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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 21 2011 8:00 p.m. MST

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Highland, UT


I think what flatlander was doing was expressing his angst at BYU getting most of the good qb recruits while utah is left with the dregs. I understand why this pains him and you perfectly explained it.

Highland, UT


And yet you entire presence on this article is "trolling" and instead of posting anything at all about the subject at hand you spent your entire post complainging about another poster. I own you guys. I can at anytime get an angst filled response out of any of you.



Please take a deep breath and read my post again DH, you were an afterthought.
But now that you brought it up............ sounds like the Utes own you. You can't even give Lark the kudo's he deserves without bringing up the Utes.
Com'n really, do you need a hug?

Iowa City, IA

Lark seems like a good kid. Maybe he'll get his chance vs Tulsa!

Just a thought:

I wonder if ALL of these scholarship back-up QBs really, really want to play as starter OR if some are simply content being back-up, playing on the practice squads, travelling with the team, going to college for free, enjoying the college experience---and doing it all without the stress of being the starter. I'm sure there are those who can't stand being on the bench, but I'm guessing there are those who are OK with mop-up duty.

"If you were to combine the career performances of Heaps (So.), Nelson (Jr.), Lark (Jr.), and Munns (So.), they would have completed 493 of 656 passes for 5,293 yds and 34-TDs.

If you were to do so similarly with Wynn (Jr.), Hays (Jr.), Robles (So.), and Shreve (Fr.), they would have completed 461 OF 779 passes for 5,656 yds and 40-TDs."

Shhhh! Naval Vet. BYU "fans" are so fond of thinking of their school as being the only one to even play the position of QB....


Everybody loves teh backup QB...does teh name Riley Nelson ring a bell?

Portland Beavers


I'm glad you don't have a problem with me getting on these byu articles. The last three Utah articles you have been the first to post. I am not the one that made this a U v Y thing, you are, re-read your post. I read the article about the kid and was quite pleased how he has approached his experience. There really wasn't anything for me to say until you made it a U/Y thing.

Where do the feelings of the U that you have come from? There are people like USAlover, or the guy from So. Cal that just don't know any better but you I would certainly not want to run into you with my Utah Hoodie on, something happened to you to have such feelings of Utah and it's athletic program.


James is a class act. Smart, very fleet of foot and like Riley can extend the play. The QB position is in extremely capable and courageous hands.

Most importantly, BYU will be just fine.

Cougar in Texas
Houston, TX

Naval Vet

The stats you provided also show Utah QBs attempted 123 more passes to get 32 fewer completions? You sure?

Also, your aggregate years in the system approach is flawed. Since Utah went slim on the QB depth, of course they'll have fewer aggregate years. By your standard, Larry Egger (2 years in Utah's system) was a better QB than Alex Smith (3 years) and Brandon Doman (5 years in BYU's system) because he threw for more yards than they did.

Salt Lake City, UT

All these wonderful QBs at the Y and still 54-10.

Saint George, Utah

Wonder all you want, James Lark is not one of those players! He is grateful for all he has but has a burning desire to be on the field running the team.


Wow. Really? I'm sure Jake Heaps is a good kid, not so sure he's everything he was projected to be. I agree that people should now let it go, but, you, my friend, need to protect your health and sanity and let it go the most.

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