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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 20 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Now Utah will look to BYU to provide another football coach!

Eagle Mountain, UT

I am really happy to see him get his chance. I will be pulling for him to do well in Hawaii.
The timing is pretty good for Utah with two very good QB's coming in next year. They will likely have a year to learn the new OC's system while Wynn or Hays plays out their last year. It diddn't look like Utah was set to have a great season offensively anyway with who is graduating and the qb situation what it is. It would have been much worse if this had happened one or two years from now.
Just hope that he doesn't persuede any key coaches to go with him.

Band Of Roscoes
Salt Lake City, UT

True that Jake Heaps is following Norm Chow to Hawaii?
Rrecruiting NFL talent already.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"Wasn't that impressed with his performance this year as OC. Hopefully we can get some fresh blood in there to improve our O-line and quarterback positions."

And here all this time I thought Chow was the best thing since sliced bread.

Syracuse, UT

Were we not hearing a year ago about how the ute fans were all saying that Norm was the greatest offensive mind in football and how he was going to take the u to the Rose Bowl and beyond? I guess he saw how bad things were on the Hill and decided that his alma mater was not what it used to be and hurried and put in for a head joy to get away.



Wow, you are so completely right. Great comment man. You should be on sportscenter.

Aurora, CO

Ouch! One and done. Guess the writing was on the wall. His promise of the "high powered" Ute offense couldn't shift gears. Georgia Tech is taking a sigh of relief. They didn't know how they were going to handle the Runnin' Utes.

Provo, UT

Congratulations Coach!

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Re: Louisiana Cougar "Well deserved and a great fit!"

Re: Timpman "Good for Norm, I'm glad he finally got his chance!"

I agree with both of you, but those statements (in addition to many more) are 10-15 years late. What has Chow done over the past 7 years, ever since leaving USC, to show he's still the offensive wizard he was prior to that. Everyone pulling for Chow seems to be lost in "yester year." Why Hawaii would be interested in building a program behind someone who has been far, far less productive over the past 7 years is beyond me. Time will only tell.

And now for you trolls, whose offense more than struggle this year, except for your 52-10 thumping of the Cougs, what are you going to do with the third OC in 3 years? This can't hone well for Jordan Wynn's development. Perhaps you can make it to El Paso again.

I Will Be Till I Die
Holladay, UT

@UteMiguel - I heard on the radio a few minutes ago that Chow may actually be taking Sitake with him.

I'm less worried about the D than the O - we still have KWhit to install and oversee his D no matter who the coordinator is, but this will be the 5th O coordinator in 7 years. I hope Kyle does a thorough search, and doesn't just knee-jerk and promote Schramm or Roderick - we're a PAC-12 program that deserves a top-notch, experienced offensive coordinator.

Sandy, UT

We'll miss you coach, but this opportunity is long overdue. Thanks for your contributions to the U and good luck in Hawaii!

Riverton, UT

Isn't it funny that in this profession no one looks at job-hopping as a negative? Should have been a coach...

Provo, UT

Congratulations, Norm!! This is well-deserved. Hawai'i no ka oe! If we could get Robert Anae up at the U. Their strength in recruiting Polynesian players will increase with Robert. Unfortunately for BYU, it'll be downhill for them for strong Polynesian players. The numbers are already decreasing.

Sandy, UT

I hope the best for him! Good luck coach!

Kearns, UT


This is what happens when your program accomplishes things in the eyes of other programs/coaches. Your coaching staff gets the opportunity to get promoted.

Something BYU just doesn't have to worry about.

Kearns, UT

@Tom in CA

Chow did a terrific job this year. Installing a new system, without a D1 QB once Wynn went down, and a JC running back that nobody had any expectations for. All of those hurdles bundled with the first year in the Pac-12, the adjustments Chow made playing without a QB were masterful.

He was ever bit what most Utah fans expected. He managed to keep this year from being a disaster when Wynn was hurt.

Charlotte, NC

I guarantee they are celebrating at the University of Utah today and next year at this time Hawaii will be wondering what on earth they got themselves into.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks Norm for the part you played in the 54-10 humiliation at LES. That one was EPIC and was one for the ages.

Sandpiper Air
Salt Lake City, UT

Some are saying that he didn't do a good job this year at Utah. Stop and think where the utes would have been without out him. In my opinion he is the one that kept the utah season from being a huge disaster. He brought in Hayes very late which was a big pickup with the QB situation at the u. I wish him the best.

San Leandro, CA

This hurts my soul. Good for him though. He did a great job with the tools he was given at Utah this year, I just hope that this doesn't hurt our immediate qb recruits...

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