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Published: Sunday, Dec. 18 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Hillsboro, OR

Loved the comments by Riley! What a class act! He's a good leader and will do well in the bowl game and next year. The future is bright for the Cougs!

Frisco, TX

re: srh83
I agree with your comments about Riley. If he can stay healthy, I think he's going to surprise a lot of people his senior year.

I'm very excited about the match-up with Tulsa. Last year, the game was a mis-match against UTEP. This year, I think we have two solid football teams going against each other. The winner likely finishes the season in the Top 25. I hope to see a lot of Cougar fans yelling with me at the Armed Forces Bowl.

I'm surprised Jake is looking at programs like Kansas. I don't see how a program like that does anything for his future. I still think his best option was to redshirt next year and come back strong for his junior and senior seasons at BYU. But I think he let his pride get in the way of making a good decision for him and BYU.

Ann Arbor, MI

I think Heaps wants to end up in a situation with better coaches. By coaches, I mean a QB coach and offensive coordinator that can get the most out of him and prepare him for the next level.

Sherwood, OR

Re: amicus

"By coaches, I mean a QB coach and offensive coordinator that can get the most out of him and prepare him for the next level"

Yeah, those coaches weren't good enough to take a top QB talent and make him a winner. Yet somehow those same coaches were able to take a "less" talented Riley and make him into a winner. Go figure. Maybe heart, work ethic, and toughness count in football afterall.

Mcallen, TX

amicus | 10:37 p.m. Dec. 18, 2011
Ann Arbor, MI

"I think?"

What facts do you have for your thinking?



I concur.


Who said anyone needs facts to back an opinion. "I think" sounds to me like an opinion based comment rather than fact.

On that note my opinion is that BYU coaches are not great. Good at getting players to work hard, but I am sick of having players that are gritty hard workers. I want to see talent. BYU coaches just can't get enough of it and when they do get the talent they don't know what to do with it.

I am not fully invested at this point and perhaps the first time I can ever remember in my life. I hope BYU gets beat by Tulsa and everyone else until Bronco is gone b/c I think he is no good. I would write my true feelings of the entire BYU football program if I thought the Desnews wouldn't block it.

Raleigh, NC

bobco - adios. We don't need you.

Ann Arbor, MI


I am a big BYU fan, and an even bigger Riley Nelson fan. However, it is clear that Coach Doman wasn't able to develop Heaps into a successful college QB, and he was clearly not preparing Heaps for the next level, i.e., the NFL. (Sure, much of the blame falls on Heaps's own shoulders, but that's not the way Beaps thinks about it when deciding to transfer.)

In the coming year, Coach Doman may help coach BYU to a lot of victories, but he will never develop great QB talent that can succeed in the NFL. He is not Norm Chow.

That said, I am really glad to see Nelson starting, and I hope he has a huge bowl game and senior season.



Who do you or, any other BYU fans who think the coaches are so bad, suggest they get to coach. It's easy to say you need better coaches without ever saying who's better out there that would come to BYU. The fact is because of BYU'S standards this is what they will always be no matter who the coach is. They are never going to reach the height of BCS contender, they will be good not great. Bronco is not an elite coach but he is very good for BYU. he inspires lesser talent to overachieve which means they win 9 games this year instead of 7. Just because recruiting analysts say some one is better than some one else doesn't make it so. Chase Hansen is better than Tanner Mangum but isn't rated as high, just wait and see. Kyle will be lauded as a better coach than Bronco because Hansen will be better than expected and Mangum just won't measure up to expectations.

Cedar Hills, UT

ho hum.....

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


So much to agree with, so much to disagree.

I agree with "just wait and see."

I disagree with your predicted outcome.

I agree with your assessment of Bronco, perhaps a little more favorable.

I disagree with never reaching the heights of BCS contender.

bobco, et al,

We may never know, which makes respectful opinions fun to discuss, but I think Jake spiraled out of reality. He went from small bowl MVP to can't complete simple passes in the space of nine months. I believe that he lost his confidence, maybe his focus. Maybe it was getting married at 19, maybe it was just the inability to earn/win the complete allegiance of the team, hard to know.

But his mistakes weren't coaching mistakes. Perhaps their inability to help him pull out of his death spiral were at least partially coaching errors.

