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Okur traded to nets in business move for a 2015 second-round pick, trade exception

Published: Thursday, Dec. 22 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

I dont like it. Yeah memo hasn't been the same for awhile but why wouldnt we get someone in return who could help? What ever happened to loyalty? M

Burley, ID

Kanter's performance in the past two games obviously convinced the Jazz that Okur services were no longer needed.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

I am sad to see a great guy leave the team and the community. I think it was a good business move though. Best of luck to you Memo!


Watch the fair weather fans jump off the band wagon or start saying fire K.O.C
It was a good move as much as I love Memo Jazz are probably going for ak for a 2 year deal now or a shooter

Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks Memo! But, now it's time to give the minutes to the young guns! I'm ready for Favors to Kanter to take over.


Dumping Memo is a couple years past due. However, I wish him the best of luck in New Jersey.

Dick of the NW
Bainbridge Island, Washington

Unless there are other moves to be made, I don't like this at all. If Okur is really healthy, then I REALLY don't like this. He was a mentor to Enis Kanter and good in the locker room. I bet he feels this is a kick in the gut. Good Luck to Memo except when he plays the Jazz. He enjoyed SLC and called it home. Yes, I don't like this at all.

Temecula, CA

This is a great move, good for all concerned. Kanter and Memo can still communicate important matters via phone and internet and when they are both in each others NBA cities or visiting Turkey. I never liked Memo as a center, although his rebounding improved in the year before he injured his achilles tendon. I liked watching him swish 3s, but I wished for a more athletic center who played excellent defense. Maybe the Jazz will try for Fes again, or just develop what they have. I like Fes backing up Favors at C with Milsap/Evans backing up Jefferson at PF. With no word for awhile, it looks like Fes's ship has sailed, though.

Watching, UT

This is a good move for the Jazz. After watching the last two games, it is obvious, that Memo can't guard the smaller quicker PF's or C for that matter. This year is his swan song.. Use his 10.8 mill and package Harris to get a get an up grade at the point. As for Memo, Yes he can still shoot, but.

Good luck in NJ

Temecula, CA

Oops! I left out Kanter. I think he and Evans should each get 5-10 minutes a game, and I would like that 15 or so minutes deducted from Jefferson's total.

Santa Ana, CA

I wish him the best. O' Connor is starting to win me over. We just saved 10 million that will be helpful later. It was clear he was not going to be able to come back to where he was. The continuity needed to change and go with the youth. We now have our 13 players and should be ready to go. Plus we got another good draft pick potentially.


My first reaction was one of surprise, we didn't get much for him in return. Then I felt a little bad for Okur because he just got back from injury, is being separated from his Turkish buddy, and has to move his family. What I like about the trade is that we don't have to pay him $10M anymore and he's not taking minutes away from Kanter/Favors. I wonder what we'll use the trade exception on? D12 (we can only dream)? KOC also can find us a good 2nd rd pick (Jeremy Evans). Goodbye Okur, hope you'll be happy and successful in NJ with D-Will and possible your buddy AK. We appreciate your 7 yrs in Utah and all your 3's and floor stretching shots.

Cowboy Joe
Encampment, WY

Millsap and Miles be on alert. Everyone conected to Dwill is going to be gone. The Jazz need to change the culture be cleansing itself of the Dwill mentality. The Chicago and New Jersey Jazz. The bulls have 3 jazz men and the nets have 5 and if the sign ak47 6.

Captain L
Provo, UT

This trade was a good thing, Okur was past his prime, he was costing alot of money and he would have taken time from the young bigs we now have. Good move by KOC. Okur was probably the second highest paid player on the team and money wise this was smart. I hope Favors and Kanter both get major minutes so they can develop and get confident and comfortable. Okur always was a liability defensively, he will be missed for his shooting and his personality and character, but all in all it was a good move.


Does Kevin O'Connor work for the jazz or the nets? You really couldn't get anything else for Memo? I realize you are friends with the nets GM, but you shouldn't just give away great talent. You work for the jazz!! Also, the jazz should already have plenty of money since we no longer have Kirelenkos contract....oh he's most likely going to be on the nets as well......oh.......our other highest paid player from last year is on the nets too, D-Will. That is 3 of the jazz highest paid players from last year on the nets this year. Is it legal to have a GM work for two teams?


Wait....a shooter? Oh we just traded our best shooter so we could sign a shooter. Shows how much you know you fan of all weathers.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Nothing but a salary dump. Memo was the quintessential Jazz man, and very loyal to the organization. His family loved it here and wanted to be here (unlike so many players; you listening Boozer?). If his salary versus playing time was an issue, why not try to renegotiate his contract? More years for similar money...he might have stuck around. We will miss his outside shooting...badly. We will miss his quiet leadership and example also. I am very saddened by this.

Alpine, UT

Memo's achilles is not 100%, evidenced by his hobbled performance this year. His NBA career will continue to fade, unfortunately for him and the Nets. He's been good for the Jazz.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

So the Jazz trade Okur for a mid-level exception and a half-eaten pepperoni pizza? Hate to say it but the Jazz came out better in that trade...

Provo, UT

Plenty of great clutch shots from Okur but the problem was too many injuries and with the Jazz lately no big games where clutch shots are needed. Good luck in NJ, I think he can a playoff team and the Jazz are no longer that.

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