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Published: Monday, Dec. 19 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Las Vegas, NV

It's done, time to move on!

Provo, UT

It is so easy to make judgments without facts: you simply engage your personal bias and spew. People were sure there was no communication between Jake and the coaches, that he was going to take his fellow recruits with him, or that BYU dropped the ball.

Even adjusting for political spin, it looks as though the "rift" between Heaps and Doman was non-existent. Clearly Apo, Stout and Van Noy are still with the team, and Jake is looking at Kansas. I guess Charlie Weis is going to have to make him an NFL star. We'll know in three or four years.


Why are we still dwelling on this very over done story ? Heaps is out, bye-bye, gone, so long, later, lets get over this old and distracting story.

Lehi, UT

BYU coaches, please stop the blatant facade. Heaps' transfer is a bad reflection on BYU and the coaching staff, espcially Bronco and Brandon (B&B? Is that the origin of the "Band of Brothers"?) Now they are trying to be diplomatic about the whole thing. Sad!

Everett, WA

Mendenhall said he didn't necessarily try to convince Heaps to stay at BYU.

Doman wasn't surprised that Heaps ultimately decided to leave...

Sounds like coaches really pulled out all the stops to keep Heaps at BYU. Not.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Answer: All the time.

Question: How often does this type of thing happen in college football?

Spin it all you want. BYU is going to turn this into a win/win. Heaps wasn't willing to stick around and beat out Riley Nelson. If he can find a program that will accept that attitude and work ethic (or lack thereof), then the more power to him.

My allegiance goes to BYU and the men that play for that team.

Go Cougs!

Charlotte, NC

Of course they wanted him to stay. Coaches want all the options they can get. If the quarterbacks that come in over the next couple of years don't work out, they have one with some game experience. But Heaps wants to play and you can't blame him for that. He saw that he will probably be a back-up the rest of his career at BYU and he doesn't want that. I do hope that his impatience and unwillingness to complete for the job doesn't do him in. It does seem that he thinks he should be anointed the started (like is was originally) rather than have to win the job. I think his only chance to play on a regular basis is to move on to a WAC or MWC school. He will be a backup anywhere else.

Danbury, CT

Heaps should read the article on "Writing a Failure Resume" in yesterday's D-News. I think it is sad he couldn't suck it up and learn from the situation. He played poorly this year and stomped off when it didn't suit him to sit on the bench. The first thing he needs to improve is his attitude.

I don't agree that the coaches should have made a stronger effort to keep him. It's Heap's decision after all. I hope you that disagree let your kids decide once in a while on their life's course...

Rugeley, Staffs

Kouger, there is no diplomacy going on here. If you knew anything at all about Brandon Doman, you would know that he is as honest as the day is long. He is merely telling it the way it was.

Players all want to play every minute of every game. Jake Heaps has ambition to play in the NFL, and cannot see himself getting there if he is not the starting QB in College. He obviously cares more about himself than he does about the team. When you are that way, your team-mates see it in you, and you do not get their support. I think it speaks volumes that Apo, Stout and Van Noy are not going anywhere with him. They have seen that he is not up to the hype. For me, he was great until put under pressure. I am sixty years of age, but could QB a team against some of the teams that he has led the Cougars to beat. (I played a real man's game, Rugby League, at a high level, in the position equivalent of the QB, and it is when the going is tough that people look to you to step up.)

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Why are we still talking about Jake Heaps???? Apply you principles "Forgive and Forget"!

What To Do
Salt Lake City, UT

This is too Funny for words.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

As to who to believe according to this article, between the BYU Coaches and the spinning Pundits, about the why's and wherefore's, I am in the coaches corner.

What you have here is a young man who thought the whole world revolved around him. When it stopped, he checked out.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

BYUfaninWashSt | 11:42 p.m. Dec. 19, 2011

Mendenhall said he didn't necessarily try to convince Heaps to stay at BYU.

Doman wasn't surprised that Heaps ultimately decided to leave...

Sounds like coaches DID communicate with him regularly, and unlike what others would have perhaps done, they tried to help him make a decision that was best for JAKE. They wanted him, they invested a lot of time in him, they loved him (in a manly, football sort of way), but they didn't try to do what was best for the coaches, the team or BYU, but what was best for Jake.

I don't have a problem with that, why do you?

Orem, UT

It's unfortunate, I wish he'd stay. I think it's a bad decision. It's not often a quarterback transfers and it ends up working out better for him.

Frisco, TX

Heaps decision to transfer is not a reflection on BYU coaches at all. It's only a reflection on Jake. Jake lost the starting QB job to a 2 star rated QB, once again proving how meaningless the stars are.

I'm sure Jake knew he would not be the starter next year, once Riley got the starting nod against Hawaii and performed superbly.

Jake couldn't handle the rejection or adversity and decided to seek greener pastures. The coaches didn't push him out of the program or kick him off the team. He decided to leave, and it was his decision.

That's the story. Let's quit analyzing it over and over. Thousands of kids transfer from one college to another for many different reasons. He transfered, it's over, let's be done with it.

The only other story I want to read about Jake is where he transfers to, and we should know that within the next week. I don't need to know why he chose the school over another. I don't need to know where he held the press conference to announce his new school. I don't need to know when they will win a National Championship or Heisman.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Imature with a big ego. He has a lot of growing up to do.

ed in atl
Duluth, GA

Kouger you are a come on man comment. The coaches did not make him go after the DB on the pick 6 at Ole Miss. I like Jake, but the Junior High move with the bad snap against Utah did him in. That was stupid! But the decision came down to his wife she was humiliated at a game. Bronco wants fighters.

Hayden, ID

Re. ed in atl...It was reported on local media that Jake's wife was not humililiated by fans at a game, the people who were alledged to have said some unkind things to her, were not even at the game. This according to recent media, but it could be incorrect.

center valley, pa

Everybody needs to stop criticizing Mendenhall and Doman!! What choice did they have? Heaps looked terrible and was clearly not producing!! They are measured by wins and losses, not who is playing quarterback!! Jake Heaps, on the other hand, saw it completely diffently. He felt he should be the starter no matter how pathetic the offense was or whether the team won or lost. It wasn't about wins or losses for Jake, it was about whether he would be drafted in the first round!! His decision to leave was purely selfish and based on a tantrum after he was told that he needed to learn and develop more as a D1 quaterback. How can anyone out there say that Heaps deserved to be the starting q-back after the way he played this year?

I'm sure that the only question JH asked Charlie Weiss at Kansas or any other coach for that matter is this: I'll be the starting quarterback, RIGHT?!!

Nampa, ID

College players don't play football for life lessons. They play for a shot at the big time. There is nothing wrong with wanting to go to the NFL. All the players at BYU should want that. They should all strive for that level of play. The team is not going to win a national championship any time soon, so why not shoot for the NFL?

Unwillingness to compete? He competed for the starting job and lost. He was never going to win in this offensive scheme. He recognized that. Since when is it wrong to stop beating your head against a brick wall? When you realize the wall will win, you should try something else. You don't stay around until your dead. Do we tell battered women to stay with thier abusive husbands? "Come on tough it out, take one for the family!" (I'm totally not calling Heaps a battered woman).

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