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Published: Sunday, Dec. 18 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Juice Box
Eureka, UT

Y Grad / Y Dad,

Thanks for the apology to the Utes, I'm sure everyone has something to apologize for in these boards, NO team's fanbase will just admit the other is better, so that's why we all bicker little facts and spin a little bit...

It sure was a tough season for Utah, losing a QB vs Washington, there wasn't a great plan B so the Utes did buckle a little. I'm proud of the Utes for bouncing back though to get back into the race. Got to hand it to them for their first year of week-in and week-out PAC level competition.

I'll hand it to both teams, but let's just face it, Utes have football this year and BYU has basketball. Let's accept it and get over it.

As for the Cougar's bowl preparations, good luck. Tulsa isn't a terrible team, so don't overlook them. We'll see what happens.

Tooele, UT


You said - "Everyone has seen this movie. Roll credits, enter the Spring football hype contest where BYU never looses, and by 9/16/2012, BYU is locked into the Kraft Fights Helicopters Hunger Macco Bowl, against another mid-major team."

Okay, so where will Utah be on 9/16/12 or 12/19/12?

Two years ago, just before the Utah/TCU game, Ute fans everywhere were saying, "We're going undefeated again and playing in a BCS bowl game again! Mark it down! Write it down!"

Before the start of this season, Ute fans were saying, "We're going undefeated this year and will win the National Championship! Mark it down! Write it down!"

You may be correct about the BYU football team in 2012. To me, their schedule indicates a tougher year than their 9-3 season this year. But what about Utah?

If Ute fans say, "We're going undefeated in 2012! Mark it down! Write it down!"

What do you say?

Natchitoches, LA

LSU has already been practicing for its Jan 9 game, and the Cougs are just now going at it again?

Highland, UT


Yes that is one of the few games utah didn't quit in. But of course that can't offset all the quitting in the Washington, ASU and Cal games, and of course the no show against Colorado. The only real question for the next several months will be if utah will ever win another basketball game? I wouldn't be shocked if I spend more time in the hc than you do this year. LOL!

Portland Beavers


Go ahead and hang your head, it is the absolute truth that the U has passed the Y, of course you will not admitt it but it is what it is. Make sure you do one thing the next time there is a football article about the football team at the U, look at how many of you cougar fans have to comment, it's pathetic to see the degradation so many of (you Y fans) wallow in. There is no question that I will cheer on my Utes, go to El Paso and Go Go Go, Utes!!!!

Why should I care about the Mangum kid? He's not going to be our QB and I really don't care who wears the blue jerseys. Utah is superior in football now and until your team plays and wins against the big boys (Utah, Texas, TCU) you can beat all the Idaho and New Mexico teams you want. Small ball is all you will get and it's all you will have as long as your nothing playing for nothing.

South Jordan, Utah

This rivalry has way too much hate from the U fans. Get a life maybe all the drubbings in the 70's 80'and 90's are too hard to forget. Maybe it was when Detmer and the boys put 49 points on the U in the first half? 7 for 7 that day before half time well whatever. BYU still has a better body of work overall. Good luck to both teams in their Bowl games.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Portland Beavers

Nice try. Let's try again.

Draw two straight lines, intersecting at 54-10 and ending at the end of the season. The superior U line goes through an embarassing defeat at the hands of Colorado and a lovely trip to El Paso to play a meaningless bowl. You were rewarded with a higher bowl that means nothing when by rights you really should have played TCU or Boise and at least taken a shot at a ranked team.

The inferior BYU line goes through an opportunity to play in an inferior bowl, but competing for a 10 win season and breaking in to the top 25.

I'm glad you don't care, that would certainly explain why you won't respond to this comment - you don't care enough about BYU to read their boards. We'll just let you alone now. Just keep telling yourself, "Utah is superior, Utah is superior, Utah is..."

But even in that, you are comparing yourself to -


Highland, UT

@portland beavers

A utah "fan" posting over and over again on a BYU article claiming superiority just isn't very convincing. Truly superior programs don't have to try and convince the programs they think they are superior to they just go about their business being superior. Insecure mediocre programs are the ones that spend all of their time trying to convince someone, anyone, of how superior they are.

We'll all know utah is truly "superior" when we no longer see you guys posting on BYU articles. My guess is that will never happen you will jsut continue to come here day after day declaring your superiority and we'll continue to mock you and laugh about it.


West Jordan, UT

@ Portland Beavers

All anyone need do is read your post to completely validate mine. Thanks...I guess.

And on topic...I can't wait to see Riley suit up one more time this year. He brought an energy to LES that just wasn't there when Jake was in. (Best wishes to Heaps wherever he lands.)

The only regret is that Jordan Pendleton is done with. He added speed and ferocity to the pass rush that was absent when he was out. Here's hoping the DB's play lights out against a very good Tulsa passing game.

Best of luck Cougars! Beat the Golden 'Canes!

salt lake city, UT

@duckhunter just because YOU said they quit doesnt mean they quit. they're not lucky enough to share that same trait with the byu football team. just because they lost the uw,asu, and cal game doesnt mean they quit, in fact they lost by about 2 touchdowns (not 44pts). and yes duckhunter we all know how much of an expert you are about the utes and everything else for that matter.


I'm still wondering why so many Ute trolls are so possessed with BYU football. You should be on your threads tonight. The mens BB team has won two in a row. No, no, stay on the BYU thread and remind the Cougar faithful how you've already won two more games than the Cougars did in 96, or 97, or 94, or, or, whenever.