But you choose: you want players who think things like "girlsee state" with talent, or qb's who work on the punt team because it helps the team. I'll take heart over ego every time, and yes, I'd rather BYU lose with heart to the pampered brats if those are my only choices.

Salt Lake City, UT

Practice? Who needs practice?

Nampa, ID

I'm glad Riley's comments were cool. He's handled this well. All anyone can do is "guess" why Jake Heaps left. If Nelson doesn't know why Heaps left, then there is no way I'm going to know why. And Nelson was with Heaps day after day.

All of us just watch games and read the paper. Then its all trash talk about how horrible Heaps is and how prideful he is and how he only wants to go to the NFL and how he doesn't care about the team. Really? That's crazy how you can form that opinion without ever talking to the guy, and just watching games.

What's wrong with a guy having big expectations? What's wrong with a guy wanting his team to win a national championship? What's wrong with a college player wanting to go pro? Shouldn't all the players on BYU's team want those things? But Heaps actually said it outloud and all of the sudden he's cocky, or failing expectations.



Yes pointing the blame game finger at any one issue is small minded and extremely narrow in scope and focus.

Heaps has chosen to move on I wish him good luck and gods speed in is next life adventure. Fortunately, life does close doors and new ones will open and it is up to the individual to exercise courage and faith or crumble at the prospect.

I think Jake will choose the latter, good luck son.

Sandy, UT

worf | 11:32 p.m. Dec. 18, 2011
Mcallen, TX

Anyone can think on this board, it's made for people like us to voice opinions and comments. I think the same as he does. Heaps wants a better shot at getting the most out of him.

Let's see how the Cougies do against their next decent team of the year. Don't over look them, they are just like the Cougies too, can beat all the cupcakes on the schedule, but lose to decent teams. They are a perfect fit for this bowl game.

Nampa, ID

By the way, Tanner Mangum is the real deal. He's not a runner, but that kid can play.

Luv 2 Troll U
Sandy, UT

Y Grad / Y Dad,

Last I checked, BYU was the team with a ton of ego (and not to mention quitters).

Good luck this bowl game to the team that entered and took the WAC by storm!

Highland, UT


Sounds like you know all there is to know about Hansen and Mangum? I've never seen Mangum play, and doubt you have either, but I have seen Hansen play almost weekly for the last 10 years and in just about every sport you can imagine, football, baseball, basketball, and he is a fantastic athlete. Really he is simply a great athlete.

But he does not have a D1 quality arm, no better than Riley Nelsons to be quite honest with you, and he is not very accurate. I went to his "signature" win this last season against Bingham, it was the game that pretty much 'made' him. He had a great game and Lone Peak pounded Bingham. But lost in all the hype of that game is the fact he had a stretch where he had 9 straight incompletions, many of them to wide open wr's, and that was pretty common for him in all his games.

I've seen you post before so I know you are a utah "fan" but just making a definitive claim that utah's recruit is superior to BYU's is laughable considering you're a utah homer and have never seen Mangum play.


Orem, Utah


- Bronco once complained about entitled parents/players (probably referring to Jake)

- Jake couldn't perform against top defenses because they take away your first/second options, and Jake's skitterishness required him to throw quickly to his first option, which is why he did well versus lesser defenses (first option mostly open)

- Jake's a practice phenom; Riley's a game phenom; and, it's pretty apparent by his own comments that Jake has yet to realize that

- Jake still thinks he's "all that" (knows he can throw a bullet), so he can't understand why he's not the starter

IMO, this is why Jake is transferring.

Riley would NEVER espouse these thoughts. He won't throw a teammate under the bus. Classy kid.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ Y Grad/Y Dad

BYU played with heart? Didn't the Cougies quit when they played the Mighty Utes during the beat down?

Utah was 0-4 in conference play when Jordan Wynn went down. You would think the team would quit like a certain team down south did. But Utah showed resiliency and got themselves back in the Pac-12 south race and were a field goal kick away from playing in the conference championship game. A team not giving up on their season and fighting as hard as they can to get back in the conference race. That shows a lot of heart! We can thank coach Whitt and Chow for a fantastic job they have done with the circumstances they were in.

Utah a team of ego? look at Jake Hypes, all your silly slogans every year, and all your celebration tackles after each play. It's like BYU won the Super Bowl or something.

I'm proud of my Utes this year. They showed a lot of heart and resiliency. We finished 7-5, but I'll take that with a Sun Bowl berth any day over a quitting team.

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