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Published: Sunday, Dec. 18 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Portland Beavers

@Duckhunter and nunya

I know this is pathetic to say but calling someone a liar is something you guys are great at. I know 54-10 and he does know both families, so do I. There is no question who got the best FOOTBALL PLAYER, "UTAH". Hansen is going to be a great PAC-12 QB, Dh you are comparing an 18 year old kid, with a 25 year old man (Hansen to Nelson). Don't talk about quiting Utah did not get beat by 44 the entire year. I loved watching all your matadors that 2nd half.

BYU football was great at one time, they are not now. They are nothing playing for nothing. Week by week compare the two schedules, the U has left you in the dust.

Tooele, UT

OOPS, my bad. I meant to say, "Tulsa is a solid team which matches pretty 'well' with the Cougars."

I wonder if the Utah players and/or coaches will be checking the score of the Armed Forces Bowl, which is played the day before the Sun Bowl?

Probably not, since the Utes will need to practice and stay focused on their game.

But if the Cougars beat Tulsa (especially if they win quite convincingly) will Utah feel greater pressure to win the Sun Bowl?

The thought of the three Utah schools finishing 1-2 in bowl games, with the one win coming from BYU should scare the crap out of a few of you.

Layton, Utah

hahahaha only Utesies would count a loss at HOME to a 2 win team as some kind of semi bad loss, "hey at least we didn't quit". So what, you still lost abysmally!! Try and tell us the facts that anyone in the nation wouldn't look at that game and say"wow how bad are the Utes?" byu with a bowl win moves to 10-3 and a top #25 ranking. Getting thrashed by GA-Tech will only solidify what a pathetic season you Utesies had. And yes you'll only cling to one fluke game. And trying to claim finishing just a shade above teams like Zona and OSU are major accomplishments. wow, talk about spinning away into la la land.
Enjoy El Paso.

Highland, UT

@portland beavers

"There is no question who got the best FOOTBALL PLAYER, "UTAH". Hansen is going to be a great PAC-12 QB,"

Uh....exactly no one agrees with you. Not one coach, not one recruiting site, not one single "expert" of any kind. There is a reason Mangum is rated the #2 overall QB recruit in the country and Hansen isn't even rated as a qb recruit at all.

But like I said I've never seen Mangum play, other than youtube, so I can't personally comment on him other than it is obvious that all of the guys that make their livings rating recruits, and of course all the D1 programs that offered him a scholarship as a qb, think he is that good.

Hansen on the otherhand got exactly 1 D1 qb offer, from utah, unless USU offered him as a QB. And I am not knocking Hansen in the least, I've said many, many times the kid is a stud athlete, but I don't think he will be a D1 qb when it all settles.

What's pathetic is using multiple screen names to try and legitimize yourself. How many do you have now? I've counted alot.

South Jordan, UT

@54-10, Johnson72, PAC12Fan and all other Utes
But here you are commenting over and over again on a BYU article. I think enough said

North Salt Lake, UT

Why are some Ute fans on here so insecure?

I didn't grow up in Utah and so maybe I don't understand it fully, but I have respect for Utah and what they have done. I am glad they got in the Pac-12.

I am glad Hansen decided to go to Utah. He wants to be a QB and BYU probably would have had him at LB. He will probably do good as a QB.

So why do Utah fans have to say things like BYU players are quitters or that Utah has left BYU in the dust?

Last time I checked, if you leave somebody in the dust their fans don't troll on their articles. BYU defense definitely quit a bit during the end of the Utah game, but the players generally aren't quitters. They didn't quit in the USU game.

Also, BYU's program generally is still on par with Utah. In fact on some levels such as facilities, BYU is still superior to Utah.

Maybe we can just have some mutual respect.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ jackr-as

No game where one team beats another by 44 points is a fluke.


Fort Worth, TX

Wally - wont you don't understand is that for some reason Utah fans are fueled with an indistinguishable hatred of all things BYU. I was an athlete at byu and grew up in utah, I turned down a many scholarship offers including utah, and went to byu. Three months after my senior year ended where in high school everyone was very nice and kind and congratulating. I went to utah for our first competition, I was yelled at, cursed at etc by the exact same people who spoke honey flavored words a few months ago. I grew up in logan so I liked both the Y and the U but once you get into slc watch out there are some very mean spirited fans, that take almost all of the fun out of the game.

South Jordan, UT

So the Boise 26-3 and the ND 28-3 and the TCU 47-7 and the AS 35-14 and the Wash. 31-14 were not flukes because none of these were 44 point loses right

Layton, Utah

Portland Beavers

"the U has left you in the dust."

