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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 20 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Bountiful, UT

"Despite my sarcasm I'm actually interested to see what he can do. We are now going to find out if it is real or just hype with this guy."

I hope he does well and I'm interested to see what this does to the Hawaii/BYU rivalry. Next year's game in Provo just got a little more interesting...

Syracuse, UT

@ Utephan2
"the glory days might return."

You are correct. Too bad that it was just days for the u and YEARS for BYU. The glory days of the u are in the past and will stay in the past forever more. The glory days of BYU will be right around the corner and will continue again for decades.

Oh and by the way.......Mark it down!

Portland Beavers

I understand the game perfectly and am not bothered, or fazed, by it in the least.

Yes you are, that's why all the comments come on these Ute articles. You use the words "classless" and "hypocrisy" of Utah fans, the way I see it we are just stating the truth. When was the last time a coach at the Y went somewhere to coach (other than the fired ones). Why is it that coaches at the U are always on some other schools list, including coach Whit.

I personally don't think you have an understanding of the game, you are bothered and fazed by the fact the U has past the cougars by in football. If you really did understand the difference in playing an Arizona State one week and then Cal the next. BYU plays Idaho one week the next week New Mexico State. You say things like "less disrable location in the bottom of the PAC-12", a totally jealous statement, (Provo is a better place). Utah will be just fine and play next year in the PAC-12.

You cannot believe the players (PAC-12) we got to see this year, NFL next.


Merry Christmas

Salt Lake City, UT

Good for Coach Chow. He has earned it!

Evanston, WY

This is a great guy that should have been a head coach years ago. I hate to see him leave Utah but, not under these circumstances. I wish him nothing but the best.

Portland Beavers


Mark it down, I'm doing that right now. How can you have glory days when you are nothing playing for nothing. That's where the y is headed, 1 loss and you're done. I see more than 1 loss for the cougs next year.

Mark it down

South Weber, UT

Peace and safety to all this holiday season.

Bountiful, UT

@Portland Beavers
"Why is it that coaches at the U are always on some other schools list, including coach Whit."

Another post that probably should've been thought through before posting. I know Duckhunter gets under your skin, but he only does it for the reaction and when you fire off posts that aren't accurate then it rewards him.

Bronco was on the short list for the UCLA job and asked them to take his name off the list. I think the UCLA job is better than the ASU job that Kyle didn't interview for but was rumored to be interested in.

The only HC job Kyle has been offered, the Tennessee job, he turned down. His offer came after 5 or 6 other coaches before him all turned it down. Even the HC at Duke turned it down before it was offered to Kyle. If the HC at Duke is turning down a job you know it stinks.

For 30 yrs or so BYU had the same coach, Lavell Edwards. Who knows what college jobs he was offered or asked to interview for and declined. We do know that the Detroit Lions wanted him after the 1984 National Championship (cont-)

Bountiful, UT

@Portland Beavers

...season and he contemplated it but in the end turned them down. Since he retired they've only had 2 other coaches. Crowton turned out to be an utter disaster and all Cougar fans readily acknowledge that. He's not getting any HC jobs but he has certainly been able to land marquee OC jobs at prestigious football schools like Oregon, LSU, etc.

What's silly about your post is that Norm Chow, Kyle Whittingham, Aaron Roderick and Kalani Sitake are all former BYU coaches. Norm Chow has had quite a track record of high profile jobs since leaving BYU, including the NFL. Kyle also has done pretty well for himself.

BYU has had their share of lame coaches but so has Utah (Stobart, Lovat, etc), what's ironic is the shared history we have with BYU when it comes to good coaches (you can probably throw Utah St in there for that matter). With so many ties together between the 2 institutions, when you put down one, you're putting down the other as well.

Portland Beavers

Sorry BiggerUtefan I guess I'm the silly one today. Got to be honest with ya, never really thought about where the coaches have come from. Just know that they really do a pretty good job at both places. Just trying to have some fun. The duck man does the same thing, the others I think they are just young and don't know any better.

Merry Christmas

Durham, NC

I am so very happy for him. He absolutely deserves this opportunity. I hope he is able to make the most of it.

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