for any local talent to select Utah. They will be recruiting only eastern "athletes" to play from now on.

Bo Diddley Tech

Great game Utes! Awesome to be in the Conference of Champions, you're representing!!

Layton, UT

Weber is a really good team and they have the best player in the State.

Utah should not be embarrassed about losing to Weber, but they should be embarrassed about their gutless efforts and lack of teamwork. This year's team would have issues in Division III.

Utes kick it in gear and show that you belong in the PAC-12!

JD Tractor
Iowa City, IA

Why not keep putting WSU on the schedule? What philosophy could Utah have not to schedule local teams that they have played for years, decades? With zero success in the pac 12, have the utes suddenly become to good for everybody in Utah?

Utah is acting like the little brother who accidently got rich and suddenly is to good for his own family. I would really like Utah to explain this "philosophy" why Weber can't be scheduled anymore or USU for that matter too.

Park City, UT

conference of pansies

It's laughable that the Utes think they're too good to play Utah State or Weber State anymore.

O-town, UT

@Lifelong Republican (first mistake)

I know what you are getting at: Utah and the mighty PAC-12. However, I wouldn't be knocking the Big Sky. The WCC was a one-bid conference last year and will be again this year unless Gonzaga loses in the tournament. BYU's close losss to Baylor was still a loss. Oregon at the Delta Center--meh. You're in the same boat now since BYU left the MWC--need to win the conference tournament or play in the NIT or other tournament.

Things aren't good for Utah right now: clearly. At least they stepped up their game. BYU turtled when they could have joined the Big 12 or Big East and hid behind a TV deal that no other team belonging to a conference would have. Basically, they like playing down in basketball and cherry-picking their schedule in football. Don't pretend it is better.

Good luck to all the instate teams the rest of the way, and GO WILDCATS!

Ephraim, UT

What a crock. I thought all these 'power' conferences scheduled teams from the Big Sky and Big West and WCC in order to get ready for their conference schedules?

What could be better than doing that with in-state teams?
Of course,if it was a gimme win then it would be easier to schedule them, right?

You don't get better by scheduling gimme wins left and right, you have to schedule teams that will challenge you. Utah will not be the worst team in Utah or most of the country forever and Coach K2 needs to realize that.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

utah has gotten so good, they probably will scratch BYU off their schedule. Why play a WCC team when you're in the mighty pac-10.2

Last night the conference of champs got royally whipped in both football and basketball by inferior conferences. Sad.

Tooele, UT

Whats laughable is that fans with little knowledge of things that have transpired at Utah are still bagging on them. Have it your way, but remember Utah is playing a really bad hand and its not like they can bluff their way to wins.

As for Utah needing to recruit east coast players because they apparently can't recruit locally now. If I remember right, Jordan Loveridge, the states best player recruited by every in state team and a handful of PAC 12 teams chose the Utes. He's a stud athlete that will be a 4-year starter in hoops.

As for other recruits, Josh Hearlihy, a 6-7 all purpose player out of SoCal chose Utah over Stanford, USC, SDSU, and other PAC 12 schools. Larry Krytkowiak will have this ship turned around, just not this year. Basketball unlike football doesn't take a decade to turn around. Krystko seems to be a great coach to me although you'd never know this year playing with unrecruited JuCo guys who don't belong in D1 basketball.

Yeah, I'd like to see Utah play Weber and Utah State every year, but please don't get so excited about beating the worst UofU basketball team in school history when you've won 1 in the last 10, now 2 in a 11. If I remember right, when Utah was just bad which is an improvement over this team, you couldn't beat Utah. USU couldn't beat Utah at the HC. I hope they start playing again, but Utah's schedule is a little more unique now as they can only schedule no more than 8 out of conference teams. With pre-season tournaments always in the mix it doesn't leave many openings on the schedule. Has nothing to do with being scared of Weber or Logan. Go Ute's

Layton, Utah

No surprise here.

Pac chumpions indeed.

ASU gets destroyed in the Vegas bowl. What a joke of a conference.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

have the red rocks started their season yet?

Salt Lake City, UT

Tsk, tsk, tsk. The Conference of Champions indeed.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The rundown Utes are the laughing stock of the state; they'd have a tough time beating the other team on the hill -- East HS.

South Jordan, Utah

So much for the "surging" Utes. For this Utah team, 3 wins against teams from the bottom of the barrel IS something to be proud of. At least they can't lay claim to the worst D-1 team in America. Maybe next year.

Enjoy your three wins this year Utah.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Why not schedule Weber St.? In the preseason one does not schedule teams from superior conferences.

Syracuse, UT

The whole reason that the u is not going to play the likes of Weber State, USU, and try to scratch off BYU is that they do not want people to say that they are the worst team in the State. By not playing any of those teams then you can debate it back and forth, but if you play them and then lose to all of them, there is no doubt that you are the worst and then there goes all the recruiting not only in the State, but everywhere else that the other schools are recruiting from also.

Layton, Utah

Ev Vogue said it best

"Back to life, Back to reality" "Back from fantasy yeah" Resurgent Utes,ahhahahahaha.

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