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Published: Sunday, Dec. 18 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Chandler, AZ

I'm a die-hard Cougar fan, CougarClub member, and have enjoyed college football for years. But I just find something wrong with this comment,

"But when it comes game day, you get that adrenalin and then you get those shots that numb you up so you don't feel much when you go out and play."

I know football players get numbed up before games and BYU is no different, but I was hoping that they would be different and adopt a policy of not using pain-killing drugs to enable players to play. If they have pain that cannot be tolerated, they should be able to heal properly and not risk further injury or potential pain-killing addiction.

I find this disturbing and would hope that BYU would manage this dark side of college football in a different more ethical manner.

Salt Lake City, UT

I know the Hansens and Mangums and have discussed each of their sons' potential with them. BYU "fans" will love Mangums and will/do now hate Hansen. Hansen's fall from greatness in BYU "fans" eyes is similar to the fall of Heaps. 6 months ago Cougar fan was telling us how great Jake was/is. Now they tell us he is no good.

Following BYU "fan" is like riding Mr Toad's wild ride.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Luv 2 Troll U

Thanks for feeding my ego by commenting! But I don't think I'd play the "quitters" card quite yet. Colorado ring any bells?

And taking the WAC by storm? As opposed to taking the basement of the PAC by default??? Because I think finishing 8th in a twelve team race pretty much means you are the best of the worst. But it IS in a formerly prestigious conference.

Good luck against the "Ramblin' Wreck." Their defeat of U will help build their relevance in time for the Y to play them next year.

Luv 2 Troll U
Sandy, UT

Y Grad / Y Dad

The Colorado game didn't have any quitters. The team lost due to 3 missed field goals. Sure, the team could have played better, but the team showed up enough to win.

When I say quitters, I mean the following:

1) Jake Heaps throws an INT and heads to the sideline without trying to tackle.
2) The team lets John White score 3 TD's up the middle for over 30 yards each. Just plain gave up against Utah.

Why does everybody think the Utes are bottomdwellers of the PAC? You know, the Utes finished in the MIDDLE, last place belongs to the likes of Arizona and Oregon St. Check it!

Spin all you want, these are the FACTS.



Sorry I'm not a Utah fan or BYU fan, I like college football and follow all state teams. I was actually a strong BYU fan for years but fans like you turned me into just a fan. I want all state teams to win, but haven't watched a BYU vs Utah game for over 5 years. The rivallry is just ridiculous with hatred on both sides, so I choose to not get involved at all. I have watched film of both and it is only my opinion of who I would prefer based on what quaerterbacks are successful in college now. Hanse fits that more than Mangum. Mangum is good but BYU fans expect so much.

Cedar Hills, UT

Tebow == Nelson

The Bronco's finally played a good team and they got thumped. Tebow is adequate to defeat the lesser NFL teams but he simply can't produce enough offense to keep up with the Patriots, Packers, Saints, etc....

Nelson is adequate to defeat the Idaho's and New Mex States, etc... but when BYU plays a real team - top 30 college team - they will hit the same wall that the Bronco's hit yesterday. Nelson is pretty much one dimensional - 75% run and 25% pass and good defenses will simply play tight man defense and force him to throw into tight coverage. If BYU can't run the ball they are dead against superior competition with Nelson running the show. In the past, BYU could be overmatched physically but they always had a QB that could stretch the field and equalize things offensively. Time to face reality BYU fans!!

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ Y Grad / Y Dad

Utah didn't quit in the Colorado game. Obviously you don't know what quitting is. Utah was trailing the whole game and they responded by fighting back and getting themselves back in the game. They had 3 missed field goals which is unfortunate but it's part of football. BYU has no excuse in the Utah game. Utah started building a commanding lead and BYU showed no resilience and no heart, but instead they let Utah score at will. Quitters!

Actually Utah finished 6th in the Pac-12 with overall record. That is right there in the middle of the PAC. Not bad for their first year. I'll take beating up the bottom feeders of the PAC over playing a bunch of mid-major nobody's with nothing to play for any day.

Good luck against another mid-major nobody "Golden Hurricane" team. You may need it! The Utes are looking better for next year. We'll have a few back up QB's for Wynn which will help us. Utah is looking at beating the Y 3 years in a row, 8 of the last 11 years. Good luck with that, you will definitely need it!

rock springs, wy

And the beat goes on. In summary, both BYU and Utah had disappointing seasons, though the record will show that BYU was 9-3 and Utah was 7-5. BYU lost a game to Utah by a score that no one would have predicted or which could never be duplicated. Jake Heaps, the guy with the golden arm but with happy feet melted in the face of mental and physical pressure. Only he knows if he has what it takes to play the college game against tough opposition. Wearing a "don't hit the quarterback" jersey in practice is a little different than facing a wicked pass rush in a game. He just couldn't seem to read defenses and look off his primary receivers and find open secondaries. He may or may not find success somewhere else. I hope he does. BTW, Mangum and Hansen will both have to prove themselves on the field, not on comment boards.