Portland Beavers

@Duckhunter and all the rest

Give me a break, there was a Utah article the other day (basketball) with 16 comments, 15 by cougar fans don't give me that stuff about being on a y article. The hypocrisy WOW, try again boys. Show me one article about Utah cougar fans have not had something to say.

@Y Dad/ Y Grad

Utah always will be superior, but you guys play in your inferior bowl and we will play in our meaningless bowl, where do those two lines intersect. One thing though it's not meaningless to us U fans, and yes you guys get to play in your inferior bowl.


you are more than welcome I guess, really don't know what you mean. Raw Raw Raw go Riley! The players at BYU are great, but you fans just make it so much fun for us Ute fans to misbehave. You guys are so serious, it's that funny, o and yes LOL!! Duckhunter taught me that. Keep it up boys don't stop convincing yourselves that the U hasn't passed you by in football, you have seen the dust.

Good luck in your inferior bowl

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Portland Beavers

Looks like there's only a few of us left who care in the least what each other said.

"Just because you said they quit (are inferior) (are playing in a meaningless bowl) (etc), doesn't make it so." Get over it. Your logic is flawed.

Your team destroyed a team that is on the verge of breaking into the top 25. Your team is nowhere near the top 25. This illustrates:

a) a downhill slide; and
b) your last game is meaningless to the vast majority of virtually anybody

My team was destroyed by it's rival, at home, yet is playing for a 10th win and a spot in the top 25. This illustrates:

c) growth from PR (pre-Riley) (the time when the beat-down occured) to WR (with-Riley, just wanted to make sure your were following);
d) relevance in the football community; and
e) life in a once-prestigous conference basement is NOT necessarily better than life as an independent.

But you are right in one regard - your bowl is not meaningless. BYU fans will watch to get acquaited with one of next year's opponents. Georgia Tech.

Kearns, UT


Undefeated? Not a chance. And I truly don't recall those claims from any Utah fans on these boards.

Talk of a Pac-12 Title game appearance, sure, and even with the Wynn injury, it was in reach.

Next year, no idea. Can Wynn stay healthy, that will be the difference between 7-8 wins, and a very good season 9-10. USC will be down a little with Barkley out, ASU/AU/UCLA going through coaching changes, not sure what to expect from any of them. I see no reason Utah won't be competing for the Pac-12 south again next year. Star coming back is huge, solidifies the DLine again. Finding 2 OT's the only replacement issue on offense.

How was that?

Kearns, UT

"My team was destroyed by it's rival, at home, yet is playing for a 10th win and a spot in the top 25. This illustrates:"

Lets be honest.

It illustrates what happens when you go from playing teams in the basement of a BCS conference (Utah I guess?), to teams from one of the worst football conferences in the world (WAC), your teams looks a lot better.

Here is the real difference between Utah and BYU fans.

Utah finished last year with 10 wins. Beating up bad teams, losing to good teams. Utah fans were left unsatisfied, questiong how good the team was. Realizing their team was very flawed, and didn't accomplish near what their record showed. They feel much better about this year 7-5 mark, than last years artificial 10 win mark.

BYU can finish this year with 10 wins. Beating up on even worse teams, while losing to any decent team they played. And BYU fans will rejoice. They'll throw out top 25 rankings, 10 wins, etc.

Utah has moved on, BYU still relishes being the big fish in the empty pond.

Kearns, UT


You should have waited a few hours before posting.

Utah basketball won their 2nd straight game last night.

Something you said would not happen.

Once again, another "Truth" from the Duckhunter.

salt lake city, UT

@y grad/ y dad

gt over yourself. your team is pathetic callin a 9 win season against the worst conference in the nation (the wac) hahahahaha. nobody cares about byu hnce no conference. you call utah a bottom dweller of the pac cause the beat the bad teams like theyre supposed to so obviously that means byu is a bottom dweller of college football (you would be in the bottomof any decent conference if you could even get in one)since you only beat the pathetic teams on your schedule and lost to any half decent team.

Highland, UT


"@duckhunter just because YOU said they quit doesnt mean they quit."

You're right, just because I said it doesn't make it so. The fact they did quit is what makes it so. I watched those games, I saw them quit. They are quitters. They also were 'no shows' against Colorado and that is just as bad. Pathetic really.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


You said:

"I wouldn't be shocked if I spend more time in the hc than you do this year"

...and yet you ALSO claimed...

"We'll all know utah is truly 'superior' when we no longer see you guys posting on BYU articles."

So if Ute fans posting on those WAC-ish cougar articles suggests an unconvincing case of superiority of the U over the Y, then I guess it stands to reason that cougar fans who spend more time in the Huntsman Center than Ute fans suggests an even deeper seeded inferiority complex of Y fans toward the U.

Personally, I thought 54-10, 7 of the last 10, and a 21-yr lead in the overall series pretty much closed the case over Utah's superiority over your mid-majorey cougs, but I suppose 2 BCS bowls, a Pac-12 invite, and observing a fanbase who's so obsessed with their big brother on the Hill, that they actually claim to spend more time in Utah's athletic arenas than WE do really hammers that home.

54-10, and your boys quit.


salt lake city, UT

@duckhunter thats funny cause youre the only person who has even made tht claim and we all know how much of an expert about the game you are. noone cares that you said they quit they averaged a 14 pt loss thats quitting? haha ok buddy keep tellin yourself that to make your pathetic team better. oh and since byu lost by 10 to tcu (shoulda been more if it wasnt for that bogus p.i. call at the end) they quit that game as well since they lost. (im going by your reasoning)

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