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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 20 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Payson, UT

Provo, UT

Congratulations, Norm!! This is well-deserved. Hawai'i no ka oe!

I know I'm slow with this wazzup, but it's "Hawai'i no ka 'oi" not "oe." The expression translates as "Hawaii the best" but "oe" is singular "you."

Norm Chow will be a great fit in Hawaii and I wish him the best there. This will make BYU/Hawaii games all the more exciting.


Norm Chow will go down as one of the great offensive minds in NCAA history. With his development of Heisman Trophy QB's and he successes at USC and BYU, no one can doubt his ability. I thought the job he did at Utah with minimal talent showed his greatness. He adapted to the talent that he had on hand, including a change at QB. Utah will need a veteran OC, not Rodrick and Stramm. I am excited for Norm to get the Hawaii job. I wish him well. He will be able to recruit the islands which will hurt both Utah and BYU.

Marysville, WA

Of rats and sinking ships

Highland, UT


1st of all thank you for your obsession with me and 2nd of all I haven't changed my opinion about chow one bit. he is a has been and Hawaii is just as welcome to him as utah was.

Were you trying to prove something with your post? other than proving you're obsessed with me I'm not really sure what it was? I'd ask you to explain it but I guess I just dont really care what you thought you were 'proving'.

Merry Christmas!

Portland Beavers


The class you have is our obsession, nothing like calling a gentleman who has been part of a 39 year sucessful career a "has been". Doesn't matter what profession, 39 years deserves a lot more respect than that. I know there isn't any Ute fan that would get on this thread and call Lance Reynolds a "has been"

You come on here stating that someone is obsessed with you, I know you have a very high opinion of yourself. But, I as a Ute fan cannot get over how obsessed you are with the Utes.

Norm Chow has done some great things while coaching football and now he gets his chance at a head coaching job, Hawaii. Coach Whit knows he is going to loose coaches and Utah will be just fine finding a new one. Our next OC is going to be a suprise to everyone-Mike McKoy is going to come home.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

PortlandBeavers: Why would Mike McCoy leave as the OC for the Denver Broncos to be the OC at the college level? No way he does that. The only way McCoy ends up here is if the Broncos fire him. I don't think that happens, not this year. If anything, expect Aaron Roderick to slide back into the OC position and Brian Johnson to have a higher profile role in game planning than he did this year. Both got great experience with Chow this year.

McCoy is a fantastic OC. My guess is that he becomes a head coach in the NFL before he ever ends up at the college level.

Portland Beavers

@govt rocks

We'll see


I agree that Mike Sanford would be just what the doctor ordered to replace Chow. Not only was he successful as the OC under Meyer, but with less than average talent as the head coach at UNLV, remember the beating he laid on the Utes 27-0 a few years back! With Kyles defensive brain and Sanford running the offense, the glory days might return. Also, Sanford's extensive background as an assistant in the Pac 12 makes him a great fit for the program today.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"But I still don't understand, isn't the WAC a massive step down from the PAC??"

What I don't understand is how you struggle mindlessly with the notion that a promotion to a Head Coaching position is a massive step UP over a coordinator position. Breaking it down further for you, before the LAST Warrior coach was fired, he was earning $1.1 million/yr. Chow currently makes $275K/yr. For the mathematically disinclined, that's equivalent to a 300% pay raise. And that's not even all....Did you know that Chow is FROM Hawai'i? This creates a chance for him to return home, so that would be yet ANOTHER reason why he'd want to leave SLC.

So did THAT simplify his motives a bit easier for you?

And for what it's worth, Hawai'i played it's last WAC [football] game 2 1/2 wks ago. As far as football is concerned, they're MWC now.

But don't worry. You're still WAC.

There's yet ANOTHER reason for why he'd leave

Highland, UT

@the beav

But beav it wasn't me that brought myself into this, it was failstorm. I do enjoy reading your biased posts because they are funny but they are still biased. Hey that's fine but of course all of the ute fan posts about Bronco, Doman, and all the other BYU coaches simply shows that you only look at the supposed "classlessness" from one direction. That is commonly refered to as hypocrisy and that is a true utah "fan" trait.

Highland, UT

Oh and utah "fans", on the mike sanford topic. It was pretty well reported that whittingham and sanford don't get along and wittingham refused to even shake hands with him after the 27-0 humiliation a few years ago. Then sanford made some derogatory remarks about whittingham, etc.

I believe it all began because sanford thought he should get the utah job over whittingham and chris hill told him he wouldn't get it and then just grew from there. So has that all been put behind them?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"ute coaches running from the program. chow gone and sitake looking to probably follow. But how could this be? utah "fans" have been telling us how being in the pac10 is the end all be all and why would any coach ever want to leave. Sure they'll justify chow's bailing on them by saying he got a promotion but what about sitake? Isn't it a move down?"