Highland, UT

@elmer fudd

utah quit against washington, asu and cal in exactly the same manner BYU quit against utah. They turned the ball over a bunch of times on offense so the defense quit in the 2nd half of each game. They then played a bunch of weak teams down the stretch and managed to beat all of them other than the very worst team they played, colorado, in which the entire team seemed to quit before the game even started.

So by my tally utah quit at least 3 times, washington, asu, cal, and just plain didn't even bother trying against colorado. BYU quit once, against utah. And for all that quitting utah gets to go to el paso, texas which might be the worst hole in America and none of its fans, including you, are even going to go with them.

Hmmmm....I'll take quittting once, instead of 3-4 times, never losing to a crappy team like utah did against the worst team in D1 in Colorado, and going to Dallas instead of not even bothering to go to el paso any day. Quit on 4 games and your "fans" quit on your bowl game.


Highland, UT


What BYU fans "expect" has no bearing on how the player will play. He'll either be good or he won't, fans have nothing to do with it. As far as you choosing to quit being a fan of a team, well that is on you and pretty much confirms you never were what you claim to be in the first place.

So you've watched film on both qb's huh? Great. I watched Mangum's clips on youtube as well but that is hardly the same as watching him play hense my comment that I've never seen him play and neither have you. It doesn't sound like you have ever seen either of them play really. Congrats on being able to fully deduce two college recruits based on youtube clips, especially when all of the people that spend their lives doing it by watching them live don't agree with you. Someone ought to hire you pronto before they make a mistake on another #1 qb recruit.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Elmer Fudd

this 40 point thumping of the Cougars was no fluke. The game was played at Provo and it was clear that there was a big speed and athleticism difference between the two programs. BYU fans are content beating and competing with the 2nd tier teams of college football going forward and I think reality has finally set in. The Y of today is not the Y of the past and I think the two programs have sort of passed each other going in opposite directions. The LaVell Edwards teams were simply better - top to bottom - by far than what Bronco has produced and you see it every time BYU plays a top 20 team. Other than the Oklahoma game 2 years ago BYU has gotten destroyed by every top 20 team they have played and that NEVER happened under LaVell.

South Jordan, UT

Riley Nelson will be the next Steve McMahon. I smell national championship next year along with Heisman votes. It's going to be great.

sacramento, ca

resilience....hahahaha, funny little utes. all of a sudden it's good to be 7-5 when at one time you were suppose to win the weak pac10.2 south. pathetic fans always have pathetic things to say.

sacramento, ca

@ 54-10. you don't know the magnums or the hansens so stop coming on here acting as if you're somebody special with all the connections. Sounds like you're just a wanna be.

Salt Lake City, UT

and the boys in blue quit.

Tooele, UT

Speaking as a Cougar fan, I would have to say "YES" BYU did quit in the Utah game. The fact they were only down four at the half and lost by 44 tells you all you need to know there.

The ironic thing is, Ute fans piled on Jake Heaps like crazy after that game, but when Heaps announced he was transferring from the Y, some of these same Ute fans showered him with praise, hoping he would play for a "real team" in a "real conference."

If Heaps was a quitter at BYU, blowing it badly against teams like Utah, what makes you think he'll do any better playing for a PAC 12 or Big 10 school?

I listened to the Utah/Colorado game, and I wouldn't say the Utes were quitters, they just went into the game with way too much overconfidence, while Colorado played like they were in the Rose Bowl.

Highland, UT


"and the boys in blue quit."

Not as many times as the boys in red 3 - 1 by my count with a no show as well.


Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Hmmmmmmm, some selective thinking going on here.

By my count, Utah finished tied for, um, 6th. Three way tie. That would encompass 6th, 7th and, um, 8th. And how did we fare against the other two in the threesome? Lost to Arizon State and lost to Cal. If the roles were reversed, I think all loyal Utah fans would agree that a BYU team that finished tied with a team that they lost to, finished behind that team.

And that faster, stronger, far superior team that did indeed lay a beat-down of epic proportions on their rival on their rival's home turf... wait for it, lost. At home. To the absolute worst road team in college football.

I apologize. Calling them quitters may not be very accurate. But they certainly did not finish well. Again. Sometimes we call that quitting.

Cougars have been known to spin, and I'm usually there waving the flag, but I got nuthin' on some of you Ute fans posting above. Beating Washington State in overtime, then losing to Colorado is NOT battling back.

Tooele, UT


Too much overconfidence my friend. I'm a Cougar fan but a realistic Cougar fan.

If Riley stays healthy the whole 2012 season, the Cougars should do well, but the 2012 schedule is going to be much tougher than 2011. Games scheduled at Utah, at Notre Dame, at Georgia Tech and at Boise State will be very good indicators of what direction the BYU team will be headed come 2013, 2014 and beyond.

That's why I want to see how Riley plays against Tulsa in the Armed Forces Bowl. Tulsa is a solid team which matches pretty will with the Cougars. If Riley can have a game like he did against Hawaii, it will give him and the rest of the Cougars a lot of confidence going into 2012.

Salt Lake City, UT

So i guess byu will finish their Powder Puff doll cream schuedle, Who do they play again?... Oh well there was always 1984 huh!

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