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Published: Sunday, Dec. 18 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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"The University of Utah should take time to honor Rick Majerus, Ron McBride."

Totally agreed.

Burley, ID

McBride put Utah football on the path it is now on. Majerus made Utah a basketball force again during his reign as coach. Both men deserve to honored for what they brought to the U.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yea for Ron, nay for Rick. Perhaps Rick should be honored because he may have saved the U millions in discrimination lawsuits by leaving. I was personally disgusted by some of his conduct at practice and with other people. I also really like Jeff Judkins. I would honor him for his playing accomplishments before Rick for his coaching. I believe Rick drove off Jeff and with it a solid base for in-state recruiting. Things were never the same after Jeff was run out of town.

No Mike, yea for Ron, nay for Rick.

Sandy, UT

it was actually 4 sweet 16's, 2 elite 8's, 1 final 4 and 1 final. As well as 9 conference title's. His teams lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament only once in ten tries. NBA players from his years were Josh Grant, Keith Vanhorn, Andre Miller, Michael Doleac and Hanno Mottola. Utah was a dominant program in the west when he coached there. He definitely needs to be recognized.


Posthumous for Majerus would be soon enough.

Sandy, UT


I agree.
Honor Majerus and Judkins.
No, to Rick.

The "Curse of the Juddy" will continue to plague the Utah Basketball Program for generations to come.

Softball Dad
Woods Cross, UT

I definitely agree that they really have to wait until they are done coaching somewhere else before they honor them. It would seem a little awkward to try to do it while they are a sitting coach. I am not sure of "Big Rick's" health but that could make his iffy in the future.

I think now is the time for Ron.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Real Deal;
I remember that Miller and Van Horn had good NBA careers and Doleac had a decent one. I am not familiar with Mottola or Grants NBA careers though. I thought both of them failed to make an NBA roster.

As far as the coaches go, I think it would be great to honor McBride. He was a class act.
Although I think Majerus was a jerk to his players and assistants and he left Utah in the Lurch, he did put Ute basketball on the map so I guess it would be a classy move to honor him. I would wait until he ritires again. Otherwise he probably wouldn't come unless it was done out of season.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

@Bluto: the "curse of Juddy"?
You do realize Utah has been to the NCAA tournament, won conference titles and had a #1 pick all since Juddy left, right? Most programs would love to be cursed like that.

Long Time Ute

As long as Chris Hill is at the U it will never happen to either one.

Sandy, UT

@ Alternate: I couldn't disagree more. I'm a big fan of Judkins, but who did more for the Ute b-ball program? I would have to say Majerus did far more than Judkins. Everyone knows that he was no saint in the way he dealt with players and assistant coaches, so let's not nominate him as man of the year. Instead let's honor him as the excellent coach he was.

Highland, UT

@ernie bass

Yea I'm sure utah "fans" are really enjoying the last 7 years. This year being the high point?

Salt Lake City, UT

We should ask Lance Allred if Rick should be honored.
I think the quote could go like this. "No amount of success on the court can compensate for failure off the court".

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT

"The most successful college basketball coach the state of Utah has ever seen."

Hold on there, Mike. Just because you never saw them, doesn't mean they didn't exist.

Vadal Peterson's teams won both an NCAA title in 1944 AND an NIT title in 1947, back when that tournament was significant enough the 1944 team originally turned down an NCAA invite to play in the NIT.

Jack Gardner had two Final Fours, an eight, three 16's and two NITs. Gardner's teams might have done even better in the late 60's and early 70's except for three barriers: The NCAA wasn't 64 teams; Stan Watts' BYU teams dominated the WAC during that time period; John Wooden's UCLA teams dominated the West during an era when brackets were strictly geographical.

Rick was great, but he benefitted from facilities and tradition that grew out of the success of others like Peterson and Gardner.

And, like others have said, Rick was a GREAT strategist with a great record, but there was more to Rick than his record. His methods weren't always exemplary.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ TJ

"Although I think Majerus was a jerk to his players and assistants and he left Utah in the Lurch, he did put Ute basketball on the map so I guess it would be a classy move to honor him"

Uh, he was fired.

While we are being classy, I think we should also give Wilt Chamberlain the "Gentleman Dater" award, Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant the "Fidelity" award, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire the "Success Through Clean Play" award, Barry Bonds the "Ambassador for Sportsmanship" award, and Bill Belichick an award for "Sports Photography."


After reading about Majerus on the Internet, I would never honor him if it were my decision. Sports columnists know how to push our buttons.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

@Duckhunter, in the last 7 years, Utah has been every bit as successful as byu. Giac and Boylen each won championships and made it as far as byu has in the tournament.
Of course a lot of "fans" in Utah County have a selective memory when it comes to success.

Wandering, Earth

A couple of thoughts here:
Majerus did not put Utah basketball on the map. He did, however, make it a consistent winner and raised the expectations and level of success.

Judkins was a good assistant who was mainly in charge of landing in-state talent, which he did, and none of which were the catalysts for Utah's dominance in the 90s. Donny Daniels was the guy getting the big time players out of California. His impact to Utah basketball is far greater than Judkins'.

I love the Fat Man and what he did for Utah basketball, but he abandoned the team, abandoned his post, and lost his fire in the recruiting game -along with losing Daniels, our top recruiter- and I for one see the current state of basketball at Utah stemming from the negativity which he spawned and the conundrum in which he left the program. No it is not all his fault, but he initiated the downward spiral. Posthumous honor for Maji is deserving. But I wouldn't hold my breath as long as Chris Hill is calling the shots.

Long Time Ute


No question you know what you are talking about. Majerus was the one that got Bogut and after he left it has all been down hill. IMO Dr Hill is the biggest one to blame for the demisse, in fact I'm very suprised Tommy Connar is up on the hill. With Coach K and Tommy around we will get some players in here. It really is a matter of two or three good players and we will turn the corner. Utah basketball will shine again.

Highland, UT

@ernie bass

Yea those losing seasons 5 of the last 7 years an one ncaa tourney appearance by the utes is pretty impressive. Let's look at the numbers.


20-9 2nd in conference NIT
25-9 conference champs NCAA 1st round
27-8 conference champs NCAA 1st round
25-8 conference champs NCAA 1st round
30-6 2nd conference NCAA 2nd round
32-5 NCAA conference champs NCAA sweet 16
8-3 and on their way to the NCAA


14-15 I'll spare you the conference finish and of course no NCAA
11-19 ditto
18-15 ditto
24-10 conference champs NCAA 1st round
14-17 ditto
13-18 ditto
2-8 well we all know how this season is going

Then of course there is the small fact BYU has beaten utah 11 out of the last 12 meetings so yea I can see your point about "in the last 7 years, utah has been every bit as successful as BYU"


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