A Pac-12 to MWC lateral migration typically IS a move down. But for Sitake, it's at least a chance to return home. He's FROM Hawai'i you know. Nevertheless, this step down may also be a good overall career move for him if he harbors any intentions to succeed the 65-yr old Chow as a Head-Coach-in-waiting. Because THEN, the UH job could be a step up, since Sitake would NOT be considered a Head-Coach-in-waiting at the U.

Losing a great offensive mind in Chow is not good for the Utah program, but replacing Sitake shouldn't be too challenging.

South Weber, UT

@ Duckbutter
Always the other guy stirring up the mud .
It's just not like you to accept responsibility for your ill phrased comments,
Again the article is about Norm Chow and his new HC job, not about the put downs you throw out at random.

Highland, UT

@Naval Vet

Ok, I don't disagree with any of that. As a matter of fact I think the exact same thing. But I was just being sarcastic for utah "fans" sakes since they have been telling us for a couple of years now how great the pac12 is blah, blah, blah. The point is that being a coordinator at a bottom tier pac12 team in a less than desirable location is not necessarily better than the same job in your home state, which just happens to be a paradise, at a school in a 'lesser' conference. I can see that and it appears you see it as well. Plus I agree with you that replacing him shouldn't be all that difficult. The defense is whittingham's, he can teach it to anyone. I'm sure scally would do just as good a job as sitake given a couple of years.

But it doesn't appear that Sitake is leaving anyway, they have been reporting on the radio today that he has called up several media people to tell them he isn't going to Hawaii. I haven't heard any official statements or interviews yet but that is what they are reporting.

Highland, UT

But failstorm you are the one cataloging all my posts and you are the one that posted them here, in this article about chow, not me. In case you need it explained to you, and it appears that you do, you are the one bringing it up here, not me. Good grief you are basicly beside yourself and unhinged over me. I really enjoy that I have done this to you.


Bountiful, UT

"This is what happens when your program accomplishes things in the eyes of other programs/coaches. Your coaching staff gets the opportunity to get promoted.

Something BYU just doesn't have to worry about."

Geez, at least put some thought into your posts. Think this through here, you're claiming that Norm's leading Utah to one of the worst offenses in all of college football in his one season is the reason he's getting this job?

Well, of course, it OBVIOUSLY has nothing to do with his 27 yrs as an offensive innovator & pioneer at BYU, developing 3 Heisman winning QB's (including Ty Detmer), success in developing NFL QB's (Nielsen, Wilson, McMahon, Young, Detmer, Rivers, Palmer, Leinart, etc), coaching on a National Championship team (BYU '84 & USC '03 & '04), etc?

Right now, you should prolly just change your profile name and never use williary again because you will always and forever be remembered for one of the most moronic posts ever on a DN article.

Don't feed the Duhhk
South Weber, UT

@ Duckhunter
Th Hailstorm is right. Your criticism of the Utes far outweigh your credibility.

Highland, UT


Nice post. When I read williary's poorly thought out post I also wondered what it was he thought Norm Chow helped utah "accomplish" this season? For the life of me I can't find much in the way of accomplishments at all let alone offensively.

Now if you go back in Norm's history, and to be honest it is getting to be ancient history, he has some accomplishments that probably warranted an opportunity like this one. But nothing he did recently, especially this current season at utah, is going to be all that impressive to "other programs/coaches" unless they are impressed with running the worst offense in your conference and one of the worst in the entire country. Nope that is not what got him this job. His lifetime accomplishments are what got him the job and they seem to have been enough to make this last year at utah, and the previous 3 at ucla, not to damaging to his resume.

Despite my sarcasm I'm actually interested to see what he can do. We are now going to find out if it is real or just hype with this guy.

Highland, UT

@don't feed the duhhk

You do realize that i don't care what utah "fans" think? You see I realize my "crediblity" to utah "fans" has nothing to do with whether or not I am correct, it is completely dependent on whehter or not I am critical of, or praising, utah and its "fans".

If I got on here and praise utah, and praised it "fans", in otherwords basicly lied a bunch, then you would all deem me "credible". If on the otherhand i get on here and am honest and point out how classless the "fans" are and how hypocritical they are, then I lack "credibility with those "fans".

I understand the game perfectly and am not bothered, or fazed, by it in the least.

Merry Christmas!

Marine Corps Vet
Tempe, AZ

To williary, utesby3 and others commenting on the darth of coaches having matriculated from BYU, please note article just posted in the DN sports section by the Wall Street Journal wherein WSJ has done a study of all coaches currently at the D-1 level, some 1,300 +/-. Number (1) is Iowa with 16, tied for second is BYU with 15. Utah, to their credit, is also mentioned having spawned 9. Once again, it's best to have the facts before opening mouth or flexing fingers on keyboard. Saves on embarassment.

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