7-5, no conf. appearance or championship. Offense ranked in the bottom of the nation Not sure that is better than a team on the verge of cracking the top 25 and finishing with 10 wins. So Byu didn't get a shot at a BCS, that joke will be gone in 2 years anyways. Who knows what the bright future holds for byu. You can keep playing Zona, Ucla, CU and Wazzoo every year and claim its some powerhouse schedule. I'm not buying it.

Layton, Utah


17-14 no fluke either


Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


âutah quit against washington, asu and cal in exactly the same manner BYU quit against utah.â

Not remotely. The cougars quit against Utah because they have no heart. Against UWa, ASU, or Cal, we played as hard as we could, but were just not prepared to beat those teams with a backup QB who really had no business playing in the Pac-12. Losing games does not insinuate quitting. Patching our team together and playing hard, and rebounding in November, despite possessing the worst offense in the league demonstrated that we would NOT quit.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

So let's all try being honest here.

I'm generally pleased with BYU's season so far. First year of independence, playing for a 10 win season and a shot at the top 25. Not gonna lie, 54-10 will still sting even after BYU beats Utah two years in a row, which hopefully starts next year.

Utah started their inaugural year in the PAC looking strong, culminating in the highlight of thrashing your rivals in their house. From there, it has to have been disappointing. In the conference, did you upset anybody? The chance to play for a spot in the conference championship was really more of an embarrassment to your division than a feather in your cap. I can't imagine UCLA is boasting of how they got into the championship.

Seriously, you have a shot in a more prestigious bowl, we have a shot at finishing better. I think either team will be bitterly disappointed if they don't win their bowl game.

sacramento, ca

@ portland beavers and 54-10...um sorry to break it to you wanna be's but neither of you know the hansons or the magnums so stop it already...funny how you guys try to be somebody on an anonymous board...hahahaha, just like ute fans to try and be something they're not.

Portland Beavers


I have three names one for FB, one for BB, and one when I want to be serious. Personally I could care less about the Mangum kid I'm sure he is very good, but if he is really good why would he go to the Y. I have been watching Utah BYU games for more than 40 years. In the 70's and 80's it wasn't even close but now with what we have done and the outlook for the future we have passed you by. BYU will be good and win games but more of the caliber of Utah State which is where you are now.

I know you guys don't buy te PAC-12 thing, but in all seriouness the athletic level of the players in the PAC-12 is far superior to what you guys or Utah State have.

I just love to see how BYU fans respond, aswell as how Utah fans. Everybody is pretty much the same. But because I'm a Ute my side will always be right and your side will always be wrong. The lack of repspect by both is going to kill our rivalry.

Farmington, UT

@ 54-10

Interesting after the Utah/Colorado game in SLC that you'd ask who needs practice. Look up the word "ironic" and you'll see a photo of the Utah football team. You are just too funny..................LOL!!!!

West Jordan, UT

How would I know what to think or feel about BYU football without all the U "fans" telling me? Thank you. Now I will pass the winter in sadness at the sorry state of the program. I can hang my head in shame at the idea that the U of U has passed by my beloved alma mater and left them in the figurative dust.

The day I'll truly be worried is the day when BYU articles have fewer comments than U do. Then I will know something is wrong because U really could not care less) Apathy is much more telling that you've moved on than is any of this hatred that so many of U spew.

For all the talk about stepping up with BCS, Conference of Champion, rolling in the dough, strength of schedule, higher-caliber of "everything" bluster, it's pathetic to see the degradation so many of U wallow in.

Here's something novel, go cheer on Ur team. Go to the Huntsman Center. Go to El Paso. (I won't be holding my breath.)

Go! Go! Go!

Yes, please go.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

RE: Elmer Fudd- "We finished 7-5, but I'll take that with a Sun Bowl berth any day over a quitting team." Ah, no place petter than El Paso in the winter. Yes. You guys did finish 7-5 and showed "heart and resiliency" against that difficult Colorado team?

Kearns, UT


By my tally, 54-10.

End of story. We'll see you next September.

This story is getting old. BYU plays good teams to open the season, losses those games, visions of National Titles and Heismans that could have been spin through BYU fans heads, then they are built right back up when BYU beats up on the WAC.

Everyone has seen this movie. Roll credits, enter the Spring football hype contest where BYU never looses, and by 9/16/2012, BYU is locked into the Kraft Fights Helicopters Hunger Macco Bowl, against another mid-major team.

Mcallen, TX


Call again. You're opinion is very important to us.

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